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Authors note: This is my first Fanfic, and I hope you like it. The language is not very good, because english is not my language. This story, as you can see, is a bit of a cross over, and you should have read Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire and Lord of the Rings. You should also have seen Star Wars episode VI, Return of the Jedi, because the plot is from these books and movie. If anyone things it's a terrible sin to mix these, I hope you will forgive me.

"Come on Harry, you got to learn this till tomorrow." Harry looked at Hermione. He knew he had to learn this spell, or else, he would probably get the chance to study a dragon from inside. Ron was already sleeping, and Harry felt envious. He pushed the thought away. He had decided not to think about Ron. Not when he was acting like such a jerk.

"Accivo book" Harry yelled and pointed his wand at the two books on a drawer. A green beam flew out of the wand. It hit the books and disappeared. Harry ran over and checked the books. There was no damage.

"Harry, the spell is Accio, not Accivo." Hermione was already correcting his mistakes.

"Maybe an inside study of a dragon isn't such a bad idea after all?" he thought and got ready to try again.


Han mumbled curses by himself.

"It doesn't look like Han likes this place." Luke thought. Endor was full of bushes and threes, and was not the place for a pilot. The environment was strange to Luke too. He had lived all of his life on a desert planet where nothing grew. Leia and Chewbacca got along all right, but 3PO was wailing by himself, cause no one bothered to listen.

Suddenly, Luke felt a disturbance in the Force. Leia must have felt something like it, cause both of them laid their heads back and looked at the sky. There they saw a shining green beam heading right towards them in an enormous speed. Nothing could be done. The beam struck them a second later.

Luke noticed a horrible headache coming up. Everything was a big blur, and he couldn't hear anyone. He blinked a couple of times, and his eyes confirmed what his ears had told him. There where no one around. I took him another couple of seconds to discover that this was not the same place he'd just been at. He looked around.

It was still bushes and trees around, but where he had been, it had been more space between the trees, and the ground had been full off ferns. Now he was standing on a path which wasn't there earlier. The trees was so cramped that only a few sunrays found the way through all the leaf and the twigs. There were little, black furry animals with a long, bushy tail running around in the trees. The path was about 2 foot wide, and it looked like a long corridor, because of all the trees. After a little wile the path turned, and the rest of the road was hidden by the woods.

Luke got up.

"Han, Leia! Your here? Chewy, R2, 3PO?" No answer. "Where is everybody?" He started following the road. "Leia?" he said carefully. He turned the corner.

Suddenly he was standing face to face with at least ten disgusting, slimy, creatures. The creatures somehow reminded him of sandpeople, but they didn't look like them. Their skin had a sick gray color. Their noses were flat, and some had chains hanging from their pointy ears (which seemed to miss chunks of flesh) and noses. Their hair was black and greasy.

Luke backed and reached for his lightsaber. If the monsters had known what was best for them, they would have fled in the opposite direction, but instead, they pulled out some primitive weapons made of metal, and moved against Luke.The lightsaber made a low buzzing sound before Luke stroked down at the beasts. They didn't have a chance against Luke and his jedi skills. He took a backflipp over the nearest, then penetrated him in the back with his saber. At the same time there were coming two other right att him, but Luke put the palm of his hand in their direction, and they bout flew backwards.* He stroked down the beasts, and soon, they were all laying dead in front off him. He switched off the lightsaber and hung it back on his belt.


Luke turned. The biggest of these monsters must have managed to get behind him, and were now standing with his weapon raised over his head, ready to strike Luke. The beasts mouth exposed it's teeth in a horrible smile, and it's face was wrenched in terrifying look. Luke stood stunned. Suddenly the monster backed over and was about to hit him, but Luke made a quick leap to the left, and watched the brute hit the ground. A long stick was standing out of the back of it's head. Luke looked the way that the stick must have come from. There there was a shape folded in a green cloak and hood. The hood covered the shapes face, and Luke couldn't see what had saved him. The shape went over to the beast with long, graceful steps, and pulled the stick, which ended in a sharp piece off metal, out of the monsters scull. It used the creatures clothes to wipe the stick clean. Luke watched, his mouth open. The cloacfolded creature turned against him.

"Even though the war of the Ring is over, there still is evil resting in Middle-Earth. You better be careful." Luke had never before heard such a beautiful voice. It was soft, and it obviously belonged to a woman. He just stood there, silent of wondering. She turned, but kept her hood down to cover her face.

"Who are you, and why are you here?". Luke felt like waking from a dream.

"I'm Luke Skywalker, jedi-knight Where I am, and how I got here, I don't know.". She watched him, then said

"You are in Mirkwood, the land of Thranduil. Where did you come from?"

"I came from the moon of Endore," he answered "Is Mirkwood a part of it?" Maybe there had been an explosion that had blown him to another place on Endor? Judging by how few wounds he had, and that the only harm done to the nature around him, was the ones he'd made himself in the middle of the fight, it wasn't very likely."Mirkwood is a part off Middle-earth. I have never heard off Endor."

Luke got more and more confused. Middle-earth? Mirkwood? Was Middle-earth a planet? He had never heard of it before, but there were to many planets to know them all.


"What?" Luke turned. "I have seen many wounds before, even on orcs, but never anything like this." She pointed on the wounds made by Lukes lightsaber.

"How did you do that?" Luke felt her eyes penetrate him from underneath her hood.

"How I did it is my business ." He didn't feel like shearing all his secrets with someone he didn't even know the name off. "Who and what are you?" he said. "Are you a human?"

The creature removed her hood. Underneath was the most beautiful face he had ever seen. She had a smooth, brown hair, hanging lose, except for two little braids, which connected in the back of her head. She had pointy ears, red cheeks and bright green eyes. It seemed as if her entire being beamed, and for a second, Luke was lost in her beauty.

"My name is Linelien." She started. "I am an elf of Thranduils people."

"An elf? What's that?" Luke hadn't heard of those aliens, but they were beautiful. They must be more beautiful than angles, and they were supposed to be the most beautiful creatures in the universe.

"You do not know what an elf is?" Linelien looked strangely on Luke. "I thought all creatures in Middle-earth knew that."

"I'm not from Middle-earth." Luke said. "I come from a planet called Tatooine."

"Tatooine?" Linelien said confused. "I have never heard of that land.

"Tatooine is not a country." Luke hurried to say. "It's a planet." Linelien got more confused by every second.

"You impress me, human. I am 547 years, and still you know so much I know nothing about. Tell me, what is a planet?"

"Well..." Luke said, and started explaining about solar systems, stars and planets. Linelien stood completely silent, listening carefully to everything he said. She did not, of course, believe everything, but she found it amusing to listen to. When Lukes stories came to an end, he said.

"You still haven't told me what an elf is." Linelien looked at him, then said

"I will tell you on the way to the house of Thranduil, jedi-knight." He smiled.

"Call me Luke." She returned his smile and pulled her hood over her head again. They started walking, and Linelien told Luke all about the creation of elves, and their story.

To be continued.

Authors second note: For those who didn't see it, the reason for the orcs flying backwards was that Luke used the Force.

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