"Erza is like a canvas; pure, clean, innocent.

If someone were to spill even a drop of ink on the canvas, it spreads and ruins the clarity and the pureness of it.

The stain stays, and no matter how much you wash it, it will not fully go away."


"Don't you get it, Mirajane? I am the ink."

"Mira? Earth to Mirajane!"

"Huh?" Mirajane snapped out from her trance at the callings of her name. Her vision slowly came back to reality as she saw her best friend looking at her intently from the seat opposite her. "Yes, Erza? Sorry, I was thinking of something." How did I go from reading the menu to…

"Are you thinking about someone?"

Mirajane could feel a lump in her throat. She looked at how oblivious Erza was, and felt a pang of sadness in her heart. "…yes."

"Oh…who? Your husband?"

"No, not Laxus. Just...someone great." Mira looked away when she felt her eyes burning with tears. A few weeks ago, Mirajane had been surprised to find the blue-haired young man on her doorstep. She invited him in, of course, but was presented with a predicament when she realized she hardly even know this guy. They talked for a while, with Jellal telling her all that he has done for Erza, and sought no compliments from her best friend as that wasn't the reason for his visit that day. By the time he was done telling his intention of visiting Mirajane, she was already in tears. "Someone really, really great."

Erza was startled at the sudden change of emotion. She reached for the tissue on the table and handed it to her best friend. "Sorry, Mira. Here, use this…"

"Thanks, Erza." Mirajane took the tissue and dabbed her eyes gently. Then, she smiled as brightly as she could. "Okay, let's get back to ordering!"

They both looked into the menu silently, before Erza cleared her throat. Mirajane looked up, sensing that something was bothering her scarlet-haired friend. "Yes, Erza? Is there something you want to say?"

"That person…" Erza began slowly as she watched the way Mirajane's face softened. "Where is that person now?"

There was a pause before Mirajane placed her menu down. "That person's name is Jellal." She looked at Erza, trying to decipher if she knew who she was talking about. At the mention of his name, something stirred in Erza, but it was not enough for her to know what.

Mirajane shook her head mentally, knowing that it was impossible for Erza to know of Jellal's identity—not after what he had done to make sure she forgot about his existence completely. "He's in a better place now." She answered somberly and remembered his wish for her to take good care of her best friend now that he was gone.

Erza nodded understandingly. "That's…a shame."

Mirajane had to calm herself down so to not explode her true feelings about this whole damned situation to the oblivious female sitting opposite of her. To avoid herself from spewing unnecessary things, Mirajane merely nodded. Erza got back into looking at her menu after that, and Mirajane sighed mentally. She looked at the food on the menu and found none which seem appealing for her taste today. Slowly, she drifted back to what she had been thinking before Erza interrupted her thoughts…

"Still, is it right for you remove yourself entirely from Erza's journal? That's preposterous—"

"I'm dying, Mirajane."


"I was a survivor of cancer a year ago. But apparently I wasn't as lucky as I thought I would be."


"I wanted to protect her, Mirajane. I don't want her to be sad over my death. Knowing that she cannot remember without any reference to my existence, it was only right that I removed all memories of me from Erza's journal. That was why I moved out. I wanted her to be happy.

If she reads about me each morning, only to find that I've died…it would break her heart—"

"And it would break my heart." Mirajane whispered softly, wallowing in the last words of Jellal Fernandes.

"Are you happy, Erza?"

He asks.

"I am."

She answers.

Sunlight drifts into Erza's dreams, shielding her from the image of the man beside her on the beach. One hand hovering above her vision, she squints her eyes for a better look at the guest in her dreams, but he is already moving away from her. The back of his head now against her, Erza makes out the faint colour of blue. She takes a step forward, slips and falls. The wet sand of the beach mutates into the soft white linens of her bed as she stirs.

When Erza opens her eyes, she sees the sunlight streaming in from the windows. She makes a mental note to close the curtains over her windows next time. Her dream lingers.

"Will you be happy, now?"

He whispers.

"Today, tomorrow, forever, I will be."

She laughs.

Erza wonders if she'll be able to see him again in her dreams tonight.

( the end )

a/n: And that's a wrap! I sincerely hope that all of you enjoyed this short fic, and I honestly cannot thank all of you enough for giving this fic a chance. To those who may think that this story is a bit too fast-paced, I'm really sorry. This was originally intended to be a two-shot at most, but I got carried away while writing and it turned out longer than I expected. Also, I'm not sure if anyone noticed the change in tense from past to present at the last part of the Epilogue; it was supposed to show that that part is happening in the present time, and that although Jellal isn't physically with Erza, he still watches over her in her dreams from time to time. She may not remember who he is, but she somewhat knows that he is an important person for her.

I might also write more JeRza fics in the future, this OTP is death to me. Nonetheless I hoped y'all find this entertaining! Thank you very much again :D