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6:51 P.M

Misty was laying on the couch, staring blankly into the flickering embers that burned in the fireplace. It had been at least 1 hour since Brock had departed to retrieve marshmallows, a completely weird, random, and ridiculous mission, and she had been stuck here with Ash Ketchum, alone. She had managed to find a small plastic bag filled with peanuts in her backpack and was munching away carelessly.

Ash had been unusually quiet for the past few hours, but he had spent his time messing with is Pokedex, and then going through the drawers of the cabinet north of the room. Misty's guess is that he had already made a gigantic mess, with all of Brock's beloved free blankets and lanterns, and strewn them all around himself. Misty, being lazy, was too relaxed in front of the burning fire to move and see what Ash had done.

Her eyes had started to fall closed when all of a sudden she heard shuffling footsteps then Ash's voice.

"Hey Misty! Guess what I found?" Ash smiled and held out three tiny packages.

Misty sat up, her side ponytail messy from her lounging and squinted. The little brown packets read: 'hot chocolate mix, prepare with hot water and mix together to enjoy a hot, chocolatey beverage". That is the worst description I've ever heard in my entire life. Hot chocolatey beverage. She looked down past the instructions and found in fine print the expiration date. The red head gasped and glared at Ash.

"Ash! These expired three years ago! Are you trying to poison us?!"

Ash started laughing hysterically and lifted one of his eyebrows accusingly at her. "Heh, you're just too chicken. I bet they taste just fine!"

Misty felt anger boiling up in her chest and she stood up, face to face to Ash, her cerulean eyes staring deep into his amber eyes. "No, I'm just not dense like you. Leave it to you to try and drink million year old hot chocolate."

"It's three years old, not a million." Ash teased. "C'mon, Mist, lets just try it?"

"Same difference." Misty scowled. "And, no."

"Chicken." Ash jeered, casting Misty a mocking look.

"Am not."

"Are too."

"Am not. Give me the damn hot chocolate mix." Misty gave in, tired of the bantering, and swiped the packets from Ash and fetched her water canteen. She poured the ancient powder into the container, shook it, then set it next to the fire, so the water would warm up, near where Pikachu and Togepi were fast asleep.

Ash chuckled, as he watched Misty's endeavor to make the aged hot chocolate.

Misty whipped around. "What are you laughing at, Ashy-boy?" She applied emphasis on the ticket insult.

Ash stopped laughing at her, his smile turned into a line. "Don't call me that!"

"Ash-ee-boyy." Misty smirked, enjoying Ash's growing irritation.

"Stop." Ash grumbled.

Misty turned around and walked over to the couch again, preparing to sit down and take a nap. She yawned, her hand waving in from of her mouth. "Make me, Ashy boy." She taunted again. Misty was undaunted by Ash's mumbling seemingly harmless threats.

Ash crept up behind Misty, and started tickling her waist. Misty screamed in response, laughing uncontrollably and fell on the cold, wooden floor, Ash not too far behind her.

"Take it back, Mist!" Ash teased, laughing, tickling her sides. Misty, laughing hysterically, wriggled and tried to get out of tickling range, but her efforts were in vain.

"You think," Misty's words were interrupted by her own giggling, "I will," She struggled to finish her sentence, "Give up so easily?" She looked up, and realized Ash was very much on top of her, his knees on the floor but grazing her legs and his body was directly over hers; their chests inches away from each other's. If anyone walked in, Arceus forbid Brock came back early, they would feel as if they were disrupting a very sexually charged situation. An uncontrollable blush came over Misty's cheeks, as she kept laughing because of Ash's revenge.

"Give up?" Ash taunted, his eyes glinted with amusement and laughter. He had stopped tickling her and had pinned her down and was gazing into her cerulean eyes.

Misty's blush spread throughout her entire face, and she shoved Ash off of her, mad at the fact that she was actually blushing and actually being affected by his stupid antics.

"Hey shoving is cheating." Ash grumbled, crossing his arms and pretending to be upset.

Misty, trying to recover from her previous blushing, snuck a hand behind her back. She daintily, with the tips of her fingers, gripped a pillow. "Nah," She said, with a rebellious smirk on her face, "this would probably be considered cheating!" She whipped out the pillow from behind her back and slugged Ash with it, sending a few feathers in the air.

"Oh you little minx." Ash murmured, smirking playfully, as he took the blow of the feather-filled pillow. He ran over to the sofa where another one lay, and Misty followed him there, sending little puffs of feathers in the air as she chased him. Ash turned his body around and hit Misty back, pummeling her with the pillow. The two friends were hitting each other left and right, sending feathers into the air and making them rain down onto the floor. The color of the wooden planks was now obscured by little soft flashes of white.

Misty had now backed into the couch, and had fallen backwards onto it. Ash moved over her and was once again, almost on top of her. He pinned her down on the couch and said, smiling, "Gotcha, I think I win."

Misty, was now an uncontrollable blushing machine. The redness had spread from her face to her collar bone, which was visible and she swore that Ash knew what he was doing to her. "Don't be an idiot," She hissed.

"Aw, Mist. That's not very nice." He pouted, then his chocolate brown eyes flashed. "Hey! I have an idea!"

Misty rolled her eyes, the blush still visible on her cheeks. Ash was so dense sometimes, he was practically on top of her, for the second time, in a very questionable position, and now he has an idea?!

"What." Misty replied flatly, unamused.

"Let's build a blanket fort!" Ash said, full of excitement. He had moved himself off of her and was walking towards the free blankets and lanterns that Brock treasured.

Misty could finally breathe and relax from the embarrassment she had just felt.

A fort?