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Chapter 1 – Too Obvious

Who wouldn't notice it? I mean, do you get the feeling when you look at two people together, and you just kind of saying inside your head "That's love, bitch."? Like what Lily quoted in "How I Met Your Mother". That's exactly the feeling other people feel when they see a certain redhead and brunette, walking across the campus with arms linked with each other. No one's too blind to notice, but those two are pretty oblivious of what they have.

"Becs, you free this afternoon?" Chloe asks as she took her daily salad from the lunch lady in the cafeteria. Beca carried her tray and waited for Chloe outside the line to go to their usual table with Aubrey, Jesse and Stacie.

"Yeah. Why? What do you have in mind?" Beca said with a knowing smirk, because she already knows what the redhead have in her mind.

"Well…I was thinking we head out to our favorite coffee shop then go to my place to watch some movies, and have a sleep over." Chloe explained as she got out of the line and walked with Beca towards their table. Beca just smiled and shook her head. Chloe looked at Beca and gave her an insulted look, "What are you smiling about? And what's with the head-shook? " she demanded.

" Head-shook? Really, Beale? That's not even a word." Beca laughed with a quirked eyebrow.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't find the right terms you smartass. But what are you shaking your head for? Are you rejecting me?" Chloe dramatically puts a hand over her chest to feign an insulted expression.

"You do realize it's a school night, right? And also, I have to finish a stupid homework in Chemistry." Beca said. Now it was Chloe's turn to quirk up an eyebrow. By this time, they already reached their table.

"Wow, that's a first. Beca Mitchell does worry about her studies." Chloe teased as she took her chair and sits down.

"Hmm? What's up with Beca's studies?" asked Stacie as she took a bite of her club sandwich, then Beca took the seat between Stacie and Chloe.

"Hear this, I offered Beca to hang out with me this afternoon and have a sleep over at my house…and she rejected me!" by this statement, Jesse and Stacie made a dramatic gasping that made Beca rolled her eyes and Aubrey laughed. "She also said that it's a school night and she have to finish a Chemistry homework." That's when Aubrey gasped in utter shock.

Jesse and Aubrey laughed aloud that caused a few other students to look at them, but the cafeteria during lunch breaks is always noisy and full of students so it's not really much of a big deal. All of them are too aware that Beca cares less about her home works and cares more about spending time with Chloe. Beca just glared at them and then looked directly at a smirking redhead beside her.

"Oooh…it looks like Chloe's magic doesn't work anymore on little Beca here." Jesse teased and smirked goofily at Beca. She just rolled her eyes again and threw a few napkins o Jesse's face and muttered a "Shut up, Swanson."

"Oh come on little Becky, we all know you couldn't resist hot redhead over there." Stacie purred which Beca returned with daggers that made the leggy brunette a laugh. They were all now looking at Beca, all of them trying to mimic Chloe's puppy dog eyes pout, except for Aubrey though because she was engrossed with her History book. And we all know Aubrey Posen, she's the blonde who treats studying as breathing.

Beca just laughed at them and took a sip in her juice, "Hardy har guys. Those eyes, expressions won't work with me. No matter what, I'll be staying in my house tonight and that's final." Yeah, she was making a stand, and she's doing good but not until she felt a tap on her shoulder and turned her head to see a puppy dog eyes-making, pouty face Chloe. "Please Becs? For me?" whispered Chloe, and that's when she crumbles down, mentally sighing because she knows herself too well that she couldn't and wouldn't be able to resist that face. Chloe smirked because she knew that she already won.

"Fine. But to tell you the truth, I hate you so much right now." Beca groaned, while blushing.

Jesse high-fived Stacie, Aubrey smiled in amusement of her friends, and Chloe kissed Beca on the cheek which is not that surprising for the group.

"Thanks Becs." Chloe says and Beca begins to eat her food.

Stacie and Beca walks together to their last class which is French, while Aubrey's with Chloe on their way to History and…well, Jesse's alone.

"You really couldn't resist her, could you?" Stacie laughs. Beca turns to look at her and just smiles.

"Yeah…that girl's pretty manipulative at times." She answered as she return her gaze forward so she wouldn't trip. Beca's a bit clumsy especially when she's not looking where she's walking. Stacie nodded and then smirked. Then she chuckled about a thought. Beca looked at her again and smiled, "What?"

Stacie just shook her head and answered, "I wouldn't be too surprised either, if you were...y'know, secretly in love with her." That statement made Beca tripped a little bit(see what I mean about her clumsiness?), and stopped in her tracks. Her jaw dropped open and she looked at Stacie in disbelief. Her eyes wide, her breath caught up in her throat that made her cough a few times.

"Wha-what the hell?!" Beca exclaimed. "What's that supposed to mean?!" Stacie raises both of her hands in surrender pose. "Chill Becs. I'm just stating the obvious."

"Obvious? What's so obvious?"

"Beca, don't you notice it? You two do stuffs that not normal friends do. Okay, some friends do…but not as often as you and Chloe do." Stacie says.

"Like what?" Beca demanded and started walking again.

"Like, y'know…hand-holding, hugging like you haven't seen each other for a long time even though you were only separated for like 30 minutes, kiss on the cheek like what happened during lunch break." Stacie explained.

"But you guys don't mind it?" Beca defended.

Stacie shrugged, "Yeah…because we are sort of used to it, okay?"

"No. Chloe's just being affectionate. She literally hugs everybody, kisses everyone on the cheek." Beca stated.

"Yeah, I know…but like I said, she does that to you more often or you guys do that more often." Stacie replied. Beca sighed and shook her head and just mumbled "We're just close friends…nothing else."

"Whatever you say, Becs. But like I said, I'm just stating what's obvious." Stacie said.

Meanwhile, Aubrey and Chloe were also having the same discussion.

"I mean, you tease her like what couples do with each other. And what's with the whisper-in-her-ear act? I mean, you look like you whisper dirty bits to her you know? And she gives up almost everything for you. She couldn't resist every bit of you, Chlo. Don't you think there's something going on with you two? Oh, also about the hand-holding, the hugging that looks like you two linger on each other's arms, and kiss on the cheek. Back at lunch break, she looked like she was going to melt by your little action." Aubrey ranted.

Chloe remained silent for a few moments and just stared on the floor. "Chloe, for serious…is there something going on between you and Beca?"

"No, Bree. Beca and I are just friends. And let me tell you, friends kiss all the time." Chloe defended.

Aubrey just let out a breath of mock and said, "We don't kiss. Stacie doesn't kiss Beca. Stacie doesn't kiss Jesse because I'm going to kill her if she did. Jesse doesn't kiss his friends." Aubrey replied. Chloe sighed, knowing her best friend too well, she wouldn't back down without a fight. Aubrey really is born a lawyer after all.

"Bree, it's different with her okay? Beca's just too sweet that's why she acts like that towards me." Chloe stated.

"Chlo, Beca's not sweet. Maybe to you, yeah…but in general, she's not. She's not like that to Stacie, or Jesse or me, matter of fact. What makes her different anyways? Do you have like a secret crush towards her?" Aubrey pushed.

"No, I don't have a crush on her. That's just silly. But…I, I don't know. We just have this special bond, but we're just friends. Nothing more. And even if there IS something more, I'm pretty sure Beca doesn't feel that way towards me." Chloe said, bowing her head and slumping her shoulders.

Aubrey decided not to push the topic further as she knows that she wouldn't get anything out of the redhead. But she still has this strong feeling that what Chloe and Beca have is something more than just a friendly relationship. She senses it inside and out.

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