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Chapter 1: Moving

Bella's POV

I looked at the date. 15 years. It had been exactly 15 years since he had left. I could hardly believe that so much time had gone by, but it had. He had promised that it would be like he never existed. How wrong he was. He should have known that it was impossible for things to be the same as they were before I had met them. Nothing had ever been the same. Little did he know that he had left a little piece of himself growing inside of me.

About a month after I left I found out that I was pregnant. I knew something was off the moment that I realized I was a whole week late I had never been late a day in my life. But there I was, a week late. There was no way that I could be pregnant, there just wasn't. It wasn't possible that I could be pregnant with his baby. Edward had told me it was impossible for vampires to have babies, it was the reason why we didn't use protection that night he finally gave into my desires.

It was the first time since that god-awful birthday that I was truly happy. I was going to have his baby; he couldn't take that away from me.

I was surprised that the pregnancy had progressed normally. I went to a regular doctor for each of my appointments and she found nothing odd at all about my baby.

Nine months later my little Renesmee Carlie was born. She was the most beautiful baby that I had ever seen.

After that I went to college where I met my future husband Jack. Like me he was studying to be a doctor. I had chosen to be a doctor mostly because of Carlisle. I had strongly admired his compassion and will to help people and I wanted to be like him.

Not long after I met Jack we began dating. He didn't measure up to Edward but I wanted to move on with my life, just the way that Edward wanted. He wanted me to go on with my life without any more interference from him, so I was trying my best to do just that.

Slowly I found myself falling in love with Jack, and he was falling in love with me. He didn't mind at all that I had a daughter. He loved her and became a father figure to her. I told him about her father as much as I could. I never told him about him and his family being vampires. Not even Nessie knew a thing about her vampire heritage and I was determined to keep it that way. The vampire genes seemed to have skipped her completely and she deserved to live a happy human life. Nessie knew that Jack wasn't her father, but that is all that I had ever told her.

So when Nessie was just seven years old we got married. Two years later we had our first daughter together. Her name was Sarah. After another three years had gone by we had our second daughter whom we named Abby.

Now I have a one month old son named Jack Jr. My husband died just died in a car accident six months ago. I had just found out that I was pregnant again. I was devastated. I still cry and my heart still aches every time that I think of him. I loved him. He was the one true person that gave me happiness after Edward did. He had made me feel complete and whole again, and now he was gone. It was just me and my four kids now. I had a 14 year old, a 6 year old, a 3 year old, and now a 1 month old to take care of all by myself.

I felt the tears begin to fall again. I loved my children, I truly did. Now they were the ones keeping me together. I had to keep it together for them.

Now we were all about to move. There had been a job offer in Wisconsin. Apparently they were short on Doctors over there. I took the job offer. I thought it would be best for my family and I to leave Seattle and get away from all the memories that were here. So I sold the house and all of our cars.

I jumped when I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It was only Nessie.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Out" was all she said.

"Okay just be back by 10pm" I said.

"Sure mom" she said.

It didn't escape my notice that she never did answer my question about where she was going, but I decided not to press her for any information. She looked in pretty bad shape as it was. Her father's death had been extra hard on her. In the past six months her grades had slipped from straight A's to C's. She stays out a late all the time, but she never tells me why or what she was doing or even who she was with. Before I could press her further something always happens, usually that reason is that one of my younger children need me for one reason or another. She has also lost an unusual amount of weight in the past six months. I summed it all up to depression.

I continued on packing since we leave tomorrow. After having numerous yard sales there wasn't much left to pack. Just mostly necessities, but even that took a long time still.

I felt extremely exhausted by the time that I was done packing and I had gotten all my kids to bed.

All that remained was to wait for Nessie to get back from wherever she was. I hadn't realized that I had fallen asleep until I heard her about to walk in. I looked at the clock and was shocked that it was one in the morning. Why was she getting home three hours late?

I watched as she stumbled in.

"Nessie what are you doing getting home so late?" I said.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize that it was getting so late" she said.

Her breath smelled oddly of mints for some reason. I also saw a band aid on her arm that I was sure wasn't there before. Maybe she cut herself somehow?

"Where were you?" I asked.

"I was out with some friends. We just lost-"

The sound of my baby crying cut her off. I left her standing there as I went to go see what was wrong with my baby. I fed him and rocked him until he had calmed down.

When I went back 30 minutes later Nessie was gone. She had gone to her room to change into pajamas and go to sleep for the night.

I was worried about her. Something told me that something was wrong, I just couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe I'm overthinking this. Maybe whatever it is it's just some weird phase that she's going through because of Jack's death. I hoped that it would pass, whatever it was.

I was suddenly more happy that we were moving tomorrow. I had a feeling that I was making the right choice for all of us, and the feeling was now intensified.

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