And so a lot has happened since then.

From what we last heard about Beca and Chloe, they have confessed their feelings to each other. Before that amazing thing happened, we have seen them go through a lot of pain. All those dramas of tears, and sad songs, and universal tricks and most especially, the clichés that happened that night as it ended up on a passionate kiss under the rain. To wrap it all up, all things became a happy ending.

But like what other people say, "Endings are also Beginnings". It's not just "Endings are the BEST part"…because, hey it doesn't end there.

Next day came, and Beca eventually came home with Chloe by her side, holding each other's hand as Beca broke the news to her mother. Her mother, Grace, gave an unexpected reaction of squealing and jumping and squeezing the two in her embrace. Although Beca had to endure a one hour lecture in skype with her dad. He babbled and ranted about 'never ditch a flight because it costs money' which Beca rolled her eyes to (of course). But the odds seemed to be in her favor, because when she told her dad about her relationship with Chloe, and when she requested that she'll stay in town until she graduates…her dad just smile and nodded. He did seemed happy about her, and that's a good thing right?

"I-I don't know what got into him…BUT HE FREAKING SAID YES!" cries out Beca with her shock and happy face when she told Grace and Chloe the news. They all just hugged and laughed and bonded until the end of the day. Chloe stayed over that night.

Next week was a bit hassle, but fun too. Chloe and Beca both got a cold, probably from the rain…but they didn't really mind. After all, they got together, right? And that's what matters. Beca came back to school, and made it clear that she'll be staying until the end of the year. Stacie, Aubrey and Jesse were ecstatic, but when they learned that Chloe and Beca are already together…they acted like wild party animals. Tom soon heard the news and he was happy for the two. But Beca never let an opportunity slide so she did one last unfinished business with Tom.

It was lunch time, and the school cafeteria is on full swing with students goofing around, catching up with their friends, talking and eating. Beca took all of her courage and walked to Tom and his friends' table. She tapped him on the shoulder and he turned.

"B-beca." He said, as he stood up.

"Hey, uhm…can I talk to you for a sec?" Beca asked.

"Uh, sure. Yeah." He answered with a nod.

They walked out of the cafeteria and headed out to the bleachers at the soccer field. Tom cleared his throat as he nervously folded his arms on his chest.

"So uhm, what's up?" he asked.

"Tom, I know you're a great guy. Chloe told me herself…and I believe her, ok?" Beca said calmly. "But, as her friend AND her girlfriend, though I'm not here to brag…no offence." She added.

"None taken." Tom smiled.

"I just need to do something…I hope it's alright with you." Beca said with raised eyebrows, looking at Tom sympathetically.

"Wait." Tom said as he raised his hand to stop Beca. "Before you do anything…I just want to let you know that I'm happy for the both of you. You deserve each other…and well, Chloe really loves you." Tom said with a gentle smile.

"I know." Beca chuckled. "Thanks." She mumbled with a shy smile. Seconds later, her demeanor changed into serious mode that made Tom a bit nervous. "Now, you ready?"

"Uhh…Think so, yeah." He said. "uhm what exa-"


Tom has his head facing his left side with wide eyes, and a burning sting on his right cheek. A light red mark has appeared on his cheek, and he slowly raised his hand to rub it.

"Uhm…so yeah, that's for making Chloe your girlfriend inside a bet. Although I know the real reason why you did it, but still…that's really uncool. Especially for a dude like you. You're a popular guy, Tom. As a guy, you need to be a man for you to get the girl you want…you need to get your shit together. I've been there, and trust me…it'll only bring you down. For you to get the girl of your dreams you need to suck it all up and tell her…or else, she'll end up in another guy's arms. You're a good guy, Tom. I'm sorry I slapped you…I just thought that I need to slap some sense to you." Beca said with a little smile. She patted Tom's shoulder, although it's a little bit too high for her to reach because Tom was such a tower figure. "I'll see you around." She said finally as she walked past beyond a still speechless Tom Daniels. But then she stopped in her tracks and looked at Tom over her shoulder. "I'm glad we had this talk."

Mission Accomplished, Beca thought. She mentally throws her fist in the air.

Days passed by and the feeling of graduation can be smelled in the air. Seniors are so thrilled that in only a few more weeks, they'll be out of here. So of course, they won't be ending the year without the Grad Ball. It was one hell of a ball. Seniors going wild and crazy on the dance floor, having their good times as high schoolers, and the best part was that Beca's the DJ. Her mixes got really popular in the student body, and she was appointed by the school council and faculty to be the DJ at the grad ball. She gladly took it.

She was up in her DJ booth wearing a hot sleeveless cocktail dress and with her matching shoes of black converse. She was spinning and tweaking and pressing buttons here and there. It's all so complicated but the only thing we know is that the music that's beating and playing in the speakers around the gymnasium is FUCKING AWESOME. Soon, the party wild side came to a slow and relaxed song, and every couple was on the dance floor doing their slow dance. Beca looked around her and smiled; she's glad that she can make these people go crazy and wild with her mixes, but also can also make them relaxed with her soft and sweet ballad songs in her playlist. She got lost in her thoughts when suddenly, she felt arms snaking around her waist, and the smell of fresh vanilla lavender was welcomed by her nose.

"I missed you."

Beca smirked and took off the headphones that is on her head. She turns around so she was now facing a slightly flustered Chloe, wearing her navy blue dress that hugs her body perfectly, showing her perfectly shaped body.

"Hey you." Beca said gently as she puts her arms around Chloe's shoulders.

"You're so amazing…everybody really had a good time with all of your mixes." Chloe complimented.

"Nahh." Beca said with embarrassment as her cheeks flushed.

"And I look at you from the dance floor, and can't help but notice on how hot you are in that dress all the while you play those amazing songs." Chloe flirted that made butterflies erupt like a volcano in Beca's stomach. Chloe leans in closer to Beca's ear. "It's such a huge turn on." She whispered huskily.

Beca was like a tomato that is about to explode as her face got even redder and her breath caught up in her throat. She gulped audibly. Damn this woman.

"Stop it Chloe, or you're going to murder me here and now." Beca joked as Chloe pulled back and stared in her eyes.

"I just missed my baby so bad…can't you take a break? I mean…you've been here since we arrived." Chloe pouted. "Can't I have you alone for like…an hour?"

Beca rolled her eyes playfully at Chloe. It was obvious that the red head won't take no for an answer, since she took out the big guns: The Chloe Pout.

"Yeah, yeah. I can queue songs up to 30…so there'll be no dead air even when I'm gone." Beca said gently with a smile.

Of course, Chloe beamed brightly at her girlfriend. She immediately grabbed Beca's face and gave her a swift kiss on the lips. When she pulled away, Beca still has her eyes closed. "I'll meet you at the buffet table." Chloe whispered in a husky tone then off she went, leaving Beca speechless and her mind being short-circuited.

Beca snapped out of her trance as she noticed that the song that was currently playing was almost done, so she made a queued list of songs immediately and then head down for the buffet table to meet her girlfriend.

When they met, Chloe just gave Beca a devilish grin as she took the brunette's hand and pulled her out of the school gym where the ball is being held. Chloe led them in one of the empty classroom and as soon as the door was closed Chloe pushed Beca up against the wall, and started kissing her. Beca returned the kiss with much intensity as she puts her one hand on the back of Chloe's neck to pull her closer while the other hand slide down on the redhead's back.

Chloe started to give pepper kisses on Beca's jaw line, then down to her neck…biting and sucking a bit on her pulse point. Beca's legs became jelly at the feeling and she whimpered. "B-baby, make s-sure you don't leave a mark." Beca reminded Chloe, because she was wearing a sleeveless dress making her neck and shoulders completely exposed. Chloe just hummed and smirked as she continued her oral attack.

After 10 minutes of just making out, they went back in the party. They head over their table where Jesse, Aubrey and Stacie were sitting. They walked over there with their hands together. Jesse took notice of them and gave them a wave.

"Hey guys! Beca, you were so awesome up there! Great job!" Jesse said enthusiastically with the biggest smile plastered on his face.

"Thanks Jess." Beca smiled shyly as she slightly rubs the back of her neck. Stacie looked at Beca closely and narrowed her eyes. She took noticed of Beca's flustered cheeks, the lips that were full red was now on a lighter shade, her hair just got a bit messier, and a slight of guiltiness in her eyes. Stacie raised an eyebrow and smirked.

"You two just made out, didn't you?"

Chloe and Beca's eyes widen. They looked at each other nervously and guiltily, and then looked at Stacie who was smirking at the both of them.

Uh-oh, busted. How the hell Stacie guessed immediately?!

To conclude this, the night ended perfectly with of course a disciplinarian Aubrey giving them a lecture about making out in one of the class rooms. Typical Aubrey Posen.

Chloe broke the news about her relationship with Beca to her parents the day before graduation…and luckily, they just gave her a smile. Mr. and Mrs. Beale were probably the most understanding parents in the whole wide world, since they didn't really mind if Chloe was gay or not, as long as she's happy.

And so today is graduation day.

Their batch of graduates, sitting there with their heads held up high as they listen to the valedictorian's speech of none other than Ms. Aubrey Posen. Of course Chloe, Beca and Stacie were proud of their friend…but Jesse was on another level. He was more than proud of his girlfriend as he made a banner saying 'I love you Ms. Valedictorian' and raised it above his head while Aubrey was doing her speech. He gained a lot of weirded out looks, but he couldn't care less. Aubrey laughed at his dorkiness with her cheeks flushed but was able to keep a professional expression on her face, as she continues her speech. Although deep inside, she's swooning and her eyes are twinkling in the dreamiest way.

The moment they got their diploma was the moment of success from the hardships and pain and sleepless nights from the load of home work to the load of things to review in a pop quiz or final exams.

The moment they threw their caps in the air…that's it, high school's over. Soon they'll be facing a much bigger world out there, and soon they'll be making their dreams come true.

As for Jesse, Stacie, Aubrey, Chloe and Beca…they'll be keeping in touch even if they'll be in different places. Jesse got in LSU, Stacie got in Stanford, Aubrey got in Harvard, Chloe got in UCLA while Beca is going to Columbia. They all agreed that they'll be seeing each other for at least twice a month, and on every occasion.

Things are going to be hard, no doubt. It's never been easy…and that's life on how we know it. Things maybe hard, but there's always a way. There's always a solution. So for Beca and Chloe, or Aubrey and Jesse...having long distance relationship will be hard, but they're ready for it.

No matter what happens, they'll always be there for each other.

So Beca went to New York to stay with her dad. Her mother, Chloe, Stacie, Aubrey and Jesse took her to the airport and so it was an emotional day for everyone. Especially for Chloe and Beca. They promised each other that they will keep in touch; they will be skyping and NO other relationships. Yes it will be hard, but the can go through it, right? After everything they had gone through, long distance relationship is just another challenge for them to be stronger.

So it's been two months now, and college is gonna start in a week. Beca was looking out on a window one rainy morning when her dad arrived from the grocery store. She has her arms crossed over chest, and was thinking hard about something.

"Bec, what's wrong?" her father asked in a worried tone as he puts the grocery bags on the kitchen counter and made his way to Beca.

"I wanna move to LA." Beca muttered.


Beca turned around and looked at his father with the most determined look on her face. "I want to move to LA."

"But, Beca…you already got in Columbia. You-you're not thinking of just throwing it away, right?" her dad said nervously.

"I'm throwing it away Dad." Beca said, a bit on edge. "The thing is I want to be a DJ in LA."

"NO." was all that came out from Beca's father. "You are going to Columbia in a week, and that's final."

"No dad." She answered back. "I'm going to LA to pursue my dream."

"When has being a DJ become your dream?"

"You don't get it!" Beca said exasperatingly. "When you and mom got divorced, mixing songs was the only way I can make myself better again. It was the reason why I am alive and not a wreck right now. Luke gave me another perspective on how to handle problems…and now, I just don't want it as a way of expressing myself. I want to be able to let the world hear me out, through music. That's why I am going to LA." She explained and then she walked passed her father when he grabbed her by the elbow.

"Don't walk out on me, young lady! I am still your father, and I have full responsibility on you. No matter what your choices are, the decisions are on me." He said in an angry voice. Beca took herself away from her father's grip on her elbow.

"I'm turning 18 in two days dad." She said, and his eyes went wide. She chuckled at the sight. "I'm pretty sure you forgot my birthday, and what my age was. Dad, I'm not a little kid anymore. I'm leaving, and there's nothing you can do about it." She walked off to her bedroom.

Chloe already got in her dorm at UCLA three days ago. Today was Monday, and she looked at her phone. Today is Beca's birthday. She doesn't know why she's not doing anything. Why she's not typing Beca's number right now and calling her.

It hurts.

Oh yeah, that's right. It hurts, because she's here in LA while Beca's in New York. She can't be with her girlfriend even if she wants to, but because her classes started today, she can't. She sighed. She can't call Beca because hearing her voice would only cause too much pain. Even if there's skype, it's not the same with being together physically.

And then she hears a familiar tone.

She looked at her phone and her eyes went big.

Beca Mitchell calling…

She swiped her thumb over the screen to answer and puts her phone over her ear.

"B-Becs?" she said quietly.

"Hey Baby!" Beca said cheerily. Chloe closed her eyes as a stray tear came out of her eye. God I missed her voice.

"Happy birthday baby!" Chloe said, a bit hesitating. "I'm sorry, I wasn't able to call you immediately…"

"Yeah…about that." Beca said.

"I'm really sorry Becs! I just missed you really bad, and it hurts to accept the fact that we're far away from each other! I'm so sorry." Chloe ranted through the phone, her light sobs being heard by the brunette on the other line.

"Aw…baby, don't cry." Cooed Beca. "Where are you right now?" she asked.

"I'm in my dorm room."

"Why don't you go out and have some fresh air?"

"I…I'm not really in the mood to take a walk, Becs."

"Okay…care to open the door for me then?"

Chloe tilted her head in confusion. "Huh?"

A knock on her door was heard, and she stood up.

"Hang on, Becs. Someone's at the door." Chloe said as she approached the door. She turned the door knob and pulled the door open. At that moment, her breath got caught up in her throat. She saw Beca standing there with a grin on her face while holding her phone on her ear. Chloe's jaw dropped on the sight, and was speechless.

"Hey Red."


"I've got great news, baby."

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