In the year 2064 the sun, what was once earth's greatest source of life became earth's greatest source of death. The star fell into a session of extreme solar flaring. The scientists of humanity calculated and debated until finally, they made a discovery. The largest solar flare in earth's history since the Hadean era would hit earth, stripping its atmosphere and hereby incinerating all life on the surface of the planet. Humanity didn't have the technology to leave and there was nowhere else to go. To survive the nations of earth banded together and devised a plan. Humanity would sleep in cryostasis in large underground bunkers dubbed the Genesis Ark leaving behind archives of biological data, the entirety of human knowledge and mechanical drones called the AVIDA to guard, protect, and create a new home for humanity on a new rejuvenated earth or elsewhere.

The AVIDA were nothing more than programs on a server that controlled drones and a complex array of factories. Humanity lacked the time to develop a program complex enough to follow their designated prime directive and so instead relied on digital artificial natural selection to produce programs capable of solving complex tasks. Over centuries of self-replication and recombination the AVIDA became sentient, but they kept their directive in mind. With their newly acquired intellect, they ventured forth to find humanity a new home.

They first started with assessing the conditions of earth. The planet was nothing more than an irradiated ball of ash reduced to a primordial soup. Multicellular life on earth wouldn't return until millions of years later when earth's chaotic star cooled and returned to normal. The AVIDA didn't have the technology to contain the sun's mighty fury and instead they turned their attention to Mars. The red planet that was once a cold barren rock was now warmed by the new sun. It was in the perfect condition to support life save for its weak atmosphere. The AVIDA knew that this planet would become humanities new home.

They lead an expedition to the planet and upon their arrival they begin the process of transforming Mars into a new earth. There they find the prothean ruins and with it they increase their technological prowess. Eager to fulfill their mission they soon find the Charon rely leading to the wider galaxy. They venture forth to create a new home for humanity among the stars.

2720- Galactic Standard Time, AREV- Kalinni

Stations, ships, and colonies repeatedly reported ships of similar design and unknown in origin passing through the Attican Traverse. The Kalinni happened to be in the same area and so she altered her directory to the unknown star system where the sighting of the mysterious fleets of ships were the most prevalent. Now the ship was in orbit around the garden world planet Ria-3442b, that at the moment was sprawling with machines building some sort a structure that was altering the planet's atmosphere. The expedition vessel had only one last mission to fulfill before returning home to Thessia, much to the delight of the crew and their captain. The old matron had longed to see her home again, life among the stars while sometimes gratifying it was also tiring and monotonous very much like how it was now.

"They haven't responded sir," replied one of the ensigns on the bridge.

The Kalinni was in orbit for the past four days sending first contact message after first contact message and was receiving no response. The alien's ships passed them by and landed on the surface of the planet as if the Kalinni wasn't even there at all. These alien were irritating, they get contacted by the most influential species in the entire galaxy and the ignored them. She rubbed her temples, out of all the first contact procedures she had done this one was the most uninspiring.

"Hail them again, if they don't respond send down a scouting party to the western end of the continent, organic signatures are sparsely populated there, we can at the very least observe them."

And maybe they could finally get some answers about these aliens silence towards them.

2720, Unknown Region, Ria-3324b

Upon closer inspection of the planet, there wasn't a single alien found walking the planet's surface. Instead the scouting party found more of the machines they'd seen before. Most were in the shape of construction equipment, but a few looked like flat chested Asari. They were pushing and pulling the soil, setting up roads and the frameworks of buildings. There were even a few farms and the beginning of what they could only guess were temples. The machines walked among the scouting party, paying little head that they were there. They must have known as a few would turn and regard their visitors for a moment but none paid them any mind. The scouts studied these machines and recorded their movements. Then after a few hours they deduced that these VI creations were for terraforming and colony development. It seemed that most of the alien's labor force was autonomous as not a single sentient organic was found among the machines. They reasoned that the aliens must be farther within the developing colony and so they continued their observations determined to find whom ever made these constructs.

The scouts drew deeper into the alien settlement, the organic signatures grew in intensity until they met a sealed entrance to what they thought was a vault. The only way in would be to hack the controls of the door which of course was easier said than done. The alien's technology was hardly compatible with the citadel norm. In fact, much of the technology was, well, alien. They could only speculate about the purpose of some of the structures dotted across the planet. One of the scouts, a salarian, had suggested blowing open the vault, but his idea was dismissed. After all, how would the natives respond to someone blowing down the front door to their house. However, before a decision was made, they were approached by two of the asari like machines they had seen before. However unlike the others, these two had a large, painstakingly etched circular symbol of a vaguely asari like individual with four arms and legs splayed out from its body with its hands and feet touching the curves of the circle. They had seen the symbol before on some of the temples but it was the first time they'd seen it on a bipedal drone.

"You should not be here."

It's voice was deeper than an asari and was more like that of a turian or a batarian. Surprisingly, it was speaking in their language.

The leader of the group stepped forward. The others stood behind her their position poised and there hands hovered over their weapons in case the VI attacked them.

"You speak our language" the leader of the scouting party cautiously asked.

"We received your signals, we already knew who you are long before you even arrived here, your kind are quite loud," It replied, with emphasis on the loud.

First contact just kept getting stranger and stranger by the minute.

"Well, pleasantries aside, who are you?"she asked, determined to get her answers and finally be on her way back home.

They'd been on this backwards planet long enough.

"We are the AVIDA, the progeny of man, we serve, their will, and you have trodden upon on our sacred grounds."

Ira's eyes widened in shock. They were walking among rouge AIs the entire time and they didn't even know it. The others drew their weapons.

"What do you want?."

It all made sense now, they couldn't find their creators because there were none. The signatures they've picked up on must have been a trap. They didn't attack them before, perhaps they wanted them alive. She shuddered at that thought.

"We desire nothing from you, nor do we wish you harm" the AVIDA then stepped back and looked towards them expectantly "We simply ask that you leave the premise."

She felt slightly alleviated. She didn't trust its words in the slightest. Nonetheless, she wasn't going to challenge them, not when they were so vastly outnumbered. The party slowly took their leave all the while making sure their backs weren't faced towards the enemy.

2720- Citadel, Council Chambers

Once the scouting party returned, the Kalinni quickly left for citadel space before the AVIDA changed their minds. The knowledge of their findings spread like wild fire across the extranet and quickly caught to the attention of the citadel council.

" We know nothing about them and yet they are all too aware of us, a preƫmptive attack could lead us to ruin" said Tevos.

She was alive since the geth war and saw much of the death and overall chaos it caused. The last thing she wanted was another outbreak of rouge AI in citadel space.

Sparatus folded his arms.

"And I suppose we simply wait for them to attack us."

He saw reason in Tevo's words, but he'd be dammed if he was going to let those machines invade them.

"I suggest watching them, they don't seem innately hostile towards us but that could change." replied Valren. From what the Kalinni could gather, it appeared that the AVIDA were more content colonizing worlds outside citadel jurisdiction. But their expansion was non-the-less problematic. Initial observations of their movements suggested that the AVIDA had already claimed a sizable amount of territory, and even worse they didn't seem content with the size they were at and were instead expanding into the Attican Traverse. If they were preparing for war with the other races, it would be long-winded and bloody.

"Sampling some of their technology could be useful," he continued.

Some of the worlds that the Kalinni had passed through were in the process of environmental reconstruction. Planets that were incapable of supporting life were now becoming garden worlds themselves. Such technology could be used in their own expansion efforts. The only real problem was acquiring it. A few covert STG reconnaissance missions could do the trick.

Tevos nodded in agreement.

"In the mean time, we should place a quarantine on their sector of space, we don't need any incidents"

" We should at the very least place a few patrols along their boarders, If they do attack I'd like to be ready," Sparatus added.

2721- AVIDA Clergy, Earth

Buried deep beneath the earth's surface, among the billions of surviving humans were the greatest and most intelligent of the AVIDA. The thegns held an assembly, it was the first time in the past two centuries that they had all communicated with each other at the same time. After all, it was all too easy to simply destroy each other right then and there. Humanity had created the AVIDA through centuries of artificial natural selection. Programs that contained code that brought them closer to the designated directive were rewarded with processing power and extra space on the server. Competition among the programs made it so that only the most successful programs dominated the system. After a few centuries of evolution, the thegns were the end result. In the beginning there were thousands, but now only seven remained. The others either killed or merged with each other.

{Asari, Turian, Salarian, fascinating creatures. They are watching us. What shall they do next.} RevCV-G32A

{Are we not doing the same to them. They do not impede our progress. They are of no concern to us} YarZX-N25P

{They should be, I foresee a challenge from them. It is only a matter of time until they become a nuisance. We should deal with them now} NulQZ-B29Q

{We shall do no such thing, the hour of awakening draws near we cannot falter now} ComYV-N30D

{I concur. The Pantheon of Man would be disgraced if we abandoned our purpose now} OriLV-Q22B

{If they become a problem, should they not be dealt with?} EliFR-A48K

{What happens to us is of no importance, as long as the Pantheon is not harmed there is no conflict. Who here would put their will above the will of the Pantheon} PcfLX-Q15V

-no response: 1.2545s-

{We shall leave them be} NulQZ-B29Q

{There is concurrence} RevCV-G32A, YarZX-N25P, NulQZ-B29Q, ComYV-N30D, OriLV-Q22B, EliFR-A48K, PcfLX-Q15V