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Sonic's Rose

(At the Food Bar Amy's POV)

"yes sonic you can ask me anything" i said with a smile on my face i could see him blush like knuckles.

"well would you like to go on a date, and get to know eachother" now he was burning his face off. Suddenly a sweat marck appered on his face while he waited for me to answer his question.

"yes i would love to" i finaly responded.

"great heres my phone number text me anytime you need to." He gave me the slip and ran off at a speed i never knew was possible.

"CAOS CONTROL" a sudden red light appered behind me. I knew exactly who it was.

"Hey Amy ive heard that you have a boyfriend!" He smirked at what he said. I suddenly screamed at him in rage.

"YOU KNOW I DONT KNOW HIM. AND BESIDES HE DOESNT EVEN LOOK CUTE!" As i stopped my yelling the whole store staired at me as if i looked like a clown at a circus. i slowly creped back into my chair. A small tear tering through my eye.

"Amy chill down you know i was just joking you know!"

"sorry shaddow i guess i got carried away"

(At Tails House Sonics POV)

"so tails have any ideas of how i could get the girl." I was at tails house telling him about the lovely rose i just met earlier.

"no but i will think of i am the geniouss in the gang." Sometimes i think tails is a love genious because he mainly talks about cosmo.

"Well you better hurry up little bro ya know i havent got the patiance" I have to say i never have any emotian when it comes to two tails stuck to a foxes but. I dont even know how he got them.

"I have an idea maby you could take her to twinkle park" I staired at him to ask him if there was anyother way.

"fine." i then went to the house phone to call amy.

"hi this is Amy Rose how can i help you" her voice sounded like angels singing on the other line.

" ummm...Hi Amy Its Sonic i was wondering if you would like to go on a with me at twi-" i then got cut off.

"YEEEESSSS I WOULD LOVE TO" I have to say why is she shouting its hurting my ears.

"ok meet me at 10 out side of twinkle park then." i then heared a loud beep in the phone.

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Amy: it took a while and im finaly going on a date with my sonikkuu

Sonic:Heh please dont tell shadow

me: ( SMILES EVILY) hmm maby i will

Both: oh god

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