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If only Stark could see him now.

'Am I a pervert?' Steve thought with mortification and immediately dropped his pencil on the table, 'A voyeur?'

After all, she was the only reason he came to this café in the first place and yet, she hadn't noticed him at all.

He liked it but disliked it at the same time.

It was clear she wasn't a fan of his (or she didn't even know him at all), but he just found her beautiful in every way.

Especially that sunny disposition of hers.

'Stark will never find out,' Steve convinced himself and picked up his pencil once again, going back to his rough sketch of the girl that had unknowingly caught his interest, 'I won't let him.'

He just wished he had the confidence to approach her, but always seemed to find himself hesitating for some reason.

And her friend left after a half-hour of chatting, "See you later, Kagome." She waved and Steve just felt warm inside after finally finding out that important information.


What a beautiful name.