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Chapter 1: Broken Spell Part 1

"Look out!"

"Watch where you're going kid!" people dodged out of the way as a figure on a skateboard shot down the street, pushing to move faster and faster as people let out irritated yells as the teenager on the board shouted apologies back at them. She turned down a street and down into a shop, jumping off her board and stumbling into the shop.

"I'm not late, I swear!" she yelled, pulling off her helmet. Long black hair fell down around her shoulders and was pushed out of her face as the other four workers looked up, looking amused.

"Yeah Ari, cause you're never late," Vida smirked as the girl lifted her board, which was rolling past.

"Exactly!" Ari broke into a wide smile as she looked to the girl with short hair. She ignored the clock on the wall that clearly stated that the 18 year old was 15 minutes late, and tossed her belongings into the back.

It had been over a year since the Dino Thunder Power Rangers had defeated Mesogog, and Ari had graduated from Reefside High and returned to Briarwood, getting a job in Rock Porium with her friends, finally living a slightly normal life after two years of being a Power Ranger. Of course, her Dino Powers hadn't disappeared, nor had her years of training as a Sun Ninja.

The time passed quickly for the lazy workers, who chose to do what they wanted instead of cleaning the shop like their boss had requested. Music filled the air as Vida stood behind the decks, and her sister recorded her and the others.

"So how was Blue Bay Harbour?" Xander asked as Ari fell onto the sofa and opened the book she had brought with her.

"Fun as always. We finally managed to get Cam on a proper bike," Ari grinned as she talked about her last trip to see her friends, who had gathered for Dustin's birthday. "Fell over like straight away. I thought Blake was going to have a stroke," she laughed as she opened her book.

"En garde fiend!" she looked up to see Chip brandishing a rolled up newspaper. As he lunged for her, Ari leapt over the back of the sofa and grabbed two of her own.

"Oh Chip, you know you can't beat me," she teased as the red-haired boy pushed his cape back.

"Today shall be different!" he decided, running around the sofa to face her. Ever since Ari had joined in on his 'sword-fighting' during a particularly dull day, Chip had challenged her to see if he could beat her. Naturally, he hadn't.

"Sword-fighting again guys?" Maddie smiled as she recorded the two. Ari glanced to her and winked, before disarming Chip in one quick move. "You gotta tell us how you can do that sometime," Maddie shook her head as Chip pouted. Ari just laughed and shrugged, returning to her seat. Catching Xander's eye, she grinned at her best friend and returned to her book. The Australian was the only one who knew about Ari's secret identities. "Toby!" they all looked around quickly to find their boss standing in the doorway. He wore a wetsuit, goggles and a snorkel, and was dripping wet.

"Nice snorkel boss," everyone rushed over to him, and Toby slapped Xander's hand as he poked it.

"Weren't you taking the day off today?" Vida raised an eyebrow as she stood by her sister. Toby attempted to speak, before remembering to pull the snorkel out of his mouth.

"Yes I-" he stopped, and yanked the whole thing off his head. "Yes. As a matter of fact, I was at the beach, snorkelling with the little fishies, and one swam right up to my mask!" the five tried not to laugh as he spoke. "And he looked at me, with these big fish eyes, and he said..." Toby then smushed his face together with his hands. "'Are your employees cleaning the store like they said they would do?' Now, I have to go back to the water, back to the reef, find the fish...and say...'no'," he grumbled as they tried to stop laughing.

"Why don't you relax, boss?" Xander smiled at the irritated man. "Take a breather. I'll gather the troops, assign them things to do. Sweep the floor, stock the merchandise, put out the trash, etc etc," he told them, and the remaining three rolled their eyes.

"Oh, you mean...do the jobs I pay you for? Guys!" frustrated, Toby went into his office and slammed the door.

"Alright, you head the man, snap to it! Chip, grab a broom. Madison, deal with the stock, Ari can take care of the customers, and Vida, throw out the trash. Snap, snap!" Xander ushered them before returning to his seat.

"How come you get the easy job?" Maddie grumbled to Ari as she went behind the counter.

"Because Xander knows what would happen if he tried to make me put out the trash," Ari answered, looking innocent as she set her book on the counter and stretched. The last time he had tried, he had ended up face down on the ground with Ari refusing to let him up. Vida stormed over to Xander to attempt to make him work, while Ari just started reading, knowing it was useless.

The ground started to shake, making them all stumble in surprise.

"Earthquake!" Xander yelled, and they all moved to get under cover.

"It's the end of the world!" Chip declared with an excited grin. "Just kidding," he laughed, and was pulled under the counter by Ari and Maddie.

"Don't panic!" Toby yelled as he emerged from his office. "Don't panic! Remember the safety procedures! Get under a desk!" he dove back into his office and his door slammed shut. After a moment, the quake finally subsided, and the employees crawled out from their cover.

"Is it over?" Maddie asked hopefully as she looked around.

"I'm alive!" Chip cheered with a grin.

"For now...Toby's gonna kill us though..." Ari commented as she leaned on the counter. "The store is a total mess now," everyone groaned as they took a look at it. Everything had fallen from the shelves.

"I thought it was bad before..." Vida muttered.

"Well, the good news is, the worst is over," Xander told them, holding his helmet in his hands.

"Worst my butt..." Ari muttered. "Now we have to clean even more..." she complained, looking around the shop, shaking her head.


"After narrowly escaping death, the human species copes with it in different ways," Maddie spoke as she started filming herself and her friends as they took a break. "Some use physical activity," she turned the camera on Xander and Ari as they skateboarded around. "Some listen to music," Maddie turned to her sister, who was sitting in the back of her jeep listening to music as she read a magazine. "And some eat," she moved over to Chip. "Tell me, Chip Thorn, what type of pizza are you eating?" she asked the boy.

"Shrimp, chicken, pepperoni, cheese, and chocolate marshmallows," he told her as he shoved a marshmallow into his mouth.

"A fine example of the non-human species," Maddie told her camera, looking disgusted.

"I want pizza now..." Ari complained as her stomach grumbled. "Though definitely not that stuff," she shivered at the thought of going near Chip's pizza.

"Somebody please, help me!" they looked around quickly as an old man cried out. "Please, someone. Anyone! I need help," he pleaded, and they rushed over to the man. A crowd began to gather as he looked around helplessly. "It's my brother! We were walking just up the road, and some creature grabbed him! I fear the worst!" everyone was frowning as he spoke. "It's just out of town! A creature took him into the woods," most of the crowd immediately backed up and walked away.

"Can you imagine that Ari?" Xander nudged the girl beside him. "Him asking for someone to go into the woods..." when he didn't get a response, he looked down at her to see her watching the old man with a strange expression. "Ari?" he frowned, recognising the look.

"Won't somebody please help me?" the old man pleaded. Shrugging Xander off, Ari stepped forwards.

"I will," she volunteered, but found that her voice was not the only one. She glanced around to see a young man crouched beside his bike. Those who weren't looking at Ari, looked to the stranger. "I could use a break," he shrugged, looking up.

"Thank you," the man sighed, grateful as the stranger glanced to Ari while the others looked wary. Ari followed the old man as he walked over to him, before Xander took a few steps.

"Hey," he smiled at the boy as he caught Ari's wrist. "I'm Xander. You're new around here, aren't you? Probably not aware of all the facts," Xander told him as the boy pulled on his jacket. "And there's just one. If you go into those woods-"

"You don't come out again," Ari finished for him, rolling her eyes.

"I heard about it," the boy replied. "The guy needs help. No-one else in this city except for your girlfriend there seems to care," he glanced to Ari, who looked up at Xander quickly as he glanced down at her. He let go of her wrist as both tried not to laugh.

"I'll go with you," Vida volunteered quickly, shooting Xander a frown. "Not everyone in this city is a coward," she growled as she looked to the rest of the crowd with a scowl.

"I'll go too!" Chip stepped forward, looking excited. "I've always wanted to go on a dangerous quest! This is a dangerous quest, right?" he glanced to Vida with a small frown.

"Perilous," Vida replied dryly.

"Sweet!" Chip cheered.

"Well, let's go," the stranger decided, and the four followed the old man. Ari waved to Xander and Maddie, before hurrying to catch up with the others.


Reaching the entrance to the woods where the old man had told them his brother had been taken, Chip was bouncing with excitement. Ari was almost as excited to finally check out the mysterious place, but hid it better than her friend.

"Are you sure you're willing to enter?" the old man asked as they stood at the entrance. "The woods are a very scary place," he told them.

"You ask a lot of questions for someone whose brother's in danger," the stranger frowned at him.

"Everyone's in danger," the old man responded.

"Everyone's in danger? Oh, yeah!" Chip cheered, smiling widely.

"I doubt it's something we can't handle," Ari shrugged, before they heard a loud beep. They turned to see Xander and Maddie driving in Vida's jeep, waving to them as they approached.

"Xander! I told you if you ever took my car I'd rearrange your limbs," Vida yelled angrily at him.

"You're going into the woods and never returning," Xander shrugged, not looking the slightest bit guilty. Ari just laughed at him. "As if you're ever going to see it again," he commented as he and Maddie climbed out and walked over.

"He's got a point," Chip shrugged, earning a glare from his best friend.

"You're my sister. Where you go...I go," Maddie told her. Her reluctance made Ari giggle as Xander stood beside her and put a hand on her head.

"And so there is six..." the old man whispered, stopping Ari's giggles as she looked around, wondering just what he meant. He started walking again, and they all followed him, looking around the eerie woods as they entered.

"It's creepy out here..." Maddie complained after a while.

"Got that right," Xander agreed.

"It's not so bad," Ari shrugged, earning a couple of stares. "What?" she looked at Maddie and Xander, raising an eyebrow. As the trees began to change from straight to gnarled, Maddie shivered.

"What was that?" they all glanced around at her as she stopped. "I felt something...something weird..." the shy girl told them with a confused frown.

"Wait...where's the old man?" the stranger was the first to notice that the one supposedly leading the rescue mission had disappeared.

"Ten seconds in the woods and we're already lost!" Chip's excitement only seemed to increase. "All right!" he cheered, laughing. Ari's excitement however had died a little as she looked around. The old man's words about everyone being in danger, as well as his comment on their number, remained on her mind as they began walking to try and find their way out. "And not just trolls, goblins and elves live in the woods too!" Chip was going on about what he believed to be in the woods. "I've also heard that a witch lives here! She's hideous, with green skin and a black tongue with yellow drool that slowly drips from the corner of her mouth when she speaks," he continued on with a grin.

"Well I hope that if any of this isn't true, it's that," Ari looked mildly disgusted as she walked behind him.

"You've been reading too many fairy tales, friend," the stranger lingered at the back of the group. "Guys, there's no such thing as witches!" he told them as they turned to look at him, and froze. When he saw their reaction, he rolled his eyes. "Oh, ok. So now you're playing with me," he sighed. "Oh,someone's behind me. I'm so scared! Boo!" he mocked.

"There is someone behind you!" Vida insisted. The boy's smirk dropped, and he looked around to see what they saw. A figure dressed in a black cloak that hid them from sight. He let out a cry of surprise and stumbled backwards to the others as the figure moved towards them.

"Anybody want to run?" Maddie gulped.

"Already tried, but my feet won't move," Xander shook his head as even Ari stared with wide eyes. The figure stopped as several creatures suddenly rushed towards them, making the figure stop.

"She brought friends!" Vida cried as they looked around. Before anyone else could react, Ari walked forwards, towards them. "What are you doing?" Vida demanded as Ari was quickly surrounded by the strange creatures. The girl didn't respond as she put her hands behind her back and smiled.

"So, who's first?" she asked the creatures, tilting her head. They grunted and snarled, clearly confused by her behaviour. Finally one launched at her, and as the others gave alarmed shouts, Ari dodged it easily. With one quick motion, she slammed her foot into its back, and the monster went flying. The grunting and snarling intensified in their anger, and more of the creatures ran at Ari. She dodged their moves easily, tripping them and knocking them into each other.

"She's amazing..." Chip gaped as they watched Ari take the creatures down with ease. Even the woman in black seemed stunned as Ari stood in the middle of the fallen creatures.

"If you want to take me on, try bigger numbers," she told them quietly, but as she went to walk back over to the others, more appeared from the bushes and she stopped. "Oh, I totally didn't mean that," Ari fell back into her fighting stance, but she knew there were too many for her to take on with her martial arts alone. At this rate she were going to have to use her powers.

"Mysto Aerotan!" the woman in black suddenly raised something, and as the creatures ran at Ari again, something caught her from behind and lifted her into the air as the same thing happened to the others. They let out yells as they flew through the air, before being dropped nearby a tree that was much larger than the rest. While most landing on their faces, Ari landed on her feet.

"Ok, so, new guy, now you know why no-one goes into these woods," Xander grunted at the stranger.

"Name's Nick," the boy replied, and looked to Ari. "And isn't anyone going to question how she fought them off?" he questioned.

"I went to a school for martial arts. Graduated when I was 15," Ari smiled innocently. The others nodded, shrugging a little when Nick looked at them as if to confirm her words.

"What is this place?" Vida questioned as she saw a large dragon head that had been carved into the tree.

"I call it Rootcore," the woman reappeared, and they backed away quickly, straight into the mouth of the dragon as it closed.

The six fell into a dark room, barely managing to stay on their feet. "I thought it best you were brought here," they looked up to see the woman again, standing on a higher level as she looked down on them.

"Hi, I'm Xander," the boy smiled and raised a hand. "It's a really nice place you got here. It's really...woody..." he knocked on a desk. Ari looked around, sensing the same comfort that came from both Ninja Ops, and Doctor Oliver's lab basement that had served as their headquarters. The woman didn't respond, instead raising a hand as white lights sparked from it, and the broomsticks that had carried them there reappeared.

"I am the sorceress Udonna," the woman lifted her black cloak to reveal herself. She had long red hair and wore all white. "Welcome to my home," she smiled at them. The place lit up, revealing itself completely.

"Wow...this is awesome!" Chip was beaming as he looked around at what was like a dream come true for him.

"When the six of you entered the forest, you stepped into a magical dimension," Udonna told them softly.

"A parallel dimension outside of Briarwood," Chip looked to the others. "Do we live in a great city, or what?" he grinned widely.

"This means I've proved Cam wrong!" Ari suddenly cheered, making the others jump. "You seriously don't understand what a big deal it is to prove him wrong," she shrugged, going red.

"A few years ago," they spun around again as Udonna reappeared behind them. "There was a great battle in our world. Dark magic conquered our realm and was about to enter your dimension, when we finally defeated them and sent them back to the Underworld," she told them, before turning away. "But at a great cost..." she whispered. "The gate was sealed with a powerful spell. However, during the recent earthquake, a crack appeared in the gate, and evil has slipped through," she explained to them.

"Remember me? Xander," the skateboarder spoke up. "Look, I'm just wondering, what does that have to do with us?" he asked as Udonna blinked at him.

"It could mean the end for both our worlds," Udonna told them.

"Please, none of us are buying this fairytale!" Nick spoke up at last.

"This is not a fairytale," Udonna told him sharply. "What I tell you, is what happened," Nick scoffed at her words.

"Guys," he looked to the others, but they shrugged at him.

"Hey, let's hear what she has to say," Vida suggested to him with a smile. "We can always leave after that," she pointed out. Nick rolled his eyes, but chose to do so.

"The Xenotome," they glanced back over to where Udonna now stood. "The book of the unknown. In it, is everything we do not know," she explained as they walked over to her.

"What kind of language is that? I've never seen it before," Maddie frowned as writing appeared on the page.

"It is the language of the ancients," Udonna smiled at the curious girl. "You will soon learn it. It says that when evil rises again, six mystical warriors from the human realm will step forward. You are those warriors," she explained as Nick frowned even more. "You...are the Power Rangers," she told them. There was a short silence, before Ari burst out laughing. "This is no laughing matter," Udonna frowned at her.

"I know...I'm sorry," Ari laughed as tears formed in the corners of her eyes.

"Excuse me, but there must be some mistake," Xander shook his head as Ari tried to stop laughing. "How are we gonna defeat pure evil? Our high school hasn't even won a football game in, like, six years," he commented.

"Speak for yourself," Ari finally managed to calm down, straightening up as she wiped away the tears.

"Traitor," Xander nudged her, and Ari shrugged.

"Not my fault I had to switch schools," she commented. Udonna was watching Ari curiously, as if she found her familiar, but dismissed it.

"These are your magic wands," Udonna held up six wands similar to the one she had held back in the forest. She passed them out, giving Chip a yellow one, Maddie a blue one, Vida one with a pink butterfly, Xander a green one, Ari one with a gold top, and Nick one on red. "Never go anywhere without them," she instructed as they all lit up.

"Udonna!" a girl suddenly ran into view. "Udonna!" she ran up to the sorceress, before pausing. "Oh, hello," she spoke as she noticed the six standing there. "Nice to meet you! Excuse me. Udonna," she turned back to the sorceress and whispered in her ear.

"You must stay here until I return," Udonna suddenly told them. "Do not go into the woods by yourselves," she instructed, before snapping her fingers and disappearing in a flash of white lights. Ari frowned, finding the way she disappeared very familiar.

"Wish I could do that..." the girl tried snapping her fingers. "I practise and I practise but...nothing!" she complained, before remembering that she wasn't alone. "Oh, hello again. I'm Claire, sorceress in training here at Rootcore," the girl introduced herself with a smile.

"Ok, that's it, I'm outta here," Nick decided.

"Oh, no, you can't go!" Claire stopped them as they went to leave. "Udonna said you had to stay here till she returned!" she told them with wide eyes.

"We all better go," Maddie spoke up, which flustered the girl even more.

"Oh, this is not good," Claire shook her head. "I know! I will conjure a spell that will freeze you where you stand until Udonna gets back!" she decided. They all backed away, frowning at her. She spoke strange words, and a light shone in her hand, but instead of freezing the group, it changed her into a sheep.

"Awesome!" Ari laughed as the others quickly set their wands down and rushed out. "Hey, wait for me!" Ari followed them, taking her wand with her.


"Come on," Nick led the way as they hurried through the forest, trying to find a way out. They slowed to a stop as they saw what seemed to be a small village, which had been thoroughly trashed.

"Look..." Vida breathed as strange creatures wandered around, cleaning up and tending to the injured.

"Who are they?" Xander wondered, before seeing the wand still in Ari's hands. "Did you have to bring that with you?" he frowned at her, and Ari shrugged.

"She said not to leave without it. Not the first one either..." she mused as she thought back to both Sensei and Doctor Oliver telling her the same about her previous morphers.

"I should have known you wouldn't stay at Rootcore," Udonna smiled as she walked over.

"What happened here?" Maddie asked curiously.

"Woodland Village was destroyed," Udonna's smile dropped as she spoke gravely. "Tomorrow it will be another village. The darkness destroys everything within their path until they find what they want," she told them.

"What are they looking for?" Chip asked.

"Me," Udonna admitted with a sigh. "And then they will go after you," she warned them, and they looked alarmed at the thought.

"Hold on just a sec," Nick spoke up, seeming to becoming increasingly more irritated. "I never agreed to be part of this," he complained, before the villages seemed to notice them.

"It is them! It is them!" one cried out happily. "The protectors are here!" he yelled. "Hail the Mystic Force!" they bowed before the teenagers.

"Always wondered what it would be like to be worshipped," Xander commented. "It's not so bad," he grinned.

"You do not need the ego boost," Ari hit him lightly with her wand, making him laugh. The ground suddenly shook, and they looked up to see a massive monster towering over them.

"Ok...that's bad," Xander summed up as they backed away. The villagers all fled, screaming.

"Take out your wands!" Udonna barked at them.

"We kind of left them back at the tree," Chip admitted.

"Except me!" Ari held up hers with a smile. "Told you," she stuck out her tongue at Xander, who rolled his eyes.

"Alright, stand back," Udonna ordered as she turned to face the monster. "Follow my lead," she instructed Ari, who shrugged and stepped forwards. "You leave me no choice," Udonna told the monster as she drew her own wand. "MAGICAL SOURCE, MYSTIC FORCE!" Udonna morphed into a white suit. "Flurry of Snow! White Mystic Ranger!" she chanted, holding her Snow Staff.

"Now that's cool," Vida grinned as she stared at her. Udonna ran to fight the monster as they watched.

"Now it's my turn," Ari held up her own wand, but as she went to morph, more of the creatures from before surrounded them. "Oh come on!" she complained, backing up as the Hidiacs moved towards them.

"Well, as I see it, we have two choices. We can surrender and be destroyed..."

"Or fight?" Maddie finished for Chip, looking incredulous.

"We fight," Nick agreed.

"No, there's a third option," Xander stopped him. "Plan Xander. I'll just reason with them," he grinned.

"Xander, how many times have I told you that Plan Xander never works," Ari tried to stop him.

"Well if it doesn't, then it's a good thing you're here," he grinned at her, and stepped forwards. "Hi, I'm Xander. We're not really from these parts, so if it's ok with you we'll just be heading off-" as expected, the monsters didn't listen, and Ari intercepted a kick and knocked the Hidiac back.

"I told you," Ari frowned at him.

"And like I said, it's a good thing you're here," he grinned back. "Guess we fight," they all stood together and faced the monsters, only to be blasted off their feet, causing Ari to drop her wand. The Hidiacs ran at them, and Ari pushed up, fighting off the ones that surrounded her. Seeing that the others were distracted with their own fights, Ari held up a hand. The air shimmered between her and the Hidiacs, and as they went to hit Ari, they slammed into her shield and were thrown back.

Despite the use of her powers, Ari was being quickly overwhelmed by the monsters that had realised that she was currently their biggest threat. Most of them concentrated on her, and her shield was quickly being chipped away.

"It had to be a cloudy day today," she complained, before the shield shattered. She managed to block an attack and send one flying with a well placed energy-ball, before she was knocked to the ground.

"Just remember!" Udonna called as she saw them all being thrown about like rag dolls. " To use magic, all you need to do is believe in magic!" she told them.

"What the heck does that mean?" Ari frowned, back-flipping to dodge another attack. She let another energy-ball fly, but the lack of sun meant that her Dino Powers weren't at full power.

"Guys! The magic really works!" she heard Chip yell nearby. "Just believe!" he yelled. Ari looked around as she formed another shield, and saw vines shoot out from a tree around Xander, taking out the Hidiacs. When Maddie caused water to burst up and take out the ones attacking her, Ari grinned.

"I believe in magic!" she called as her shield shattered again. A warm, familiar feeling filled Ari, and her eyes widened. The sun broke through the clouds, shining brightly around Ari, and when it cleared, the Hidiacs had turned to dust. "Sun magic huh? Now there's a surprise," Ari laughed, retrieving her wand. She looked up as Vida became a tornado, sending the Hidiacs flying. Udonna took out the monster, before coming to Nick's rescue as he was thrown through the air. She demorphed, and everyone regrouped.

"Well, well, very nice," she nodded in approval. "You truly are the ones. Are you up to the task?" Udonna asked them. "Are you now ready to accept your legacy?" she asked them.

"Oh yeah! Bring it on!" Chip nodded.

"I'm in!" Vida agreed as she stood by him. "I kicked some serious evil back there," Udonna smiled at their eagerness.

"This is so unlike me, but I'm sticking with my sister," Maddie decided as she stepped forwards too.

"Someone's gotta look after these guys, right?" Xander grinned as he spoke up. Ari giggled, and elbowed him.

"And someone has gotta keep an eye on Xander," he ruffled her hair as she spoke. They looked over at Nick as he rubbed his neck. He looked up at them, and frowned.

"Me? No way," he brushed the dirt from his clothes. "I'm out of here," he told them with a scowl, making their smiles drop.

"Are you sure this is what you choose?" Udonna asked as she walked over to them.

"Look. The 'I believe in magic' thing, it didn't work for me," he told them as he fixed his jacket.

"Try believing again," Maddie suggested with a small smile. "Maybe it didn't catch on the first time?" she tried, but Udonna shook her head with a small smile.

"He is a non-believer," she told them sadly. "I can do nothing for him. Claire will see you out of the woods safely," Udonna said to Nick. "Claire!" she called for her apprentice as the others remained silent.

"Here I am!" Claire bleated as she came into view, still in sheep form.

"Oh my dear child," Udonna laughed as she saw her. "When will you get your spells right? See him safe passage out of the woods," she instructed the girl.

"Yes Udonna," Claire bleated, and led Nick off. A noise behind them made the remaining six turn around quickly to see a figure in purple armour.

"You may have defeated my Hidiacs, but you'll not defeat me," he spoke as he drew his sword. "Wolf Attack!" his shield opened and red light shot at the group, blasting them off their feet. "It is the end for you," he told them, and laughed as they looked up at him.

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