Chapter 9

"Master Bruce, I think you may want to see this." Alfred said, as Bruce was sitting in the Bat-cave sifting through some documents.

"What is it?" Bruce replied rather tiredly.

"Channel 7 sir."

Bruce turned the screen to channel 7, to see Summer Gleason in a royal blue suit sitting in front of her desk in a special broadcast, "I've just got word from Commissioner James Gordon, that the Joker, who was recently apprehended for the murder of Jack Mitchell, is being tried in the murder. If the Joker is found competent, he may face the death penalty.

Here is what Commissioner Gordon had to say on the matter."

A news clip of Gordon plays on the screen, "I am going to do my best to make sure Joker finally pays for his horrible crimes, no matter what it takes, he will not get away with this."

The screen goes back to Summer Gleason, "The Commissioner's strong words about this are clear. Stay turned to channel 7 for full coverage of the trial."

Bruce clicked the screen off and was silent, Alfred piped in gently, "Do you think they can finally get him sir?"

"I can only hope." Bruce said, with deep doubt in his voice.

(Stay tuned for Part Two when Joker goes on trial and may not get off this time, Harley takes the stand, among many others, special guest stars included! And Joker makes Batman question his own sanity after playing games with him.)

Disclaimer: Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn and related characters are property of DC comics. I just do this for fun. Story by me!