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Human Interaction

"Why have the great spirits cursed me with a disobedient son?! I don't know what we're going to do with you!"

When Lupo had gotten back from Nigel's place, Perseus the goose was the first to greet him, looking angrier than he had ever seen him. He was taken right away to Geronimo's chamber, where his father was waiting. Only Walnut was not let inside, for he was not as much in trouble as Lupo was.

"Dad, I forgot, okay?!" Lupo argued back, standing literally nose-to-nose with his father. He might be the youngest of his littermates, but he was the biggest. "I didn't know..."

Geronimo barked, "I don't care! As a result of your careless behavior..."

"Careless and reckless behavior!" Perseus squawked angrily.

"The entire festivity was, er..." Geronimo stopped his yelling to think.

Perseus waddled forward until he was up in Lupo's face. "Well, it was ruined! Wrecked! Down the drain! This regime was to be the pinnacle of my illustrious career! Now I am the joke of the entire forest, and it's all your fault!"

"No it's not!"

It wasn't Lupo who had spoken...but Walnut. The rabbit had rushed over to stare the goose in the eye before looking away. When all three animals looked around at Walnut, he chuckled and backed away as if to avoid being eaten by Geronimo.

Walnut gathered himself and said, "Okay, um...first, there was this...rock. Yeah, rock. There, a bear attacked us and chased us around the rock, but it was all over. Then we went to the pelican's place, and he was like 'This is this, and that is that', and..."

Quickly, Lupo closed a paw over Walnut's mouth to keep him from speaking. Unfortunately for him, Geronimo had heard it already.

"Pelican! Bear! I see it now!" the white wolf roared as the rabbit sprang out of the way. "You went near the humans again, didn't you?!"

"I didn't really go near the town," Lupo reasoned. "And nothing bad happened, I swear."

But Geronimo went on as if he didn't hear him, "How many times must I tell you this, son?! You could've been seen by them, snatched up or shot by those savages and their guns! Wolves cannot fight against guns!"

Lupo shook his head. "Not all of them are savages, Dad!"

"ALL of them are!" Geronimo bellowed. "They're all dangerous, all the same! How do you think I would feel if I saw your pelt hanging on their walls?! Do you want to go towards the same fate that fell upon your mother?!"

"Dad, don't drag Mom into this!" Lupo barked back. "And I'm not a puppy anymore! I'm almost an adult!"

But Geronimo got really into his face and thundered, "How dare you speak to me in that tone! As long as you live in this place, you WILL obey the laws I place here!"

Lupo tried one more time. "Dad, just listen-"

"Not another word from you! I do NOT, and NEVER, want to see you go near those humans or their town ever again! IS THAT CLEAR?!"

There was no point in arguing with his father anymore. Geronimo had a fiery temper and showed it when he got angry, up to the point when he wouldn't listen to anything. With a resentful glare sent his way, Lupo gave a sigh and ran out of the throne room, Walnut following him.

Once Lupo was gone, however, Geronimo sat down and sighed in guilt. He had crushed his son's optimism by what he said, and it was harder since his mate Kya died. His pups were raised well by other she-wolves in the pack, but Lupo was proving to be difficult with his interest in humans and what they did; he seemed to have forgotten that they were the ones who killed his mother. Geronimo gave another sigh and looked at his paws while Perseus waddled up to him.

"Pups these days," the goose snorted, leaning against his thick white fur. "They think they know everything. You let your guard down, and they'll trample over you."

Geronimo looked around and down at his advisor. "I didn't mean to drive him off like that. Do you think I was too hard on Lupo?"

Perseus shook his head. "No, chieftain, definitely not. It was for his own good. Why, if he were my son, I'd show him who's top dog...or top goose. There would be none of this 'running to town' and other nonsense like that. No, I would keep him firmly under my paw. And that's what you need to do too. You're the alpha; show some backbone!"

"Well..." Perhaps Perseus was right, Geronimo thought. If he had someone to watch over him, then he wouldn't go near humans. "You're right, Perseus. You're absolutely right."

"Of course I am," Perseus sniffed pompously.

Geronimo nodded. "He needs constant surveillance."

Perseus nodded importantly, closing his eyes in a satisfied way. "Yes, constant."

"Someone to watch him and keep him out of trouble...and you're the goose for the job!"

"Yes, I agree. And I would do an excellent...what?!" Perseus' eyes snapped open as he leapt up.


"Preposterous! Ridiculous! Ludicrous!" Perseus snapped as he scampered through the forest, ignoring other animals talking about him. "My father would roll around in his grave when he hears of this...or roll around in a bobcat's belly. I should be training young wolves, not be a babysitter for a troublemaking pup!"

But as he walked down the path, he noticed something familiar: Lupo and Walnut creeping about. Wolf and rabbit looked around before quickly leaving. Curious as ever, Perseus ran off after them, cursing himself for being too plump to catch up, as he hopped from one rock to another. He saw them disappear through a hole in the side of a tall hill near the edge of the forest, and to his dismay, a large tree log was shifted so that they couldn't be bothered.

I am a goose! Perseus thought indignantly. I will simply slip through and see what is up with that pup.

Giving a honk, he took a running leap and got into a hole in the log, squeezing through. He made it to the other side and was shocked at what he saw on the other side.

Lupo and Walnut were looking up at a trove of stuff...human stuff. Lupo had often stolen to the village and picked up some trash left behind by humans, stuff they didn't need anymore. All the things in the cave included lamps, candles, a couch cushion, a red wagon, and a birdfeeder. This collection made Lupo proud of what he was doing, but he was scared of what his father would react to this.

"Are you okay, buddy?" Walnut asked, resting a paw on Lupo's foreleg.

Lupo nodded a bit. "Yeah...I'll be fine. It's just..." He growled softly and pawed some of the stuff he had collected towards him. "I just want Dad to see that liking humans isn't too bad. You know he and I don't see eye-to-eye with this kind of stuff. So you see...if he saw all the things I collected from the humans, then he'll be fine with it."

Walnut sighed. "I better pray to the spirits for your safety. Your dad will skin you alive if he sees this."

"THAT he will!"

Lupo and Walnut turned around and heard the clatter of plates and other stuff. Perseus was struggling to get out of curtains and necklace beads, kicking and flapping his wings hard. Finally, the goose managed to slip out of the beads and glared at the wolf and rabbit.

"What is all this?" Perseus demanded.

Lupo shared a look with Walnut. "'s stuff I collect. Nothing bad."

Perseus suddenly looked calm as he said, "Ah, good. Good to know...HAVE YOU GONE MAD?!" he shrieked loudly, causing some birds in a nearby tree to take flight. "Collecting human trash as a hobby?! When I tell your father about this-!"

"No!" Walnut suddenly pounced on top of him. "Please don't tell him!"

"He's right!" Lupo added. "You know what he's like around humans!"

"All right, hold on," Perseus said, calming down. "Look, I think you might be having some case of the flu. I'll take you to the healer, and then you can get some water, and then-"

But Lupo wasn't listening now. From far away, he could hear loud country music blaring from somewhere near the plains, and he hadn't heard this kind of music in ages. Yet he was happy about it; where there was music, there were humans.

He wagged his tail. "Humans on the plains, huh? This sounds promising."

Right away, he headed for the entrance of the shelter and leaped out, Walnut haring behind him.

"HUMANS?! Lupo, are you mad?!" Perseus squawked, flapping his wings after him. "Great balls of ice, get back here!"

Lupo had already made it to the plains, which was where the pronghorn would normally be at. Instead of the antelope, there they were: humans. Humans were dancing and singing to music while others ate and drank and were merry. The dark-pelted wolf was even more curious as he slunk closer towards them, sniffing at the delicious aromas of human food. He slunk into the bushes, Walnut and Perseus following him and hiding behind him, as they looked around at each human either eating, dancing, or talking.

Just as he sighed in relief, he looked around and nearly froze. A black-&-white cat was looking curiously at him, big green eyes bright and eager. A call of "Here, Panda!" made the cat touch noses with him before heading out of the bushes.

And then...he saw her.

The female.

Lupo couldn't help but feel his jaw drop. This young woman was beautiful: she was wearing a blue shirt, jeans, braids in her long black hair, and brown leather shoes. She also had slightly wide hips, mocha tanned skin, a slender body, and the softest brown eyes he had ever seen. Right now, she was listening to the music while stroking the black-&-white cat, which had leapt into her lap and started purring. The gentle and caring way she stroked the small feline from head to tail made Lupo feel his heart tug towards her.

Wow...look at her, Balto sighed in awe. He had never felt this way for a she-wolf before, and he supposed this was why. He didn't even know her, and he felt himself feeling drawn to her.

"Hey Lupo!" Suddenly, Nigel the pelican had flown in and landed beside the young wolf. "Quite a party goin' on there, huh?" he crowed happily.

"Shut up," Lupo yipped quietly. "We can't be seen."

Nigel bobbed his head up and down. "Ah...I get it. We're being secretive, huh? WE'RE OUT TO DISCOVER!" he screed loudly.

Lupo barked a bit more sternly at the seabird before turning back to the human and rasped, "Wow...she's beautiful..."

"I don't know," Nigel said with a weird face. "You know how much we birds hate cats."

Lupo rolled his eyes. "Not the cat...the female human WITH the cat. And she's handing it that boulderdash with pet food," he added, watching as she handed the cat some food.

Just then, a whistle blew out around the area, and everyone stopped talking. Lupo backed himself further into the bushes, making sure he and Nigel weren't seen.

"Silence, everyone!" a human male with a black-&-white suit and a pipe called. When they all stopped talking, he said in a pompous voice, "Kana, your ancestors had roamed over these lands for thousands of yours, and I know you want to be remembered as their descendant. That is why I wish to pass on their ceremonial necklace to you. Not only is it amazing...but it was also quite expensive to make," he added with a roll of his eyes.

"Kana", as she was called, blushed when she received a silver necklace from him. "Come on, Siegfried. You don't have to do that."

Siegfried smiled warmly at her. "But I do; that's why I am honored to serve you, young chieftain of the tribe. And we made a portrait of you. Happy Birthday!"

And he brought a picture one of the men brought forward for her. It was a rather beautiful picture of her in ceremonial Native American clothing and a stoic look. But Kana herself frowned at this, and Panda the cat hissed in fury.

"Um...thanks. I like it," Kana said with an uneasy look.

"I had it made for you plenty of months ago by hiring the town's best artist," Siegfried said in a proud tone. "By the way, it would make a good wedding gift too."

Kana sighed. "Are you still mad that I didn't have a boyfriend all through high school, are you? I told you that I'll find my own boyfriend one day. And when that happens, it'll hit me...kinda like a wolf to the chest."

Lupo panted from the thought of that. From what he heard Nigel saying before, he heard that human females liked having their chests fondled. He wondered if he would ever have the chance to do that one day.

But suddenly, a yelp made him turn did the other humans. One of the men was now clubbing a skinny wolf across the body with a long thick stick, and the wolf yelped and rolled away. Lupo didn't recognize this wolf from Geronimo's territory, for its gray fur was matted and dirty and covered in fleas and sores. But as the wolf rolled away, three more took its place and leapt, followed by thirty more wolves.

The party was over as soon as the scuffle between man and nature began. Kana was trying to avoid two wolves at once while her butler tried fighting them off. A few dogs released by their masters ran out and met the rogue wolves head-on, teeth and claws clashing and slashing as fur and blood flew in the air. Even Panda the cat leapt into the fray, jumping on top of a brown wolf and clawing at its face while she screeched up a storm.

And speaking of storm...a freak snowstorm arrived, snow blowing everywhere.

With a squeak, Walnut and Perseus dashed away while Nigel spread his wings and took off. Lupo couldn't sit by and do nothing, for he sprung out into the storm only to be met by a paw that narrowly missed his ear. He leapt away in time and sprang at a gray wolf, rolling him onto the ground and biting it wherever he could reach. The wolf prince let his enemy go before leaping up on a truck and landing on the back of a smaller wolf.

"Panda!" Kana screamed as she was pulled back by the men.

Lupo looked up right away. Panda the cat was being gripped tight in the jaws of a larger wolf, yowling and trying to escape. With a bark, Lupo jumped off his smaller foe, raced over through the howling wind, and flung himself at the black wolf, sinking his fangs into the larger wolf's neck. The bigger wolf snarled and released the cat, who scampered away as quickly as she could to Kana, who scooped her up and murmured "Thank the spirits you're okay, girl" before trudging away through the snow. But as he watched on, the bigger wolf threw him off and stalked towards owner and pet.

Lupo hared after the pack alpha and sank his teeth into his hind leg. The bigger wolf whirled around to glare at him with blind eyes and met him with clashing fangs and claws. Despite having amateur training in fighting, Lupo tried his best to fight back, eventually grabbing onto his neck and biting down while he ignored the scratches he had received from his enemy. He felt the alpha's struggles fade away before he finally fell to the ground, dead.

"Thank the spirits," he panted. "But...where's she at?"

He then noticed Kana sit behind a boulder and gently whisper something to Panda, who looked worried for her master. But after a few more words, she nodded and leapt quickly out of her arms, trudging her way through the deep snow. Once the cat was gone, the young wolf trudged closer to her, seeing her worried face turn blue from freezing as her teeth clattered. And upon seeing Lupo approach her, she fainted on the spot.

Lupo immediately laid down beside her under the outcropping, his body nestled beside hers. He prayed for the spirits to heal this human before she would freeze to death, and he laid his muzzle on his paws, letting sleep overpower him.


Bright sunlight warmed Lupo's fur as he woke up, stretching with a yawn. Feeling a body beside him, he looked over his shoulder...and his tail wagged at seeing the unconscious form of Kana. But the tail wagging stopped, for the slender young woman was not waking up.

I hope she didn't die, he thought worryingly as Nigel flew in and landed beside him. Laying the side of his head against her chest, he asked the pelican, "Is she dead?"

"Hmm..." Nigel took one of her hands in his wings and listened for a heartbeat. "I got nothing, kid. I can't feel a heartbeat."

But a rasping breath made Lupo look at Kana, who was now breathing slowly. "Wait, she's alive. She's alive..." He stopped as she rolled over onto her back. "...she's gorgeous..."

Remembering the caked blood on his muzzle, the wolf rubbed his muzzle against melting snow to wash it off before looking back up. She was slowly opening her brown eyes...her beautiful brown eyes...until he heard voices call her name. Quickly, Lupo backed away from her and ran off into the nearby woods, watching from behind a tree. In the meantime, Kana's butler and cat ran up to her and nudged her fully awake.

"Young Kana!" Siegfried was saying, holding her by the arm and pulling her to her feet. "Are you quite all right?"

"Y-Yeah..." Kana muttered, looking up at her butler. "At first, I thought this wolf was going to eat me, so I fainted...and the next day...then I heard this voice," she added dazedly. "He sounded kinda handsome too...I gotta find him so I can thank him."

Look over here! Lupo thought excitedly, wagging his tail. But the wagging stopped when he saw that she was looking in the opposite direction.

Siegfried nodded as he handed Panda to her. "Yes, quite. I think you swallowed a bit too much snow. Why don't we get you home and get you some hot chocolate and a water bottle?"

Kana nodded before being led away by her butler.

Beside him, Perseus was sitting on a nearby rock, saying, "This is awful...a human being saved by a wolf! We'll forget this ever happened. In fact, we'll not tell the chieftain about this, and I'll be all in one piece," he added cheerfully. "No goose meat for him today!"

But Lupo wasn't listening. He slightly stepped out from behind the tree and watched where Kana had disappeared to. Now that he had actually rescued a human, he wished more than ever to find a way to meet her and all for her. Of course he couldn't right away because he was a wolf, but he would find a way.

"I promise...I'll be a part of your world, Kana," Lupo said before turning around and heading back to his own forest. "I promise..."


" that's what's happening!" Hama cackled as the mountain lion checked out the murky pool in her cave. She had come back with the carcass of a young buck deer, and she had been checking on her pool to find a way to exploit the young wolf to get closer to Geronimo and ruin him.

But now she found one thing she could manipulate: the wolf's love for a human.

Hama cackled while chewing on a mouthful of deer meat. "This is so rich! A wolf in love...with a HUMAN! Hahaha! And not just a human...a tribe's princess!" She swallowed her meal before looking at the shaking mushrooms that decorated the walls of her den. "His daddy will have a cow about this! His son will make a worthy trophy on my wall."

With this, she cackled once more and stalked out of her den, the two black foxes behind her.

To be continued...


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