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A soft rain started to fall all over the kingdom of Arendelle, forcing those of its citizens who were either in the market or in the docks to seek shelter wherever they could. Some kids, however, were already playing outside, soaking themselves in newly-formed puddles and ignoring their parents' warnings about catching a cold until the parents had no other choice but to bring the children inside their homes themselves. The ships that were still out in the open seas were already turning around to go back to the safety of the fjord before the weather could get any worse.

More and more raindrops began hitting the windows of every house and building, including the castle. Most people tended to ignore it and just go on with their activities, but not Elsa. She actually enjoyed the rhythmic sound, finding it quite relaxing. Leaning on the windowsill, her eyes danced between the falling drops, following them as they reached the bottom of the glass. Her mind was suddenly free of all worries as she focused on the movement of the water. Then, melancholy took over.

Of course the rain often reminded her of the storm in which her parents' ship had perished, and most times the thought even made her shed some tears. But then she would think of their faces as they told her those last words: "You'll be fine, Elsa." They had trusted and believed in her when they left, and she knew they would be proud of her now. After everything she'd gone through, she had finally learned how to control her powers and unleash the beauty of it, all thanks to her sister's love. Now she also was a great and benevolent queen, loved by everyone in her kingdom just as much as she loved them. At least so Anna kept telling her.

She and Kristoff, along with Sven and Olaf, were visiting Kristoff's family of trolls and wouldn't be returning until the next day. Elsa felt glad that her sister had not only found a man who loved her with all his heart but that they were also taking their time to let their relationship grow and become stronger before even thinking of marriage. Still, the time would come when they would marry, and nothing would make her happier than to be there for her sister's wedding. As for Elsa, she really wasn't considering marriage on a short-term. For the moment, she didn't want nor need a husband to rule Arendelle, even if her advisors kept telling her that she had to keep up with the tradition. Perhaps one day in the future, but not now. She had other things to care about.

"Your Majesty?" a voice called from the threshold of her room, making Elsa leap as she realized she'd started to doze off leaning against her window.

"Yes, Gerda?" she replied, rubbing her eyes.

"Perhaps you should take the rest of the day off, Your Highness."

Elsa smiled. Gerda always had a way of telling her so much with such few words. During the last week, she had been very busy planning how to celebrate the anniversary of her coronation, which was only three days away. Now she was exhausted, but at least everything was ready. Truth be told, she probably wouldn't have done so had it not been for Anna's insistence to "throw a big party" for everyone. Her sister had even offered to prepare everything, but in the end Elsa had warmed to the idea of doing it herself. Her ideas ranged from making a ball to making a great picnic within the castle's walls to organizing a massive snowball fight. In the end, she had opted for the latter, thinking everyone would have a lot of fun. Yeah, maybe Anna's enthusiasm was rubbing off on her.

"Yeah, maybe I will. Thank you, Gerda."

The maid bowed and left, closing the door behind her. Elsa made use of her powers to change her dress into a nightgown, and then she slipped under the sheets and let her head rest on the soft pillows. She considered the possibility of taking an entire week off at her Ice Palace once the anniversary celebration was over. It wouldn't be the first time she returned there since the… incident, but still, it had been at least three months since her last visit and she kind of missed Marshmallow. Perhaps Olaf would like to come as well.

Before she knew it, Elsa had already fallen asleep to the sound of raindrops falling on her window.

Day became night without anyone noticing it through the thick layer of gray clouds. The rain kept falling until well after midnight, when the raindrops suddenly became snowflakes that quickly covered the entire kingdom. Had anyone in Arendelle been staring at the top of the North Mountain, that person would've been able to see several white-blue glowing balls of ice streaking across the sky from its peak. From that distance, however, no one would've been able to hear the mighty roar that pierced the night like thunder.

"Elsa! Please, wake up!"

Elsa forced her eyes open as she heard her sister's desperate voice. "Anna? What's happening?"

"I don't know! You tell me!"


"Did you do it? Just tell me. You know I won't judge you."

This was getting ridiculous. "Anna, seriously, what are you talking about?"

Anna suddenly fell silent for a moment. "You really don't know what's going on?"

"No, and I'd really appreciate it if you told me."

Anna gestured at the window. "See for yourself."

Elsa had no other choice but to get out of the bed and walk towards the window. And as soon as she stared outside, she understood why her sister was so distressed. Everything she saw was covered in white.

She was speechless while she tried thinking of anything that could've caused her to lose control of her powers like this during her sleep—for there could be no other explanation for this weather. But the more she thought of it, the more baffled she was. Why would her emotions get out of control at all? It wasn't as if she'd been building up any kind of stress that would've been released overnight. Moreover, not even before she learned how to control her powers had something like this happened.

"Um, Elsa?" Anna said. "I imagine there's a lot going on in your mind now, and I don't want to worry you even more, but…"

She hesitated, so Elsa turned to look into her sister's eyes. She didn't say a word; she just gave her a slight yet reassuring smile as she placed a hand on Anna's shoulder. Eventually, Anna continued. "Kristoff and I were on our way back this morning when we saw a…" Her quivery voice trailed off, and it took her another moment to regain her composure. "It looked like an army or armies, I don't know. They all looked like soldiers but they weren't wearing the same uniforms. They were marching this way on the Northern Road."

Elsa tried as hard as she could not to feel anxious about this. "Maybe they're just passing by and—"

Anna immediately shook her head. "They're coming for you," she said, and before Elsa could ask, she added, "Olaf jumped out of the sled before we could stop him. He ran and hid behind a tree on the side of the road, and then he came back in a hurry and told us that he'd overheard some of the soldiers talking among them and saying something about 'slaying the ice monster'." By now, Anna was stuttering and tears were clouding her eyes. "We had to leave the sled behind so that Sven could take a shortcut through the woods and take us all here as quickly as possible. We had to warn you."

Elsa embraced Anna who started to cry on her shoulder. She understood her sister's fear because it was something Elsa herself had feared would happen ever since her secret became known. The people of Arendelle had been more comprehending about her powers, but not everyone would feel the same way.

So maybe this subconscious fear had been the cause of this snowfall. It certainly was the reason why snow was now falling inside the room. However, part of her had known full well that this day could come and was ready for it. She quickly planned her course of action; then, she took a deep breath to calm herself, and the snowflakes ceased.

"Anna, listen to me," she spoke softly into her sister's ear. "Everything is going to be fine, okay?" She recalled once again her father's last words of comfort to her. "We'll be fine. But I need you to stay calm and trust me on this, alright?"

Anna nodded into her shoulder, and once Elsa felt certain that her sister had calmed down, she let go of her. She conjured her queenly outfit and left the room with Anna trailing closely behind. She made her way outside to the courtyard's open gates where Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf were all in wait. Beyond the city limits, a black column of people on the road stood out among its white surroundings.

"Those are the soldiers you saw?" Elsa asked Kristoff.

"Yes. I counted about two hundred armed men."

"Close the door behind me," she told him firmly as she started to walk forward.

"What?" Anna shrieked. "Elsa, you can't be considering—"

"Anna," Elsa cut her sister off, this time placing both hands on her shoulders, "Remember what I told you. We'll be fine. Trust me."

And trying to look as confident as possible, she walked outside and stood in the middle of the narrow bridge that linked the castle with the rest of the village, not even turning back to see when the gates were closed. The small army was getting closer, But Elsa remained calm, breathing deeply and going over the names of the people she loved the most and the reasons why she loved them in her mind. Her plan was simple; she would prove to these people that she was not a monster by unfreezing the fjord and melting the—

The fjord. She hadn't noticed it until now, but it wasn't frozen. Had this been her doing, chances were the water would've instantly turned to ice. Also, the snow seemed to be melting where the few rays of sunshine that managed to pierce the cloudy sky touched the ground. Therefore, this maybe was not her fault after all.

The soldiers wouldn't know that, though, so she still would still need to carry out her plan and thaw everything to prove that she meant no harm for anyone. But first, she would make use of diplomacy. Thus, when the army finally reached the bridge, she called out, "Greetings, and welcome to Arendelle. I am Queen Elsa."

"The Snow Queen," the man leading the army said before Elsa could continue. "We know who you are, and we are glad that you have come to meet us here."

The man's words sounded somewhat menacing, so Elsa felt surprised when the soldiers bowed before her. The leader came forward and said, "I am Captain Sigurd, at your service."

Elsa didn't fail to notice that Sigurd had not mentioned his country of origin. "What is your purpose here, Captain Sigurd, may I ask?"

"We've come here to warn you of an impending threat to your kingdom, Your Highness," Sigurd replied, "and to hunt it down."

"A threat?" Elsa repeated.

"A beast," Sigurd said. "A nightmarish creature unlike anything you've ever seen before, capable of freezing everything and anyone in its path. We call it the ice monster."

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