Po had recently come to the village of pandas, as his biological father had sent him a letter. He and his friends all were staying at the village. His adoptive and biological fathers did not exactly get along but they would warm up to one another soon enough.

" Son, would you mind getting some mooncakes to go with dinner tonight?" Asked Po's biological father, whose name was Boku.

" Sure dad!" Po said, eager to please his new father and was also a little awkward about calling someonelse dad other than... well his dad.

Boku chuckled, " Thank you, Po." The burly panda said fondly.

Po was doing as his new-found father told him and went to the White Lilly Tea Shop to get some mooncakes for dinner. As he walked into the store, the smell of freshly baked goods filled his nose. Po sighed in content of the smell flooding his senses, walking over to the counter he saw no one around, so he began to ring the small bell sitting near his hand. He kept shaking the bell in hopes that someone would come, his hopes were answered when a small voice said, " Can I help you?"

Po turned, and time ceased to pass as he gazed upon a small and beautiful panda girl. She seemed about his age, she had pretty baby blue eyes and wore a light green tunic with red flowers on it with a dark blue sash round her waist.

" Sir, can I help you?" She asked again, looking a bit concerned.

Po snapped out of his thoughts, " Oh! Um, one order of mooncakes please." Po replied hastily. The panda girl giggled.

" Of course sir." She said sweetly, she turned and left to get the cakes. The panda returned with his order.

" There you go." She stated.

" Uh...thanks miss...?" Po tried to thank her, but didn't know her name.

She giggled once more, oh how Po loved that giggle.

" It's Xiao-Nao." She informed, fluttering her eyes ever so slightly.

Po blushed, she was so beautiful, even her name was beautiful.

" T-thank you." Po stuttered like a schoolboy talking to a girl he liked.

" Your very welcome...?" Xiao-Nao waited for him to reply.

" Uh, Po, my n-name is Po." He managed, looking away to hide his ever growing blush.

Xiao liked the way he blushed, he looked so cute!

Now the panda girl was blushing as well, " Well, thank you for doing business with me, Po." She thanked.

" Oh uh, no problem." Po said, backing towards the doors, hitting them in the process.

" Heh doors." He said dumbly, not knowing what else to say.

He left the shop thinking about nothing but the girl he'd just met.

Meanwhile in the shop, Xiao-Nao was laughing once again, the boy who'd just left forgot his mooncakes.