Chapter 1: New cases

'Man, why are all my cases so weird?' Jaune wondered. Jaune had seen and done a lot in his relatively short life. Even so, the idea that he would one day have to sneak in into an academy for future slayers would have made him laugh a week ago. Still, here he was, in Beacon Academy, school for all kinds of messed up teens.

Not that he could say anything about how messed up it was. His upbringing and current job weren't exactly normal either.

His thoughts immediately strayed towards his last case.

'Now that one was real doozy' he thought to himself. 'Never expected to see a freaking Lamia all the way out here in Vytal…'

His stomach suddenly lurched.

"Guh!" he breathed out. 'Stupid, goddamned motion sickness!'

It was pathetic. He was a hunter, a man that had faced creatures that most people wouldn't even dream of and he was being brought down by motion sickness. He sighed.

'Concentrate on the matter at hand, Arc!' he mentally berated himself. He looked at the newspaper articles in his hand.

'2 more students in coma at Beacon Academy…Causes unknown…' That made a total of 4 students that had mysteriously fallen into a coma in this academy. If this wasn't a case he'd eat his boots.

'What the hell causes people to fall into comas anyways?' He really couldn't think of any creature that would do that. Most monsters wouldn't place their victims in a coma. No, those students had gotten lucky.

He began to think of all the creatures that he knew of when his stomach reminded him that he was still in a dust plane.

'Damn it all!' he thought as he ran to the nearest bathroom.

When he finally got off that damned flying coffin he had decided that whoever had designed this academy had to have been compensating for something.

He then face palmed when realization sank in.

'I'm exploring a freaking haunted castle!' he sighed. 'I have become the cliché that every hunter fears becoming...'

He was interrupted from his musing by an explosion. He immediately jumped away from where the sound had come from and crouched, ready to leap away should he need to.

'Damn it, pay attention, Arc! Just because this is an academy doesn't mean it's safe, even in broad daylight!' he berated himself.

He analyzed the scene before him and face palmed again. This was something straight out a cartoon.

"This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about!" a girl in white yelled at a girl in red.

"I'm really, really sorry!" Red replied while nervously fiddling with her fingers. Jaune was suddenly struck with the realization that Red looked like a puppy.

"Ugh, you complete idiot! What are you even doing here? Aren't you a little too young to be attending Beacon Academy?" White really didn't seem to want to let up on the puppy.

"Well…I…" Red stammered out.

"This isn't your ordinary combat school; it's not just sparring and practice you know. We're here to fight monsters!" White cut Red off.

'There are ordinary combat schools?' Jaune wondered.

"So watch where you're going!" White huffed.

"Hey, I said I was sorry, Princess!" The puppy exclaimed.

'Good to see the puppy has a spine after all.' Jaune decided to leave. There was nothing of interest here. Sure, the girls were cute, but he really had more important things to focus on.

"It's heiress, actually." A quite voice spoke from behind him. He turned around and saw a girl with black hair and a really big ribbon on her head.

'Is it just me or does everyone here have a color scheme?' Jaune wondered. Still, he couldn't deny that he was curious now. Ribbons had mentioned that White was an heiress. He supposed he could stay behind a little longer and listen to this debacle for a little longer.

"Weiss Schnee, heiress to the Schnee Dust Corporation." Ribbons explained softly.

'Holy balls, did she say Schnee?' Jaune had to admit he was definitely interested now. A lot of the dust bombs and tools he carried had been…appropriated had been made by said company after all.

"Finally, some recognition." Weiss Schnee said proudly.

"The same company infamous for its controversial labor force and questionable business partners." Ribbons went on.

'Ribbons sounds like a faunus sympathizer.' Not that he cared. In his humble opinion people sucked whether they had animal parts or not. Actually, now that he thought about it, some of the best hunters he'd worked with had been faunus. Their heightened sense of smell, hearing and night vision had saved his ass plenty of times. He had always made sure to repay the favor. They had been good people.

"How dare- The nerve of-!" Schnee sputtered.

Jaune gave her an incredulous look.

'Honey, no company ever gets that amount of power, money and influence by spreading love and peace around the world.'

Hell, even he had heard of their controversial labor force and questionable business partners and he rarely cared about such things.

"Ugh!" Schnee snorted in a manner most befitting of a heiress to an incredibly powerful corporation and snatched a bottle out of Ribbon's hands before marching away with what dignity she had left.

"I promise I'll make this up to you!" the puppy told the leaving heiress. Schnee just kept walking away.

Puppy sighed. "I guess I'm not the only one having a rough first day."

'Darling, Princess there has servants to clean up her mess and carry her crap. Rough, my perfectly shaped ass.' Jaune mentally snorted.

Puppy suddenly brightened.

"So, what's your-"she began to say before realizing that Ribbons was leaving.

Jaune observed the leaving figure. The way she walked reminded him too much of a predator. That girl was dangerous.

The puppy suddenly fell over, facing the despair that only the main character in high school dramas had faced.

"Welcome to Beacon…"she said dejectedly.

This caused Jaune to brighten up. This girl had the potential to become a smart ass, and that was worth its weight in gold. He decided to give her a hand.

He walked over towards the puppy and he offered her his hand.

"Looks like you could use a hand." He said, trying his hardest not to look like the kind of person that would approach others and offer them candy.

She nodded gratefully and took his hand.

"Thanks." She told him.

"Eh, don't sweat it, kiddo." Jaune replied easily.

"I am not a kid!" the kid protested.

Jaune smiled. 'Too easy.'

"Right, right, sorry about that." He replied placatingly.

The girl's glare dropped and she appeared mollified.

Then her eyes widened in recognition.

"Hey, aren't you Vomit Boy?" she asked.

Jaune sighed. 'I finally got into high school and this is my big debut?'

"I'm not going to live that down, am I?" he said out loud.

"I'm sorry, it's just that it's the first thing that came to mind!" the puppy tried to explain.

Jaune gave her a smile. "And I'm pretty sure that Crater face is the first thing that's come to mind when I look at you." He replied. He mentally winced.

'Crater face? Seriously? Damn it, brain, I did not go through 8 years of insult school for you let me down like this!'

Still, it seemed to have the intended effect.

"Hey, that explosion was an accident!" the puppy exclaimed indignantly.

"Well, whatever, the name's Jaune Arc." He told her.

"Short, sweet, rolls of the tongue. Ladies love it!" he added while wiggling his eyebrows.

The puppy giggled. "Do they now?"

"Well, that's what my mommy said…" Jaune replied with mock nervousness.

The puppy smiled. And then her eyes widened. "Oh, right, my name's Ruby. Ruby Rose."

Jaune smiled. "Nice to meet you."

"So, I got this thing." Ruby said.


And she pulled out a frigging scythe.

'Holy crap, definitely not Chlamydia.'

"Holy crap, that's one badass scythe!" he said out loud

"It's also a customizable, high impact velocity sniper rifle." Ruby said proudly.

'Okay, on one hand, whose brilliant idea was it to combine one the best long range weapons with one of the most impractical close range weapons? But on the other hand, holly hell, that is so freaking badass where can I buy 5 of those?'

"That is so freaking awesome."

Ruby smiled. It was obvious to him that Puppy here loved her weapon.

"So what have you got?" Ruby asked.

'Well, I have various safe houses full of all kinds of weapons but I only brought a couple of weapons here.'

"Nothing as impressive. Just a sawed off double barrel one pistol grip shotgun." He listed as he pulled out 'Ol Trusty.

Ruby examined it with interest. "So what does it do?"

"It shoots things." He replied dryly.

"That's it?" Ruby asked.

"Well, I got it because it's easy to carry around and I can modify the ammo."

He usually used salt rock but had experimented with dust.

"Really? What kind of ammo?" She questioned.

"Eh, just bullets with different assorted fun effects like explosions, freezing, and the like." He replied.

"That is so cool." She squealed.

Jaune gave her an odd look and for a moment, Ruby was afraid that she had scared off a potential friend.

"You mean to tell that despite using a badass customizable sniper you've never tried using different types of ammo?" he asked.

Ruby almost sighed in relief.

"Well, dust cartridges are kind of expensive and my previous academy only provided the standard kind of ammo…" she replied.

"Seriously?" Jaune asked. "No. I can't let this stand. You have a totally badass scythe/sniper and you have never even tried using an explosive bullet?"

Ruby shook her head. She had heard of explosive rounds but had never actually used one.

Jaune sighed. Then he nodded. "Okay, first chance we get, I'm taking you to my arms dealer. He's kind of an ass but he's fair and offers good prices."

Ruby's eyes widened in surprise.

"Really? You'd do that for me?"

"Sure, it's not as if he'd mind the additional business."


"Thank me once we get you some nice, explosive bullets." Jaune replied. "Anyways, I also have this Taurus PT92."

He handed Ruby the gun.

'I remember a time when giving little girls guns was considered suicidal.'

Ruby examined the gun with interest. "So what does this one do?"

"Again, it shoots things."

Ruby actually pouted at him.

'What is this? What is this?! What's this power that compels me to give this girl before me everything that she asks of me?'

"I uhh…It's not as special as my shotgun. But I can add attachments like a tactical light and other such tools." His mouth moved without his permission. At least he hadn't mentioned the silencer. That would get his a bunch of awkward questions that he wouldn't be able to answer.

Ruby gave the gun an interested look.

Jaune suddenly didn't feel the compulsion to swear eternal fealty to the girl before him.

'Either she has the most powerful puppy dog eyes I have ever encountered or she's a supernatural monster in the guise of an adorable girl with a weapons fetish. Huh. I never thought I'd use the words "adorable girl" and "weapon fetish" in the same sentence.'

Ruby handed him his gun back.

"I also have a bowie knife. Nothing special, just a knife I use in a pinch." And he showed her his knife. He was rather fond of this one.

Ruby examine the knife. "It's cool." She told him before giving it back.

"And that's pretty much everything I have!"

'At the moment…'

"Nothing as cool as yours."

"Well, I guess I did go a bit overboard while designing my Crescent Rose…" Ruby replied.

"Wait you designed that?!" Jaune asked, shocked.

'Wonder if she does requests…'

"Well, yeah, all students at Signal forge their own weapons. Didn't you make yours?" she asked.

"Nah, I got them through various back door dealings that were probably illegal and incredibly dangerous!" he replied cheerfully.

"Wait what?" Ruby suddenly seemed very confused.

"What?" he asked obliviously.

"You just said that-" Ruby tried to explain.

"Wait." Jaune interrupted.

"What?" asked Ruby.

"Where are we going?" Jaune asked her.

"I don't know. I was following you!" Ruby told him.

"But I was following you!" Jaune replied.

"Crap, we're late!" they both yelled at the same time and ran off hoping to find something or someone to tell them where to go.

AN: Wouldn't be a fan fic without one of these, amirite? Kind of a pseudo crossover between Supernatural, RWBY, and various other shows and books that I've seen and read. That aside, English is not my first language so I'd like to apologize in advance for any mistakes I might have made.

Crocea Mors will be making an appearance later and Jaune will definitely be its user.

Oh, and in case it wasn't obvious, I do not own RWBY or any other series I'm drawing ideas from.