Chapter 2

Classes were quick, just like yesterday. Mr. McMasent wasn't as dull as he was yesterday, and math, history, and zoology as still exciting. Lunch, I decided to go ahead and pick the same thing. When I went home, Rudolph was still in my room, still night hasn't quite came yet. "You have nice things." He complimented. "Thanks, my dad finds these things he thinks I'll like and gets them for me." I said. "Well, he knows you well, doesn't he?" He asked. I nodded, "We're pretty close, closer than I am with mom. It was like the instant I could walk and talk; I always went to my dad, we're best friends."

He nodded, "It's not quite the same with my parents. Though they love me, they do. We don't feel each other as friends, just more like family." He said. I nodded, "Yeah." I said and looked at the fake golden snitch that dad got me yesterday. "Have you heard of Harry Potter?" I asked. He shook his head, "Never heard of him, does he go to your school?" He asked. I laughed, "No, it's more like a book series and movies." I said. He nodded, "Are they good then?" He asked. I nodded, "I like them."

He nodded and looked outside, "Suns almost set, soon as that I should go." He said to himself. "Okay." I said. He looked at me, "I didn't say anything." He said. I looked at him confused, "But you just said that when the Suns almost set you should go." I said. It was his turn to look confused, "Did you just read my mind?" He asked. I shrugged, "I don't know. All I know is that I heard you say that." I said. He nodded, "You may be telepathic, meaning you're able to read minds. But I thought only vampires had that ability."

"Oh, well maybe it's just something else." I said. Rudolph shook his head, "No, that's not it. You're telepathic if you're able to read my mind. Can you read anyone else's?" He asked. I nodded, "Sometimes, but only if I want to. I didn't think much of it." I said. He nodded, "Yeah, but I should go." He said and headed for the balcony. "Will you come back?" I asked. He shrugged, "I don't know if I should." He said. "You should, you're my friend."

"Friend? I've had a friend before, he was a nice kid." He said. "Really? What happened?" I asked. "He died of old age." He said and flew off. 'Poor Rudolph, having to watch his friend die. Maybe he doesn't want to be my friend because of that.' I thought. "Gabrielle, time for dinner." Dad said, knocking at my door. "Okay, I'll be down." I said and took my shoes off. Mom made spaghetti for dinner. I ate it, thinking of Rudolph and what he said about me being telepathic. I remember my grandma told me once about it, or something about it. But my mom told me to shrug that off, that she was just going looney.

But was she? I mean, I just read a vampire's mind and I wasn't supposed to be able to. I can read other minds as well, if I chose. "Gabrielle? What's wrong?" Dad asked. "Do you remember what grandma told me about me being a telepath?" I asked. Dad nodded, "You're not going on about that now are you?" He asked. "Well, I've been reading other people's thoughts recently. But I can choose who I want to read and who I don't." I said. Mom shook her head, "Honey, you only think you can. Grandma was going a little senile in her old age."

I nodded, "I'm sorry, I'll forget about it." I said and finished eating. I went back to my room and changed into pajamas. I kept expecting Rudolph to come bursting in, but he never did. I sighed, tearing up. 'Get it together, Gabrielle.' I thought and crawled into my welcoming bed. "Gabrielle." Rudolph whispered. I turned to see him, smiling. "Rudolph." I whispered back. He climbed into my bed with me. "Your dreams, did you see a stone that one of the vampire was holding?" He asked. I nodded, "Yeah, it was a deep ruby red stone. But one of the vampire hunters knocked it out of his hand and it fell into the water." I said. He nodded, "I'd like you to come with me." He said and dragged me out of my bed. "What? Where to?" I asked. "My home, of course." He said and we flew from the balcony.

"This feels amazing Rudolph." I said, looking around. He nodded, "I can never get used to this. One of the privileges of being a vampire." He said. I nodded as he lowered me in a cemetery. "This is your home?" I asked. He nodded, "Typical, huh?" He laughed. I nodded, "It was one of my guesses." I said. He grabbed my wrist and led me to a rock to sit on. "When my family arrives, I want you to hide. They don't really trust humans' help anymore, not since my friend messed up."

I nodded as I heard flapping of wings. "Okay that's them, go hide." He said and I ran to the nearest large tombstone and hid behind it. "Mother, father, have you found it yet?" Rudolph asked. "No, not yet. I have no idea where that vampire hunter left it! That miserable little brat couldn't hold onto it tight." The grown man said. "That little brat was my friend, dad!" Rudolph said. "Well, some friend he turned out to be, huh?"

A girl landed next to Rudolph, "Tony wasn't a little brat, and he was heroic and nice. He never blew our secret, did he Rudolph?" She said. "Right, Anna. He never did." He said. 'So her name is Anna.' I thought. A hissing came behind me, I turned to see another one trying to come at me, but somehow couldn't. "Mother, father, there's a human spying on us." He yelled. Footsteps came near, "Ah, spying on vampires, a foolish mortal indeed." The male said and threw me. I landed next to another tombstone. "Father, she's my friend. She has information regarding the stone!" He said. Rudolph went to me and helped me up, "Thanks." I muttered. "Bringing yet another human to help us, did you not see what happened last time?" The father said. Rudolph sighed, "This time it'll be different, I know it." He said. The father shook his head, "No, it'll be the same. Just you watch Rudolph. We'll never be humans, this is our curse that can never be broken."

"You don't truly believe that, do you?" I asked. The father looked at me confused, "I wasn't speaking out loud." He said. "She's a telepath, dad." Rudolph said. "Frederick, you do know what this means." The mother said. Frederick shook his head, "No, Freda. It can't be." He said. Anna walked closer to me, "Uncle didn't say it had to be a vampire." She said, smiling at me. I forced a little smile, "I didn't mean to intrude your conversation with Rudolph." I apologized. Frederick shook his head, "No, it's not that. Last time we trusted a human with this sort of situation, he messed up."

I nodded, "Rudolph told me a little." I said. Freda looked at Rudolph, "Frederick, dear. Maybe we should give a human a second chance. After all, we have been given chances to become human. What do we have to lose?" Freda said. Frederick thought long and hard, "Fine. We'll give humans a second chance. But if she fails us, then that'll be the last time a human helps us."

The left Rudolph and I alone, "My father just needs to get used to you, he was really hoping that the last time would've worked." He said. "I'd be losing hope as well if I tried so many times." I said. "I don't blame him, or you for feeling sympathy for him. But, when he figured out you were human and a telepath, I think that gave him a small ounce of hope." He said. "I don't know, he didn't show it." I said. "My dad hides it, he's supposed to be the authoritarian, fearless man that his father taught him to be. But I truly think it gave him small hope." He said. "What am I supposed to do?" I asked. "My uncle told us that a telepath will help us in our goal that was it." He said. "Oh, he wasn't specific with which telepath was going to help?" I asked. He shook his head, "No. But I am certain that it's you, do you think that if I entered anyone else's home like I did yours that that person would be nice to me?"

I shook my head, "No, they'd call the Bobbies, or police." I said. He nodded, "But you, you didn't you were nice to me and welcomed me." He said. I laughed, "Yeah, I'm strange like that." I said. "I wouldn't call it strange, just welcoming and nice." He said. "Well, you're the first to say that." I said. "Why? Is everyone else telling you different?" He asked. "Something like that. The girls at my high school call me a freak and make fun of me." I said. "They dare make fun of my friend? Well, that can be rearranged."

"You don't have to do that, Rudolph. I solve it by ignoring them, if I can." I said. "You can't, can you? Today was your second day of school, right?" He asked. I nodded, "Same thing happened, even if I do ignore them. But I'm sure it'll work eventually." I said. Rudolph shook his head, "No, I'm going to end this for you. Come." He said and he flew me to their house. "How do you know where they live?" I asked. Thankfully everyone was in the same place, looks like they're having a slumber party.

"Just my thing that I can do." He said and made the room dark. "What happened to the lights?" Heather asked. Rudolph then entered, "Heather, Gerdeth, and Myrtle and anyone else who dares make fun my friend Gabrielle will see to it that they be punished greatly." He said, but was nowhere to be seen. "Who's that? Who are you?" Gerdeth asked. "My name is not important, what is; is that you leave my friend alone, or else."

"Alright, just turn the lights back on, I'm scared." Myrtle said. Rudolph made the lights shine dimly to reveal himself behind the girls. "Who are you?" Myrtle asked. "Your worst nightmare if you don't leave Gabrielle alone." He warned and by the blink of an eye, was gone. He grabbed me from behind and we flew back to my home. "Thank you, Rudolph." I thanked. "Don't mention it, anything for a friend." He said, and smiled at me. I smiled back, "Hopefully they'll stop."

"I'm sure they will. I did something like this with Tony, my friend." He said. I nodded, "Well, I need to go to bed. Tomorrow is Friday, and since that's the end of school for this week." I said. He nodded and hugged me, "I'll see you tomorrow night." He said and left. I smiled as I lay down and fell asleep. I had a dream that was being made fun of again, only Rudolph was there backing them away, hissing. "Rudolph, what are you doing? You'll blow your cover." I told him. "It doesn't matter, not when it's you."

I woke up, my alarm ringing. I looked at the clock, I still had time to get ready and be on time. I quickly dressed myself and ate breakfast and put on flip-flops. My mom quickly dropped me off. "Have a good Friday." She said and I left. Myrtle, Gerdeth, and even Heather didn't make fun of me, instead they followed me and started talking to me as if we were best friends. 'Rudolph was right.' I thought, and smiled. "Who was that boy? Was he your boyfriend?" Myrtle asked me. "No, he's just a friend." I said. And went to Astronomy class.

Mr. McMasent was talking about how in few more weeks, the comet will come close to our moon. 'That means Rudolph and his family don't have much time.' I thought. "Gabrielle, can you tell me if Pluto is a planet or not?" Mr. McMasent asked. "No, it's not. It is a dwarf planet, but isn't considered a real planet. Though, it does have moons, but still isn't a planet." I answered. "Very good, Gabrielle." He said and asked another student a question. Math was good, the teacher only assigned a page full of questions that needed to be solved. History was fun, learning about the Trojan War. Our homework in that class was to draw a picture of the Trojan horse. Zoology was actually surprising, we were taking a trip to the zoo. 'I haven't been to a zoo in a long while.' I thought, excited for this trip. The teacher handed out permission slips as we exited the classroom, heading for home.

"How was your day, Gabrielle?" Mom asked, putting her purse down. "Good, my zoology class is taking a field trip to the zoo, I need you to sign the permission slip." I said and handed her the paper. She nodded and got out a pen, "I heard the zoo here is pretty. I hope you have fun." She said and handed the paper back and I signed my name on it. I went up to my room and started on my homework. "Gabrielle, may I come in?" My mom knocked. "Yeah, come in." I said. "Gabrielle, how do you feel about having goulash for dinner?" She asked. "I don't mind, I'll eat it." I said. "Okay, I'll call you when dinner's ready." She said and went downstairs.

I decided to take a break from homework, "I'll get it done later." I told myself and went outside on the balcony. The sun was setting down, 'My dad should be home soon.' I thought. "Hello." Rudolph's voice came from behind me. "Hello." I greeted. He stood next to me, "You must really like this balcony, and you stand here almost every night." He said. I looked at him strangely, "Do you stalk me almost every night?" I asked. He shrugged, "I don't really have much to do every night." He justified. "You could've just walked in to say hi and talk to me, instead of just watching me."

Rudolph nodded, "Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry about stalking you, I meant no harm in it." He apologized. "It's okay." I said and looked up at the forming night sky. He looked up as well, "Would you like to go up higher to look at it?" He asked. I nodded, "Yeah." I said and he held out his hand. I took it and he flew me higher to get a closer look at the night sky. "It's beautiful." I said. He nodded, "It is, this never gets tiring." He said. "What all can you see, Rudolph?" I asked. "I can see galaxies, and new stars forming. Dimly, though." He said. I nodded, "That must be another privilege, to see better than a human." I said. He nodded, "Yeah."

He took my down to the balcony, "There you are Gabrielle! Your mom called you for dinner five times." Dad said, Rudolph quickly jumped on the wall and crawled out of sight. "Sorry, dad. I didn't hear her. I was out here." I said. He nodded, "Well, it's alright. Food's still warm, so you better come down and eat." He said and left. "I'll be right back, Rudolph." I said, he nodded and I went downstairs to eat. "Were you in deep thought again, Gabrielle?" Mom asked. I nodded, "Yeah. I was thinking about my recent homework assignment."

I hated lying to them, but I had to keep Rudolph a secret. "Who were you talking to on the balcony?" Dad asked. 'Dang, so much for that.' I thought. "My friend." I answered. Mom smiled, "You made a friend? How come we didn't see your friend enter the door when you came home?" She asked. "He likes to climb up my balcony." I said. Dad laughed, "So it's a he, what's his name?" He asked. "Rudolph."

He nodded, "Maybe we can meet him one of these days?" He asked. I nodded, "He's shy, though. Maybe I can talk him into it one of these days." I said. Mom nodded, "I'd like the meet him, as I'm sure your father wants to as well." She said. I nodded and finished up my food. "Don't forget, we're having family night tonight. So when we call you, you better come." Dad said. I nodded, "Okay dad."

I went to the balcony, "Rudolph?" I called out, silently. "I'm here." He said and climbed up, "Thank you for not blowing my cover with your parents." He thanked. 'Should've known he'd be listening.' I thought. "You're welcome. They do want to meet you though." I said. "Maybe someday, just not tonight." He said. "Yeah, we might want to get you some contacts with different eye color, they'll be wondering why your eyes are red." I said. He nodded, "Yeah, that'll help." He said and walked closer to me. "My sister Anna, she says that you and I are meant to be together."

I laughed a little, "What do you think?" I asked. He shrugged, "I don't know. My sister's a little fan of romance. She liked Tony, she made poems, still does, about him." He said. I nodded, "What was Tony like?" I asked. "He wore glasses, blond hair. As a kid I guess you could call him adorable and cute, but once he grew up, he was handsome, but still wore glasses. Anna fell for him even more deeply than she had when she first met him. Once he died of old age, it tore Anna. She's been so depressed." He said. "That's sad. Do you think that her creating a romance between us will make her feel better?"

Rudolph shrugged, "I have no idea. I don't know how I feel right now, I never experienced this in my life." He said. "I don't know either." I said. He sighed, "I have to go, and my parents are calling me." He said. I nodded, "Good-bye, Rudolph." I said. He nodded and flew away. "Gabriele, time for family night." Dad called out. I went inside and walked downstairs. My mom set up the game of Twister. "I suck at this game, though." I said. Dad laughed, "So do I, but I'm playing it anyway."

I nodded and mom told me I was to go first. I spun the wheel and it pointed to left foot on yellow. I put my foot on a yellow circle. "Okay, Rob, it's your turn." Mom said. Dad spun the wheel, right hand on blue. He leaned down and put his right hand on a blue circle. "Okay Sid, your turn." Dad said. She laughed and spun the wheel. Left foot on red. She walked next to me and put her left foot on the red circle. "How are we going to spin the wheel?" I asked. "Good point, I'll spin the wheel. You two play." Dad said and got up and spun the wheel for me. "Gabrielle, left hand on blue." He said. I sighed and leaned to the yellow. "Okay, Sid, its right foot on blue." He said. My mom struggled, but finally got her right foot on the blue circle. I silently laughed, knowing I was going to win.

In the end, I did win. "Obviously Gabrielle won, as always." Dad laughed. "I'll get her one of these days." Mom said, laughing. "Okay, I think that's enough Twister for one family night. What movie do we want to watch?" Mom said. "Gabrielle, we already know what you're going to suggest and we're not watching it. How about something different?" Dad asked. I laughed, "I haven't watched it since we moved." I said, "But, how about Lilo and Stitch?" I asked. Mom nodded, "I could use seeing a cute little alien like Stitch. Let's watch it."

Dad nodded and got the DVD out and turned the TV on. "No singing along, though." Dad said and put the DVD in the player. Dad pressed play on the title screen and the movie started. 'I wonder what Rudolph's family do for fun.' I thought and pictured Rudolph and his family. His father was handsome, his mother was beautiful. His older brother was a little strange, but handsome. Anna was beautiful, and Rudolph; he was beautiful and handsome as well. Someone too good for me.

'But he keeps stopping by, like a friend should. So, maybe that's all he wants, is being friends. I suppose he doesn't want to get too attached to me, so if I were to die, he wouldn't be so depressed.' I thought. Once the movie ended, my dad declared family night over and I went upstairs. I started back on homework. Math was done and over with, finally. I still had History, "Maybe I'll try drawing the horse tomorrow." I decided and put it aside. A knock came from the window, "Gabrielle, let us in." Anna said. I opened the window and Anna and Rudolph came in. "I wanted to talk to you, Gabrielle." Anna asked. "About what?" I asked. "About your dreams." She said. I nodded, "It's almost every night. It's usually about the last time you guys tried to become human. The stone was captured by Rookery." I said. Anna nodded, "Yeah, Tony couldn't do anything about it, Rookery had him at gunpoint and his parents tried to get him out of the way of their son."

"Did his parents get out alive?" I asked. Anna nodded, "Of course, my mom and dad saved them from the vampire hunter." She said. "So they turned them into vampires?" I asked. Rudolph and Anna laughed, "No, you misinterpreted what Anna said. No, our parents knocked them out of the way from Rookery's gun." Rudolph said. I nodded, "Oh, okay." I said. "Do you know what happened to Rookery?" Anna asked. "One of the girls in my class knows him, but she's shy." I said, remembering the girl I sit next to during lunch.

"Do you know where she lives?" Anna asked. I nodded, "She told me, she wants me to come over next weekend. So I'll ask her more by then." I said. Rudolph and Anna nodded, "Okay. We'll see you sometime later, Gabrielle." Anna said and started to leave. "Be careful, Gabrielle. If Rookery has any relatives, most likely they're a vampire hunter. Also, it means that they know what they're doing when it comes to killing us. Don't blow our cover." Rudolph said. "I haven't so far. Don't worry, I won't." I promised. He nodded and left.