This was supposed to be a oneshot, but it became insanely long. I couldn't chop it up any better than in two mismatched pieces though...

I have gotten myself a love for genderbender and crossdress fics since a year or so, with the result of me writing some of those for different fandoms. Now Magi doesn't have a lack of genderbender in both art and fiction, but I DO notice that almost all of them genderbend the characters indefinitely. Fem!Ja'far almost always means he's been born that way. What's the fun in that when you've got a whole world of magic to play with?

Warnings: Yaoi, genderbending, faulty English

I do not own any of these characters.

For Sanity's Sake

"Ja'far! Ja'far! Look what I've got!

Ja'far turned around, already horrified before Sinbad burst into his room without knocking and shouting loud enough to wake up half the palace. But seeing Sinbad tear open his robes to let two enormous breasts bounce out - he could've done without.

"Don't make such a disgusted face Ja'far!" Sinbad pouted. He kicked the door closed behind him and quickly approached Ja'far where he was sitting on his bed, breasts dangling out and all. "Isn't this great? I love breasts! Now I can fondle them all day! Have a try!"

Ja'far squeaked when Sinbad picked up his hands and firmly placed them on the bouncy blubbering mass in front of him, encouraging him to squeeze the lot. His face was flaming and he was completely at a loss for words.

But then again, those two had already been the case before Sinbad entered.

"You're no fun at all," Sinbad whined, dropping Ja'far's hands. Ja'far immediately pulled them back and gave Sinbad the best glare he could create in his confused and panicked state.

"Sin! May I point out this is not funny at all! How are people going to react to you turning into a woman overnight?"

"Spoilsport. It's Yamraiha's doing. She'll fix it again."

"Yamraiha?" Ja'far looked up at Sinbad's face in surprise, seeing he was being serious. "B-but how? And why? Really!"

"How should I know? I was going to ask her in a bit."

"Then how do you even know it was her?"

"I know."

Ja'far sighed in exasperation, but he knew there was no way to argue against the things Sinbad 'just knew'. He was always right about them anyway.

But that didn't solve his problem.

"Could you please cover those up?" He asked, sounding as pained as he felt by having to watch them.


"For goodness sake, Sin! Do you mind?"

"Fine, fine." Sinbad grumbled, but ungracefully lifted each breast to stuff it back down his robes. Ja'far whimpered and looked away.

"I didn't know you hated breasts so much."

"I was never as fond as them as you were, but I just found a new reason to dislike them."

"You hate them because they're mine?"

Ja'far startled at the hurt on his king's face. "No! No, definitely not Sin, yours are the most tolerable I've ever had to see!"

Sinbad chuckled, looking torn between smirking and keeping his sad look. "You're saying that because I'm your king, I hope? Or do we have to have a talk about your sexual orientation?"

"Most certainly not." Ja'far blushed dark crimson, curling in on himself on the bed.

Sinbad tilted his head, suddenly looking curious. "Ja'far? Why have you been sitting like that all the time? Are you feeling ill?"

"N-no! Not at all!" He curled in even further, trying to scoot backwards over his bed to get away from his king.

"Is your chest hurting? Ja'far, this is important! Chest pains can be very dangerous!"

"It's not chest pains!" He squeaked when Sinbad grabbed for him, turning over to flee. Sinbad was just that tiny bit faster though, and managed to catch his foot before he could jump away. Instead of being dragged back to the edge of the bed, Sinbad was over him in an instant, flipping him on his back. Ja'far cringed at the heavy sag of Sinbad's robes above him.

"Let me see."

"Sin! Please!"

Ja'far struggled with the hands trying to open up the neck of his night shirt. He wasn't lucky enough to have a relenting king though, and for his efforts he had his whole nightshirt ripped open instead.


He was not exactly expecting the reprimanding look though.

"Stop looking, you pervert!" He quickly crossed his arms over his chest, hiding his own pair of mysteriously appeared breasts. Whatever it was that Yamraiha had done, it hadn't just affected the king of Sindria.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Ja'far struggled to keep his arms over his chest while Sinbad tried to pry his fingers in between. "Because you're a no good pervert who can't be trusted in the same room with any pair of breasts! Not even your own, as you proved when you burst through my door!"

"But Ja'faaar!" The king was whining now, resting his hands on either side of Ja'far's head to pout at him.

Ja'far blushed, turning his head away. He only realised now exactly how compromising their position was. Sinbad was leaning over him, pinning him to his bed and struggling to get his hands on his breasts. Wouldn't this have been so much nicer if they hadn't been turned into women?

He shook his head vigorously, trying to get rid of the inappropriate thought.

Sinbad interpreted this as a 'no' on his whine, and he sat back up, still pouting. He crossed his arms over his voluminous chest, glaring childishly at Ja'far.

Ja'far relaxed slightly where he lay, even though Sinbad was still sitting on him. Seemed like he was safe from Sinbad's prying hands, for now.

Or not.

He was quickly hauled upright by his arm and grabbed firmly by his shoulders. Sinbad studied his face closely as Ja'far was sure the colour of his face was shaming all the red fruits and flowers found on this island now.

"You've become really pretty, Ja'far."


"No really. You make for a beautiful woman. I would have expected that though."

Ja'far clenched his arms down firmer, drawing his shoulders in.

"S-Sin... Y-you're on m-my lap."

Sinbad looked down as if this information was new for him. "So it seems."

"P-please get off."

"Only if you stand up and show me yourself properly."


"I mean it."

Ja'far peeked up, only to see Sinbad was looking at him with a deadly serious face. A deadly serious gorgeous woman's face. How could he show his body to someone who was always so perfect, even after just changing gender?

Sinbad slowly stood, vacating Ja'far's lap. Even though Ja'far hadn't actually agreed, he felt the twitch of guilt that he had to do what Sin expected of him now. In the end, Sinbad was the king, and Ja'far was the subordinate.

And if the king wanted him to expose his body to him, then so he would.

As Sinbad stepped back to give him space, Ja'far rose just as slowly as his king had done. Keeping his eyes glued to the ground he slowly let his arms drop to his sides, exposing everything the torn nightshirt wasn't hiding anymore. He supposed he could be grateful it was only torn down to his navel, and not below.

"You see, the thing I noticed," Sinbad tilted Ja'far's face up to his with a finger, "is that we didn't just become women. I might have called myself just lucky, but you have always been sort of petite for a man. These breasts look positively sinful on you." Ja'far flinched back, but Sinbad didn't relent and took a gentle hold of his chin again. "What I'm trying to say is that you don't look like the woman I would've expected you to be, based on how you look as a man. Your face certainly rings true, and your overall figure does so too. But your breasts are much larger than one would expect from a girl of your body type. And I suppose I might've been expecting large breasts for myself, but the size I ended up getting is close to obscene."

"What... What are you trying to say?" Ja'far had to admit Sinbad got him curious. It was odd, now that he thought of it. Although he didn't think the obscenely large breasts were ill-matched for someone with a personality like Sin's.

"That we weren't just turned into women, but into attractive women. Overly sexualised women, I even dare say. Just makes one wonder what Yamraiha was doing."

Ja'far chuckled at Sinbad's smirk and decided it was safe to grab the torn sides of his nightshirt to cover himself up again.

"Get yourself dressed and let's go pay a visit to your colleague, shall we?"

Before he could even finish dressing himself his door was almost banged in for the second time that morning. Ja'far quickly closed his over robes, trying to conceal his generous front, and missed his chance to keep Sinbad from opening his bedroom door.

"Ja'far! Uh, oh, uhm, Sinbad?" Sharrkan was looking even more dishevelled than Sinbad had when he had burst in.

"Can I help you?"

Ja'far groaned in exasperation with all the unintended implications his king just made simply by being there and quickly walked to the door. Sharrkan seemed to be in quite a similar state as them, his face rounder, his lashes longer, and his sizable breasts desperate to escape from his ever flimsy shirt.

"I-I-I turned into a woman!"

"I can see that quite clearly," Sinbad noted mischievously, causing Sharrkan's eyes to widen. The man scrambled a bit before deciding he should cover himself better, closing the official robes he always wore for probably the very first time in his life.

"You're not the only one though," Sinbad continued when Sharrkan opened his mouth again. Ja'far noticed Sharrkan had quite a cute face with as a girl and with a blush that dark. You needed to get him very embarrassed or upset to get a blush to show on his tanned face, but it was usually worth it. "Both me and Ja'far suffer the same condition. And seeing you now, I won't be surprised if this is spread throughout the entire Purple Leo Tower. Better get to Yamraiha quickly, before we get more panicking men running around with their breasts out."

"I didn't have my breasts out," Sharrkan protested, holding his robes even closer to himself.

"Please just try to keep yourself covered," Ja'far told him, following his king out into the hallway.

"At least I don't look like some cute girl like you," Sharrkan grumbled spitefully.

"And at least I can still navigate around my breasts," Ja'far returned, amused.

"Can so!"

"Of course, Sharrkan. Of course."

"I didn't expect there'd be a day where I'd be telling you not to bully Sharrkan, Ja'far."

Ja'far offered his grinning king a chaste look, but he couldn't really help himself. Surely he was allowed to have his fun every once in a while.


Three steps before Yamraiha's door they spotted a little blonde boy, crying his eyes out. Or more accurately, a very petite young man, crying his eyes out.

"Pisti... It seems like it works two ways around then."

"What happened to me?" She blubbered, throwing herself against Sinbad and crying into his robes.

"We are just about to find out, Pisti. We have to ask Yamraiha."

"Maybe we should get the others out first," Ja'far said slowly, "if everyone is affected... They are going to panic and disrupt us every time one wakes up."

"And we stand stronger against the witch with all of us in her doorway," Sharrkan muttered angrily.

"Fair enough. Pisti, go get Spartos. Ja'far gets Masrur out of his room and Sharrkan will go for Hinahoho. I'll go get Drakon."

"I think I'm already mentally scarred by just imagining how they all will look," Ja'far sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose shortly. "Let's be quick about this."

And indeed, standing in the doorway when Masrur opened it was as traumatic as Ja'far imagined. The Fanalis had not gotten to covering himself yet, and looked like he had been trying to get into his usual armour despite the size change. Seemed like that gave serious problems not only in his practically impossible breast volume, but also in his hourglass waist and overly flaring hips. He looked - frankly - ridiculous, overly muscled and definitely over-endowed. Like an extremely muscular render of a too endowed woman.

And all that in its naked glory right in front of Ja'far, and he felt like he had already had enough of this day while it had hardly even begun.

He got Masrur to throw a bed sheet over himself, and joined Pisti and a very uncomfortable looking Spartos - dressed in his official robes to accommodate his new sizes. Sharrkan and Hinahoho joined them immediately after - and Ja'far didn't even dare to look, but if the way the colour drained from Pisti's, Spartos' and Sharrkan's faces were anything to go by, Hinahoho was a worse sight than Masrur.

Drakon on the other hand, did not turn up as a freakily endowed dragon. Instead he had become slim and elegant, his whole body one long curve of scales resembling more of a snake woman than a dragon. Ja'far made sure to knock Sharrkan in the shins when he looked interested in a way that he really shouldn't.

Sinbad stood firmly in front of Yamraiha's door and knocked loudly.

"Yamraiha! We need to speak to you, right now!"

They could hear shuffling and some things falling before the door was cracked open.

"I-I'm so sorry your majesty, but I'm currently really busy and- oh."

The door opened completely, showing a very sheepish looking young man. Very handsome, if Ja'far was any person to judge, and quite toned too.

"I see I messed up even worse than I thought..."

"So it would seem. Care to explain what is going on, Yamraiha?"

"I, uhm. I was working on a potion to change a person's gender... But the glasswork was bad, and it cracked while it was heating tonight. The fumes escaped and did their work... I thought it would only be me."

"And why, if I may ask, were you working on such a thing in your sleeping chambers? Didn't we build you a whole laboratory in the Black Libra Tower?"

She curled in on herself, looking embarrassed. "It was supposed to be a surprise."

"You succeeded in surprising us alright. I take it you have an antidote?"

She blushed darkly and fidgeted. "I only have enough for three..."

"Then Sin goes first," Ja'far immediately said. "We need our king to be a king, not a queen. Heavens know what havoc he'll wreak as a woman."

"And here I thought you were worried about the reaction of the people," Sinbad replied, amused.

"That too. But that's secondary." Ja'far hid behind his sleeves, peeved. True, he didn't even want to imagine the reaction of the people when their king suddenly turned up as a woman. And they couldn't exactly keep Sin hidden until Yamraiha managed to work out the antidote. But the mere thought of Sin getting himself pregnant in this state gave him cold shudders.

"I think Hinahoho and Masrur should take the other two antidotes," Sinbad said carefully. "Nothing personal to you two, but your sizes are simply insane. If Hinahoho had trouble fitting through some doors before, I don't know how he'll struggle through them now."

Hinahoho nodded his agreement. "The whole sideways method has been successfully rendered useless."

"Indeed. Yamraiha, get to it."

"Yes!" She shot back into her room and quickly emerged with a bottle and three cups. She messily poured the liquid into the three cups, allowing Ja'far to hand them to Sinbad, Hinahoho and Masrur.

"You might want to take that to a more private place," she warned, "it's not going to be a pleasant feeling. I'm still surprised we all managed to sleep through it, actually."

"How long until it will take effect?"

"Immediately, but the change will last for almost half an hour."

Sinbad looked around, studying all his generals. "Then let's have this planned out before I go drink this. Masrur, Hinahoho, you two will be my only two generals present after this. We'll just claim all the others to have left on an unspecified mission. Yamraiha, you'll dress up and go to the Black Libra tower straight away to research the antidote. You take Pisti and Spartos with you to keep an eye on you and help out if necessary. We'll have the entire laboratory closed off for anyone else, claiming you are working on something dangerous. That will give you the space to walk around freely, but make sure to wear something inconspicuous anyway. Don't let your clothes give you away." They nodded their agreement. "I don't see any way to move Drakon without him being noticed, so sorry, you'll have to remain locked in your chambers until Yamraiha finds something."


Ja'far shivered at the feminine voice coming out of the dragon, before perking up. "What do you want me and Sharrkan to do?"

"I'd like to keep you two close, just in case. We need Masrur and Hinahoho to take over all other tasks, and I know how you hate it when I walk around unchaperoned."

"But we'll draw attention looking like this," Ja'far pointed out, frowning at his king.

"Not if you dress appropriately."


Ja'far failed to see how this was appropriate in any way. And he had no doubt Sharrkan agreed with him completely.

"Sin, you can't seriously want us to walk around like this," he hissed at his king, keeping him from leaving the relative privacy of the Purple Leo Tower.

"Be reasonable Ja'far. If I have two maidservants next to me suddenly, everyone will wonder what's going on. Or think I'm abusing my power as a king. Dressed like this, nobody will bat an eye at either of you."

"This is humiliating!"

"It's the best solution, and you know it."

"I feel naked without my sword and clothes on," Sharrkan complained. "At least Ja'far got to keep his weapons. Why can't I?"

"A dancer can wear long sleeves without attracting attention, but a sword will have all my guards on you in an instant. There will always be a guard close enough for you to steal a sword if it turns out necessary, so you'll just have to make do."

"And what makes you think nobody will think twice about a dancer covered in scars," Ja'far asked sceptically, "I'm barely wearing anything, it's not really hiding much."

"You wear enough to mask it. Don't worry Ja'far, you look gorgeous."

Ja'far blushed dark red and tried to hide behind his sleeves, but even for that he wasn't wearing enough clothes anymore. Sinbad didn't seem to see any problem in dressing two of his male generals in flimsy dancer outfits, but that didn't mean those two generals had to agree. Sharrkan was looking as uncomfortable as Ja'far was feeling, his breasts too well outlined in the shimmering white and gold fabric. Ja'far was very grateful for is long sleeves, but they were too tight at the wrists, too light, and just like the rest of the fluttering outfit too glittery. At least Sinbad had had the kindness to find him something in white and green, so that he wouldn't feel even more lost than he already was.

"Are you two done complaining? Because it would be extremely ironic if I got late to my own audiences because my uptight First Advisor was complaining about his dress."

"Shut up," he murmured, turning his red face away from Sinbad.

"Come on then." Sinbad walked out the door, forcing the two pretend-dancers to follow him. Only a couple of steps into the halls he faltered his pace to make Ja'far and Sharrkan catch up with him, quickly circling an arm around each of their waists.

They both blushed - and it was no longer amusing to see colour appear on Sharrkan's face, because that meant Ja'far's face had to be practically steaming now. Ja'far struggled slightly against the hold on his waist.

"Don't struggle," Sinbad warned quietly, "it's no use dressing you up like this if you are not going to act the part. I'm expecting the two of you to spend all the audiences trying to be all over me and giggling a lot."

"Giggling?" Sharrkan sounded completely flabbergasted.

"You can giggle, right? Come on, give me a giggle." Sharrkan squeaked undignified as he was squeezed in his side, and Ja'far - he might kill himself for it later - let out a nervous sound that could easily be interpreted as a giggle.

"See, even Ja'far can do it! Come on Sharrkan!"

"You really shouldn't call us that now," Ja'far hissed, bringing Sinbad back down from his teasing high and earning Sharrkan breathing time.

"Then what names would you like?"

"Do we need names?" Ja'far gave his king a look of disgust. He really wasn't too fond of the idea of being addressed as a woman all day.

"Of course you do. I always ask the names of the girls around me. How about Jasmine for you," he lightly jostled Ja'far in his arm, "and Senna for you." Sharrkan got the next jostle, and Ja'far offered him a deadpan look.

"Jasmine? Senna? Do we look like plants to you?"

"Only the prettiest flowers." Ja'far squeaked softly when Sinbad pressed a kiss to the top of his head without shame. Sinbad seemed happy with his reaction - Ja'far wasn't even trying and already making girly sounds - but he was surprised to spot a couple of dancer girls glaring at him from across the hall.

He felt nervous, suddenly realising Sinbad's choice to have them dress as dancers wasn't as good as an idea as he made it seem. Exactly how close were the women in this palace among each other? Would they notice him and Sharrkan as being new straight away? Would they give them trouble?

Sinbad only let them go when he entered the throne room, allowing them to trail after him by themselves. Ja'far wasn't sure whether he was grateful for this or not. On one hand, at least he wasn't going to make them both sit in his lap while doing official audiences, on the other hand, what was the appropriate place for them to be sitting? Sinbad never took his girls to official occasions.

He indicated Sharrkan to join him on the floor, each sitting on one side of Sinbad's legs. Sinbad nudged Sharrkan sharply as he was sitting down, barely keeping him from sitting down cross-legged. Sharrkan looked appropriately embarrassed and sat down in the most awkward way one could still be somewhat elegant.

Ja'far shuffled uncomfortably on the stone floor until he leaned against Sin's leg, resting his head against his king's outer thigh. At least he'd have a good view, and he could pinch his king any time he was being inappropriate to the people speaking to him.

The soldiers seemed unusually uncomfortable on the sides of the room, and the second chancellor came up to the throne, bowing deeply.

"I see Lord Ja'far is absent today."

"Indeed he is. You will be taking his place for now.

"Of course, your Majesty. But if I may be so bold, I might advise you to try avoid taking ladies to official occasions whenever Lord Ja'far is out. If he were to find out, he's going to be livid."

"I know," came the strained answer. Ja'far was sure the fact he was sharply pinching a tender patch of skin on Sinbad's thigh between his fingers had nothing to do with the strain in his voice. He was sure that was just Sinbad feeling guilty about being so irresponsible behind his back.

And Sharrkan did not just perfect his giggle.

"The first people to come in will be two fishermen with a dispute."

"Send them in."

Ja'far wasn't sure what Sinbad's intentions were, but as he listened to the two fisherman explaining their problem he slowly started petting his hair. Perhaps he was trying to calm Ja'far down in the hopes not to get into too deep trouble for the whole 'taking ladies to official occasions when Ja'far's not around'. Or he was just simply playing his role, pretending Ja'far was just any girl he fancied to have with him right now.

Three audiences and three uncomfortable shifts on the ground later, Sinbad's hand moved to his upper arm, hoisting him up carefully. He gave his king a questioning look, but only got a smirk in return. Sinbad gently placed Ja'far on his lap, smoothing out the fabric of his outfit around him.

Ja'far flushed, nervously forcing out a giggle and pressing himself against Sinbad's chest.

This was nerve-wracking far beyond chasing Sin around the palace within minutes of a important paper's deadline.

Having missed half of the speech of the market vendor currently in front of them, he looked around, not trying to catch what it was about anymore. Someone was watching him, and not with good intent.

In the back of the throne room a couple of girls had gathered. They were whispering among each other angrily, sending the three men on the throne glares every once in a while. Ja'far was itching to go to them to find out what was the matter, but he had no such authority at this moment. Besides, he could not leave Sinbad's lap unless he was sent off by the king without being disrespectful.

He squeaked in surprise when Sinbad squeezed his ass.

"What's keeping you so occupied?" He asked in hushed tones while a farmer left the room.

Ja'far strained out a smile and leant over to whisper in Sinbad's ear. "I just noticed the girls in the back. They look angry."

Sinbad held his hand up to the second chancellor, indicating he should wait bringing in the next person who requested an audience.

"They're jealous, don't worry about it."

"Jealous?" Ja'far hissed, quickly hiding his face in Sinbad's chest so nobody could see his outrage. "Stop saying ridiculous things, Sin!"

"Of course they are jealous. They have a whole schedule set up for who gets to be with me next, and then you two suddenly appear out of nowhere and worm your way to the front of the line."

"Why didn't you tell me about this?"

"I didn't thought it necessary." Sinbad cupped Ja'far's face in one hand and tilted it up. Ja'far's eyes widened in surprise, gaping at his king as he leant down and pressed a kiss next to his nose. "Please calm down, and don't be worried about those girls." He petted his hair, smirking at Ja'far's blushing face. "Now, no matter how much I enjoy having only you here, you should make place for Senna now. She must be very uncomfortable there."

It took a few seconds to click in Ja'far's mind, but then he quickly jumped up. "Y-yes, of course. As you wish!"

He sank down by Sinbad's feet again while the king tugged on Sharrkan to have him sit on his lap.

"Not there." He looked up in surprise when Sinbad tugged on him again, pulling him up. Only then it became clear Sinbad wanted both of them in his lap, each on one leg.

"You are the most awful man ever," Ja'far muttered softly, shifting until he could lean against Sin's chest again.

"Maybe I am."