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FirstMeeting (Mondern)

"Miranda, WAKE UP!"

Miranda slightly flinched at hearing her foster dad yell. The 13 year old slowly got out of bed and glanced at the mirror. Her long light brown hair was messy and tangled, and her "pajamas" which were really the clothes she wore the day before, jeans and a shapeless tank top, were slightly askew. She put her hair into a messy ponytail and fixed her clothes before walking out of the practically bare room and walking into the kitchen.

She saw John, her foster dad, talking to a lady wearing a suit, her blonde hair in what looked like a very tight bun. Oh god, Miranda thought, she better not be with social services. Even though Miranda hated this foster home, she really didn't want to move again. Miranda glanced out the rv's window and saw her foster mom outside just staring at the lady's car.

"Miranda," the girl looked over at John, who was slightly glaring at her, the lady didn't even notice. "This is Ms. Jenkins, she is from foster care, I want you to go help her with something." Miranda nodded her head slightly and followed the women out of the rv. She passed Mary, her foster mom, on the way out. She heard her mumble "stupid child". That hurt but Miranda chose to ignore it.

Miranda followed Ms Jenkins over to her car and watched her open the trunk. She suddenly got very curious when the lady took out a suitcase and a bookbag. She silently watched as Ms. Jenkins threw the luggage on the ground and opens one of the backseat doors.

"Alright, you can get out now." Ms. Jenkins said with a bored voice.

Miranda watched as a young boy climbed out of the car, his jeans had tears in it, his combat boots were dirty, his shirt had grass stains on it, and he had some dirt on his face as well. She looked at him closer, his hair is long, stopping at his chin, it was also dark, darker than hers anyway. He had a scar on his forehead, she noticed. He had bags under his brown eyes. He was definately taller than her, he must have been 2 years older than her!

The boy glanced at her and then looked down.

"Excuse me young lady, can you grab his bags for me and bring them in your home please?" Home, yeah right. Miranda nodded silently and grabbed the suitcase and the bookbag, she swung it over her shoulder before following behind the two. When she walked inside, she saw John and Mary whispering to each other while glancing at the boy every once and awhile.

Miranda watched as her foster parents stare land on her, they glared slightly, Ms. Jenkins still hadn't noticed. "Miranda," She tensed slightly at Mary's tone. She watched as her foster mom faked a loving smile and said, "Take this young man's belongings to your room please." Miranda heard what was not said, or you won't eat for a whole week. She just nodded and trudged to her room, the weight of the boys things slightly over-weighing her. She set them down on the floor, then walked back into the kitchen, where she saw John writing on a piece of paper, then handing it to Mary, and watched her sign the paper also.

Miranda watched as take the paper, pat the boy on the shoulder tensely, then walk out of the rv, her heals clicking with each step. She vaguely heard the car start and drive away before setting her attention to the two adults in the room. "Miranda, this is Caleb, he is 14, only 3 months older than you. He will be living with us, so lets make him feel at home yes?" Miranda nodded. "Good, you will be sharing a room with him, be sure to tell him the rules that we have here."

She nodded and turned her attention to the boy, Caleb. "Follow me." She said softly. Miranda turned around and walked straight to her room, she heard Caleb following. Miranda opened her door and waited until Caleb walked in. "This is my room." She walked in quickly and closed the door, she turned to the 14 year old and smiled awkwardly.

"Hi." Caleb just stared at her. "Do you talk?" She asked awkwardly. She watched as he nodded and replied "Yeah." Miranda sighed with relief, "Oh thank god. If you don't answer John or Mary you can't eat for 2 days." "Really?" He sounded slightly suprised. Miranda nodded, "Yep."

"I'm Miranda, Miranda Collins." She said smiling. Miranda held out her hand and her smile widened slightly when she felt his hand grasp hers. "Caleb, Caleb Rivers." She grinned when she saw him smile slightly. "You can trust me, this is my foster home too." She laughed a little. Caleb chuckled, "Good to know."

Miranda helped him unpack, both glad that they have a friend.

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