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Ash: 16

Misty: 16

Brock: 17

Song: Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith - Not in Love

5:45 P.M

Flurries of snow fell into Misty's red hair as she trudged through the snow. The wind howled and blew fiercely, causing the falling flakes to create a white void, making it difficult for her to even catch a glimpse of her traveling companions Ash and Brock. She could only see the faint outlines of their struggling and shivering figures, but one thing that stood out was Ash's dumb bright red and white Pokemon League hat.

She heard a shuffling and a muffled cry coming from her cinch bag that hung on her pale shoulders. It was Togepi, sniffling from the cold. Misty slipped the bag off of her shoulders, wrapped her arms around it, and proceeded to carry it, hoping her body warmth would give the baby pokemon some comfort or at least a little extra heat.

"ASH KETCHUM!" She screamed into the icy wind, hoping that somehow the cry of anger would reach his ears. Acknowledging her, he turned around, his hand shielding his face from the snowy blast. He seemed to be coddling something in his coat.

"WHAT?" He responded bitterly, shivering against the snowy blast. His hands gripped his coat harder as if her feared of dropping something of importance.


Ash shot daggers at the red head and screamed, "WELL IT'S YOUR OWN FAULT FOR WEARING STUPID SHORT SHORTS ALL THE TIME!"

"HEY! I NEVER SAID I WAS COLD! I WAS TALKING ABOUT TOGEPI. AND, uh, BROCK TOO!" Misty shot back, pushing her amber hair out of her eyes.

"YEAH, RIGHT!" Ash remarked venomously.

The two teenagers were now standing across from each other, knee deep in frigid snow, shouting at one another in full volume, oblivious to Brock trudging ahead without them. Their breath mingled together as one icy cloud, their noses, red from the cold were just inches from coming in contact with each other. Misty stared into Ash's chocolate brown eyes, all she could think about was how angry he made her and how much she wished Ho-Oh would rain its Sacred Fire down upon him. Until...

She realized how close they were.

She jumped back, her cheeks reddened with embarrassment. She tried to gather up some sort of spitfire retort to cover up her blush but all that came out was a stuttering mess. "W-what's wrong with you? Always getting in people's faces! G-give me some space, idiot!" I was so close, I could've...I could've kissed him...

Ash took a step back and glared. "Maybe I want some space, have you ever thought about that? You always get in my face!"

Misty's cerulean eyes were lit ablaze with rancor. "I DO NOT!"


Brock, hearing some muffled shouting and squabbling, (it had disturbed his thoughts of Nurse Joy) and turned around, his eyes squinting much more than usual due to the wicked snow. Due to Ash and Misty interrupting his lovely imagination, he became irritable. " HEY! C'MON GUYS NOT NOW!" He paused, searching for Misty, until he saw her yellow tank top and short shorts clad figure and reassured her, "MISTY, I HAVE THE MAP. WE'RE ALMOST THERE."

Ash, before turning around stuck his tongue immaturely at Misty and then hurried (as fast as one can in knee deep snow) to catch up with Brock.

Misty sighed, her breath turning into a warm fog in the cold wind. She hugged the burrowed Togepi closer, and continued on in the snow, giving death glares at the back of Ash's head.

Sure enough, as Brock had said, they reached the doorstep of the cabin they had rented for the night.

The snow had started to fall softer, and it was soft enough that they no longer had to strain to see one another nor yell to get each other's attention. Not that that had stopped her and Ash from yelling at each other. It was a perpetual habit.

Ash stood in front of the door with a smug grin on his lips. "See Misty? Was it really that bad to go through a little bit of chilly weather? We made it, didn't we?" His coat bulged and Pikachu jumped out, shaking the snowflakes out of his fur.

"Yeah, no thanks to you! Mr. I Totally Know How To Read a Map."

"Well I got us this far, didn't I?"

"With Brock's help! All you did was get us lost!"

"No I didn't!"

"Yes you did!"

Brock facepalmed. "You guys are 16 now and you still fight like 10 year olds. Take a chill pill like the weather did."

Misty and Ash's arguement came to a halt. They both stared at Brock, giving him somewhat of a hateful expression. "That was the most stupid joke I have EVER heard in my life!" Misty snarled and pulled Brock's poor ears.

Brock huddle in the corner of the wooden porch of the cabin and caressed his injured ear, tears streaming down his cheeks as he wailed.

Misty was in no mood for idiotic jokes that come from idiotic people. She swung her head around, giving Ash an intense gaze. "Let me in the damn cabin." She spat through gritted teeth.

Ash laughed and started to search his pockets. "Ha! I knew you were cold! I called it from the start! Now I'm going to be the awesome all rightous hero that lets you in...the...cabin..." His confidence and nonchalance soon faded away as his hands felt nothing but lint and air in his pockets. "Wait, WHAT?" He started frantically shoving his hands in his coat pockets, making lint fall into the snow. His jacket bluged and an annoyed Pikachu jumped out, probably disliking all the jabs he got. "Pika Pi!" It squeaked while glaring at its master.

"Yeah yeah yeah I'm sorry buddy, I'm just looking for the key..I think it's missing..." Ash mumbled apologeticly.

"You think it's what? " Misty whispered threateningly.

Brock appeared in front of Ash, seeming to be all better from his ear attack, and held out his hand. "Looking for this, Ash?"

Ash's eyes widened, "Hey wait how did you get that? I've had it in my pocket since we got it!"

Brock only sighed and pulled out a silver object from his pocket, and slipped it into the keyhole of the door. As the door clicked open, Ash stared blankly at the entrance, his mouth ajar. "W-wait how did you get it?"

"I stole it from your jacket last night while you were eating. Well, actually it wasn't quite in your jacket, it was on the ground, nearly covered in dirt."

Ash almost fell into a bank of snow. "Agh! B-but I had it and I-"

Misty cut Ash off. "Let's just go inside! Togepi is freezing out here!"

Ash mumbled quietly so Misty couldn't hear. "Yeah, suuuure it's Togepi who's cold."

Once inside, Misty reached her hand out to flick a light switch but her hands felt nothing but a bare surface. In the dark, she flailed her fingers around until she had practically felt the entire wall. "Uh, hey, Brock, does this place by any chance have a light switch...?"The room was dark, but Misty pinpointed where Brock was by hearing his voice. "Er, no. Sorry. It was all we could afford. It does in fact have lanterns, and fire place, and blankets. Those were all thrown in for free!" Brock chuckled and sounded extremely jovial. He stopped laughing when he realized no one was laughing with him.

"This place is going to be dark and cold for the whole time we are here? No heat?! No light?!" Ash said astonished and bummed out.

"Yeah, sorry. But we got free blankets! And here," Brock dug into his backpack, and pulled out some matches. He lit one, and found his way over to the stone fireplace. The room was soon illuminated by the glow of the embers. There was a single couch, a cabinet (where all of Brock's beloved free blankets and lanterns were stored), and of course, the stone fire place. That was it. The room seemed very bare, and still dark, despite the glowing fire.

Pikachu sprang towards the fire place, and lay beside it. Misty let Togepi out of her bag and the little Pokemon scurried over beside where Pikachu lay.

"I told you Togepi was cold." Misty said smugly, while going over to the couch to watch over the baby Pokemon.

"Nah, it just wants to be with Pikachu. You're the one who's moving by the fire!" Ash retorted.

"Because I want to watch over Togepi!"

"Tch, you're just cold. Admit it."

"Am not!"

"Are too!"

"Okay, guys! That's quite enough. Both of you two are cold and grouchy, but," Brock walked over to the window of the cabin, "I have a solution to the problem."

"What?" Ash and Misty both asked simultaneously.

"Well, we have a fire, and what do you do with fire? You roast marshmallows."

Ash and Misty just blinked at their traveling companion's ludicrous statement.

"So you mean to tell me, you are going to walk all the way to the Pokemon Mart to buy marshmallows?" Misty asked, cocking her head to the side in confusion.

"Brock, please tell me you're serious, because marshmallows sound so good right now." Ash said, drooling and smiling like an idiot and thinking of the sweet taste of the white, plush, sugary food.

"You bet I'm serious! The weather has calmed down, and I can reach the Pokemon Mart by sundown at the latest."

Misty slugged both Brock and Ash in the heads with her fist.

"Ohhh...! Jeez, Misty, what was that for?" Ash cried out in pain, holding his palm to the place where she had hit.

"You guys are crazy to try and go out in weather like this! It could turn bad any second! What if you get stranded or freeze to death?!"

Brock shugged. "Hey, the weather is completely fine, Misty. And I never said that Ash was coming along."

"Wait, what?" Ash said, confused, and still rubbing the sore part of his cranium.

"You heard me. You will stay here with Misty and keep the rental house under control. You can't just leave a girl unaccompanied in an empty house even if she is, er," Brock caressed his head, "plenty capable."

"WHAT?! I'm stuck with her?!" Ash said, sounding completely appalled.

Misty, not wanting to show it, felt quite stung at his response. Does he really not want to be with me that badly? Am I really that horrible? She thought.

"You'll be fine." Brock said bluntly, and prepared to leave. He grabbed three Pokeballs and his vest and headed towards the door. "I'll see you two tomorrow morning! If not then, by at least lunch time."

"Aw, then who's going to make us breakfast?" Ash whined. Still like he was when he was 10, always thinking of his stomach, Misty reminisced.

"You guys will probably sleep in and skip breakfast, anyways, I have to go! Marshmallows are calling me!" Brock bolted out the door, slamming it. A bit of snow fell off of the roof as a sign of his departure.

Misty was now stuck alone, practically in the dark, in a romantic fire lit house, with Ash for 24 hours or more.