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A/N: For the Mega Prompts Challenge, Writing Prompt #41, over on the Pokémon Fanfiction Challenges forum. This is based on one of my many headcanons, so that might clarify why this seems really vague. xD

However, thanks for reading!

Like fireworks lighting the night skies, the spark is there.
Over and over again, she thinks about him, them, and their relationship.
Verily, those happy moments lock her in bliss untainted,
Except reality crashes down the moment he tells her, "I love you."

It doesn't bother her when the fighting sets in every waking hour,
So then why is it that she breaks down when no one's around?
All she can do is play the waiting game until they fall apart.

Focus—it's what she needs to reach the goal for that better world,
And yet, all she ever wants is him: his hands; his lips…everything.
Lying in circles, however, finally takes its toll when he confronts her,
Looks at her with eyes of a dying fire that say, "It's over."

Ambitions built on pride for the new world no longer mean a damn thing.
Call upon Xerneas; bring forth Yveltal; she doesn't care anymore.
Yes, because once the world burns, her weakness for him can burn with it…