The Labyrinth of London

His Last Trick

A Sherlock/Labyrinth Crossover

Inspired By

"The Thin White Sleuth…"



Summary: Charles Augustus Magnussen. The most powerful man in the Western World and probably beyond and the most despicable man that anyone of 221 Baker Street has ever met. To stop this man, it may cost Jareth and everyone he knows something they cannot pay. J/S. JAM.

The Almighty Disclaimer

Oh Moffat and Gatiss and Thompson,

Henson and Doyle,

To you belongs all the characters

And none so for me!

A/N: This story was inspired by "The Thin White Sleuth…" by Pika-la-Cynique of Girls Next Door fame.

Transcript by Ariane DeVere aka Callie Sullivan..



It was not every day that Dr. John Watson was called upon to be a "knight in wool-knitted armor" as Sarah would say. His neighbor's son, Isaac, had gone missing again and was back on drugs. John had been asked to find him, starting first at a house that was falling apart and was known for hiding drug users while they were high. Much to John's displeasure, Mary had decided to come along as well.

"No, you can't come. You're pregnant," John had told her.

"You can't go. I'm pregnant," Mary had retorted.

So, John found himself outside of a smack house with his pregnant wife in the car taking something out of the boot. Mary laughed as he tucked it into the top of his jeans.

"What is that?" Mary said.

"It's a tire lever," John said.

"Why?" Mary said.

"Because there were loads of smackheads in there, and one of them might need help with a tire. If there's any trouble, just go. I'll be fine." He began to go towards the house.

"John. John!" He stopped and turned back around to face his wife. "It is a tiny bit sexy."

"Yeah, I know," John said nonchalantly.

John knocked heavily at the front door. A young man with a hood pulled over his head answered. "What do you want?"

After a nonsensical argument and the young man pulling out a knife, John ended up disarming the man. In the process, he hurt the man's arm as he knocked him to the floor.

"You broke my arm!" the man cried out.

"No, I sprained it," John informed.

"It feels squishy! Is it supposed to feel squishy? Feel that!"

John squeezed the man's arm. "Yeah, it's a sprain. I'm a doctor. I know how to sprain people. Now where is Isaac Whitney?"

"I don't know… Maybe upstairs"

"There you go. Wasn't that easy?" John said as he made his way up the stairs.

"No. It's really sore. You're mental, you are," the man said.

"No. Just used to a better class of criminal."


John was sickened with pity when he entered the large room. Many people were lying or sitting on rotten mattresses or against the wall. After a bit of searching, he found Isaac.

"Doctor Watson?" Isaac asked.

"Yep," John said as he began his examination of the clearly high Isaac.

"Where am I?" Isaac asked.

"The arse-end of the universe with the scum of the Earth. Look at me," John said.

"Have you come for me?"

"Do you think I know a lot of people here?" John asked.

A bottle of whiskey was shoved near John's nose from the man lying near Isaac. "Do you have goblin ale, John? This stuff does not get me drunk enough."


Isaac stumbled out of the house first and got into the Watsons' car. Soon after, the temporary door of the house was knocked down. Jareth half-tumbled his way toward the car. John had never seen Jareth clumsy. He had no idea what the goblin had been up to save that it was not good.

"I'm on a case!" Jareth said.

"And what does Sarah have to say about all of this!" John said. He grabbed the bottle Jareth had and threw it against the house.

"Sarah knows that I am not doing anything that will kill me," Jareth said.


Mary drove the car up next to them. She ordered, "In. Both of you, quickly."

The young man from before hurried over to the car as Jareth fell into the backseat and John sat in the front. "Please. Can I come? I think I've got a broken arm."

"No. Go away," Mary said.

John said, "No, let him."

"Why?" Mary said.

"Let Billy in," Jareth grumbled.

"Yeah, just get in. It's a sprain," John said.

Billy dove into the car just before Mary drove away.

"We're not going home," John said, "We're going to Bart's. I'm calling Molly."

"Why?" Mary asked.

"Because the fearsome once and future Goblin King needs to pee in a jar," John said.

Jareth aimed to hit his head against the headrest but ended up banging his head against the window instead.


A/N: Oh dear. Whatever has Jareth gotten himself into?