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"Archie!" Emma called to the red headed man as she jogged over to him with Lila in her arms.

EMMA! I'm going to end you in the most painful way imaginable! I swear! You are TOAST BLONDIE! Regina yelled as the sheriff jostled the puppy as she ran to meet Archie.

The former cricket smiled as he saw Emma coming quickly towards him with the black lab puppy in her arms. "Hello Emma!" He greeted. "Oh, who is this little cutie?" He asked and reached out to scratch Lila behind the ear.

Again with the cutie! I'm not cute! I'm terrifying! Regina groaned but couldn't help suddenly melting in Emma's arms as Archie's fingers traveled behind her ear. Her tail wagged lazily and there was no hope in restraining the smile that formed from the sheer delightful sensation of the scratching.

Emma chuckled as she watched the puppy turn to jell-o in her arms and then looked back up at Archie. "Archie, meet Lila. She's the newest recruit to the ever growing Charming-Mills-Locksley-Jones-Swan-Gold family." The blonde said and furrowed her brow as she tried to make sure she got all the names in that belonged. "Anyway, I am about to help lead a search party for Regina and we need someone to watch Lila. I was wondering if you could, I know you wanted to help with the search bu-"

"It's fine." Archie said with a smile to show that he knew that his help was needed here and not on the search. "I'm glad to help in whatever way possible." He assured.

Emma smiled and let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks Archie, you're a life saver." She said and tried to carefully and gently pass Lila over to him. "Careful with her, she is a thief and she knows she can get away with it too just because she's cute."

Archie chuckled and held onto Lila in a gentle cradling grip. "You're welcome, and don't worry. I'll keep an eye on her and so will Pongo."

"Okay, call me if she gets to be too much." Emma said and then turned to race back to her father. "Thank you!" The blonde called over her shoulder.

Regina sighed as she was cradled by the therapist. Well I guess it could be worse… She thought and looked up at Archie. At least he's actually owned a pet before. She added and then mentally scolded herself for calling herself a pet.

"So Lila, what do you say to a day at the park with Pongo and I?" Archie asked as he glanced down at Pongo who was looking up at him, his spotted tail wagging happily. "Sounds like fun huh?" The therapist chuckled as he began to walk towards the park with Pongo's leash around his wrist and Lila in his arms.

Yeah sure, loads of fun! And after that let's sit down and talk about my feelings! Regina shot back snidely.

Well Archie wouldn't understand you if you wanted to talk about your feelings, but I'm always willing to chat. A voice said and Regina's head shot up and she looked around, her floppy ears perked up.

Who said that? Regina demanded.

I did. The voice came again and Regina looked around until her small chocolate brown eyes fell upon the dark brown eyes of the spotted canine trotting along beside Archie. I'm Pongo. Your name is Lila, right? He asked in a friendly and welcoming way.

Pongo? I'm talking to Pongo… Pongo the dog… right now… Regina felt a mix of emotions at the thought, but mostly feared she might lose her small puppy mind if things got any weirder.

Yes. Is there a problem? I don't think we've met before but my minds not as great as it once was back when I was a young and energetic three year old. Pongo replied with a laugh, letting out a bark as he chuckled.

Regina paused for a moment just to process everything. Ummm… yes Pongo… we have met before. She said after a moment. And my name isn't Lila, that's just the name my family decided to give me when they found me this way.

Oh, so what is your name? He asked as he looked up at the small puppy in his owner's arms. If you don't mind me asking of course. He added.

Well, my real name is Regina… Regina Mills. She informed him and suddenly regretted it a bit.

As in Mayor Mills? The Queen? Pongo asked and looked up at her questioningly.

Yes, that would be me. Regina confirmed and waited for the big bang of Pongo trying to rip her to shreds for years of being under the curse, or for taking Archie away (Even thought it was Cora and not me), or for something like that. She was surprised to say the least when she heard a loud and hardy laughter coming from the dog beside her. YOU'RE LAUGHING! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LAUGHING!? She demanded as she craned forward over Archie's arm to look at the Dalmatian that was cracking up as he padded along.

I'm sorry, but how could I not laugh? Pongo genuinely asked through his chuckles. It's just, I never would have ever thought that you would end up… well… as a ten pound pup that looks about as ferocious as a teddy bear. He admitted with a smile.

At that moment Archie spoke up, "Looks like we're here, now I want you two to behave, no running off." He said as he unhitched Pongo's leash. "Pongo, you look after Lila and play nice with her, she's just a little one." He informed the Dalmatian.

Yes, a cute little puppy. Pongo agreed with a playful smirk.

Watch it pooch, I'm in no way on this earth or any other a 'cute little puppy'! Regina warned him as Archie put her down onto the soft grass.

I'm sorry majesty, but your current state begs to differ. If I were to describe you in three words I'd say you were adorable, small, and harmless. Pongo replied as he stood looking at her, his tail wagging as he played around with the queen teasingly.

I AM NOT ADORABLE! I AM NOT SMALL! AND I SURE AS HELL AM NOT HARMLESS! Regina yelled and it came out as nothing more than a small yap. She then launched herself at the dog in front of her, determined to prove him wrong. She jumped as best she could as her paws stumbled across the bouncy grass and aimed to swipe the Dalmatian in the head with her tiny paw. Though due to her stumble she only ended up crashing into him.

Oh yes, I see now, you are so dangerous. Pongo teased her as he laughed and nosed her to her paws.

I don't need your help! I can get up on my own! Regina grumbled and leapt backwards a bit. Now prepare to meet your doom! She added and jumped again. This time she managed to land her paws against his side before he jumped back.

Oh no! Not my doom by puppy! Pongo pretended to scream.

Ahhhhh! Regina shouted and ran at him again. Pongo turned and raced away, Regina stumbling after him and eventually finding her footing. YOU HAD BETTER RUN! She yelled and smiled as she chased after the other dog. Suddenly she let out a bark of surprise and shot backwards when Pongo turned suddenly and faced her, his body positioned in a crouch. Oh no… She thought as she realized what was about to happen.

I'd start running if I were you. Pongo suggested as his tail wagged behind him. Regina didn't need to be told twice; she turned and ran as fast as she small legs would take her. She was surprised when she let out a bark as she heard Pongo racing after her.

Suddenly she attempted a sharp turn, her little paws sliding a bit on the grass but she quickly recovered. She bolted behind a treed and crouched down waiting for the right moment. When Pongo stuck his head around the tree she shot forward and put her whole 10 pound body into her attack, hitting Pongo in the shoulder and lower neck. No one makes the queen retreat! She announced as she scrambled around him and leapt up to swipe at his ear.

Pongo laughed and dropped to the ground rolling over, Ahhh! No! Please! Your majesty! No more! I beg you! He chuckled and barked as Regina scrambled onto him and continued to jab at him with her tiny soft paws.

I take no prisoners! She barked and only then realized that she too was laughing. (I'm actually enjoying myself… oh this can't be good.) She thought as she let go of Pongo's ear which she had somehow gripped between her small teeth and had been tugging on. GAH! DOG EAR IN MY MOUTH! She screamed and slid backwards off the Dalmatian.

Hey! I got a bath just last week! Pongo protested playfully as he leaned forward to nudge the fallen pup back to her feet.

Regina looked at him with her small puppy eyebrows raised and sank down into the grass, her paws covering her head. Last week! No! That doesn't work! I need to bathe daily! My hair does not stay that amazing without being washed! Not to mention I need to brush my teeth! AND MOISTURIZE! She cried out and rolled over onto her back as she came to the realization that she needed proper hygiene in order to function.

She felt Pongo nudge her with his nose again and opened an eye to look at him. Well, I'd say that you need to get back to your human form then. He said to her.

Rolling her eyes Regina groaned, Believe me! I've tried! No one knows I'm me and no one can understand me!

Pongo looked at her and for the first time realized what this meant, and he felt sorry for her and her predicament. He laid there and thought for a moment before he suddenly barked, I know what to do! I know who can help you and let the humans know what has happened to you and who you are!

Regina rolled over immediately onto her belly and looked at Pongo with wide hopeful eyes. Her tail wagged as she heard his words, Who Pongo? Please tell me! She begged with a small whine.

Ruby! Or Red, whatever you call her. She and I talk often! She would be able to understand you and she could help you let the others know what's happened and how to fix it. He informed as he looked down at her with a smile. He liked that he was finally getting to see a different side of this human that everyone once feared so much, he never feared her, he never really hated her, he was a dog and saw things differently. In a way he had come to think the Queen was very much like an alpha wolf, dangerous and protective, but loyal to her pack just like he was loyal to Archie.

That's great Pongo! Let's go get her now! Regina gasped and jumped to her paws, ready to race all the way to Granny's and hunt down the young waitress.

Wait! Regina, we can't. Pongo said and saw the puppy look a bit annoyed.

And why the hell not? She demanded.

Red is off on a camping trip with that guy from the hospital place, I think she called him Whale or something like that. Pongo said and his heart ached a bit when he saw Regina visibly deflate a bit.

After a moment Regina looked back up at Pongo, When does she get back? The former queen asked with a huff.

At the end of the week. He replied and then nosed the puppy in front of him. Hey pup, cheer up. That means you'll have more time to come to the park with me and hang out with your son and stuff. Things will get better and we will get you back to your normal form, but until we do, try and enjoy the dog life. It can be pretty fun. He said in an attempt to cheer up the small black lab in front of him.

Yeah, running around with a toy that squeaks. Sounds like a whole world of fun. Regina replied sarcastically as she looked at her paws.

Don't knock it till ya try it. Pongo said and got to his paws nudging her to stand up too. Believe me, when you're a dog you can have a whole world of fun and never really get in too much trouble.

Regina looked up at Pongo skeptically. Her chocolate brown eyes examined him as if she didn't believe a word he had just said. Oh really? She asked.

Yes really. Pongo replied and looked around then over at Archie. Care for an example? He asked with a smirk.

Really? You're going to cause Archie some trouble. That poor man. Regina said with a laugh.

I keep him young. Pongo laughed and then looked at Regina. Stay here and watch, I'll call you when I need help. The Dalmatian instructed and then got to his paws. He trotted over to Archie while the man smiled and reached down to pet his friend. Pongo wagged his tail and let himself be pet for a moment before suddenly he grabbed the leash that was hanging out of Archie's pocket. The dog turned and ran, the leash snaking out behind him as he took off across the grass.

"PONGO! NO! PONGO COME BACK HERE!" Archie yelled and ran after the Dalmatian.

RUN REGINA! RUN! Pongo barked through his teeth as he laughed and raced past her.

Regina was surprised and amused by the sight that was before her, a dog running away from his human with the leash being dragged around the park. She laughed and took off after Pongo, barking and zigzagging with him through the park. (Maybe at least for today I can have a little bit of fun.) She thought to herself as Pongo passed the leash off to her and she ran like crazy to escape the former cricket that was chasing her down.

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