Back in Barian world, Durbe and Mizael were discussing the new turn of events.

"I just knew that simpleton was going to mess things up. I just had a feeling!" Mizael hissed.

"Calm yourself Mizael. For all we know, this might not have been Gilag's fault." Durbe said.

"Then Vector must be up to his tricks again." Mizael squinted his eyes in anger while Durbe shook his head.

"I really doubt this has anything to with either of them, besides, that energy was far too dark and evil. I fear it might have to do with the claims of the group that is conspiring against us."

"A group conspiring against us?" Mizael asked.

"Șapte Păcătoși, they've been rather quiet though so we don't have too much information on them." Durbe stated.

"Then what's our plan of action? We can't just push the destruction of Astral world out of the way either."

"I was planning on sending Alit next, but with this, I feel that we too must go down there."

"US GO DOWN TO EARTH?! Durbe, this is surely a joke right?" Mizael chuckled, his face growing concerned as Durbe stayed silent. "Durbe, if we both leave, who will take care of matters here in Barian?"

"I arranged that already, and I also arranged for us to be enrolled in the very same school as that Tsukumo boy to keep a close watch on both him and the Șapte Păcătoși. We mustn't let them out of our sight at any cost." Durbe stated as he called for Alit.

"So what's the plan Durbe?" Alit asked.

"We're off to Earth."

Alit chuckled, "Sweet."

"I'm telling you, they can't be trusted." Ryoga scoffed as he walked with Yuma and Astral, avoiding his sister and the others.

"But she claimed to be Astral's mom." Yuma said.

"And then they turned him into a human." Ryoga rolled his eyes.

"I can eat now!" Astral grinned.

"See, Astral's happy!" Yuma smiled along.


"Don't get snippy, Nasch." Yuma poked.


"Wow, we really need to teach you manners don't we?" Yuma turned to Astral who merely nodded.

"Why did I have to end up liking you?" Ryoga muttered to himself.

Back with Meri, Clear and Jyoti, they were touring around their new campus; Heartland Middle School.

"Wow, this is so much better than that nun school, and these uniforms are so cute! I'm glad I can be youthful!" Meri smiled as she twirled in her new third year uniform.

"Enjoy it while you can you old hag. Show off your thunder thighs and flat chest with those slutty uniforms; they're meant for you." Jyoti scowled.

"You're just jealous because you can't wear cute skirts like this." Meri stuck out her tongue.

"He can but it's called cross-dressing, but I agree these outfits are very Kawai!" chirped Clearflower.

"They do suit you." Jyoti said.

"How come you don't say that about me butt-face?!" Meri growled.

"Because unlike you, she pulls it off without looking like she'd belong in some old man's sick fantasy." Jyoti spat.

"Why you…" Meri was stopped as she saw three boys, two of them obviously looked too old to be in middle school, and was awed.

"Clear look! They're gorgeous!" Meri gushed and fell to the floor.

"You're a pervert." Jyoti stated as he kicked Meri on the floor.

"Excuse me, but are you three also new?" the youngest boy asked with innocent green eyes.

"Yeah we are. We had to transfer from our old school after an 'incident' involving those two and our old school uniform." Clearflower giggled.

"Don't you dare bring it…"

"I stuck the bastard into our girl uniform and hung him on our flagpole from his underwear!" Meri crazily stated as she covered Jyoti's mouth.

Jyoti bit down and pushed her off of him with a blushing face, "SCREW YOU, YOU BITCH!"

"NEVER IN YOUR LIFE DICK BAG!" Meri shouted out before taking note of the pretty boy in front of Clear and then proceeding to jump on him.

"He's so pretty! Can you be my offspring please?! You're so pretty! What's your name?!"

The second eldest began laughing his head off, "Did she just call you pretty?! You must be glad dad screwed up and put us in school with you Mihael."

"Thomas stop!" The eldest ordered and hit his head.

"Oh come on Cris, this has to be funny for you too!" Thomas whined.

"It isn't!" Cris said.

"Please let go." Mihael begged.

"NEVER!" Meri said in a dark voice.

"I've never seen that before, has she snapped?" Jyoti asked.

"No, she just likes pretty things. Meri, if you let him go I'll make you a cake, any flavor you want." bribed Clearflower.

"Hmm…" Meri stared at Clear.

"I'll also keep Lamia out of your room.", Clearflower added.

"Deal." Meri promptly let go of Mihael, but not before pinching his cheek.

"Are you the devil?" Jyoti asked.

"Are you going to shut up?" Meri smiled sweetly.

"And are you going to apologize?" Cris asked.

Jyoti laughed, "Her apologizing? Hell would freeze over first."

To his surprise though, Meri was on her knees begging for forgiveness, "Oh pretty creature, please accept my apology, I just lost my kids and upon seeing you, my mommy instincts took over. I'm sorry deary."

Mihael looked at Meri, "It's okay miss…"

"Thunder thighs." Jyoti coughed.

"Miss, it must be hard to lose your…. Wait but you're my age, you couldn't possibly have kids." Mihael realized.

"You'd be surprised Mihael." Cris sighed.

"But either way, it seems a bit too odd." Mihael said.

"Er… it's complicated hun." Meri sighed.

"Finally she's honest." Jyoti scoffed.

"And it'd be a miracle if you could shut your trap." Meri growled.

"I'm really sorry on their behalf to you three. If there's any way I can make it up to you guys, I would." sighed Clearflower as Meri and Jyoti got into another argument.

Mihael shook his head, "It's okay, really, they're weird but it's a good kind of weird."

"Yeah I'll bet she gets freaky in bed." Thomas muttered to himself as Cris smacked his head once more.

"Er, um I don't know how she is in bed but I'm sure she can answer that better than me." blushed Clearflower as she hid her face with her hair.

"Well she seems busy, how about you answer me how you do in bed." Thomas winked before Mihael hit him the rib.

"Sorry, Thomas doesn't know how to control his hormones." Mihael calmly said.

"Oh yeah I know how that is. Our old school uniforms weren't that bad but they didn't show as much skin as Meri would like to show so yeah." she nervously smiled.


"She must be happy then, and hopefully you are too." Mihael smiled.

"Oh I'm as happy as a clam as long as I have Meri, recently Jyoti, and now my baby with me." she chirped.

"That's wonderful… baby?!" Mihael's eyes widened.

"Yeah I just got him back after my 'guardians' took him away and I'm still searching for his twin brother that my 'guardians' sent away to his 'father'." she explained.

"My, well I hope you're reunited with him soon. Until then, take care." Mihael took Clear's hand and gently kissed it before walking off with his brothers.

Clearflower blushed until after he left that she realized she didn't introduce herself. "Oh well I guess we were never meant to be important to each other." she sighed before going to break up Jyoti and Meri so they wouldn't be late

That day in class, they were introduced to the entire class.

"So, go on, don't be shy." Mr. Kay urged.

"Crap, he shouldn't have done that." Jyoti sighed.

Meri stood up on the front desk and cleared her throat, "Hello mortals, I am Meri, your fabulous new goddess and in charge of taking care of you all!"

"You forgot to mention the bit about being the school whore." Jyoti deadpanned.

"And here is Jyoti, the in closet cross-dresser!" Meri dragged Jyoti up by his neck, nearly choking him.

"YOU FUCKING MADE ME DO IT!" Jyoti screamed.

"Um I'm Clearflower Astralite, please take care of me and don't mind those too." greeted Clearflower as she bowed.

"Yuma-kun!" Rei panicked.

"Don't worry, they're on our side!" Yuma grinned.

"And there is one more student to introduce, please come in."

"Hello everyone, I'm Mihael Arclight and I'll be your classmate from today onwards. Please take care of me." Mihael bowed and smiled.

"No way, III!" Yuma jumped up from his seat in joy.

"Yuma!" Mihael waved, "Oh and please call me Mihael."

"No prob su… Mihael!" Yuma smiled.

"Ooh look it's your pretty boyfriend!" Meri poked at Clear.

"Meri please stop the girls are glaring at me and I just met him today." begged Clearflower.

"Hey bitches, if anyone tries to butt into their relationship, I'll hang you from your underwear on the flagpole, ask this guy, he knows I will fucking do it!" Meri assertively stated.

"Oh she will, and I'll help her." Jyoti said.

"That's if you're not on there for pissing me off." Meri said.

"By the way Yuma, do you know them?" Mihael asked.

"Who them? One of them is Astral's mom and the other one is a Barian goddess or something like that." Yuma explained.

"Astral's mom?! You mean the rowdy one right?" Mihael asked.

"Nope, it's Clearflower." Yuma said, noticing that Mihael grew pale. "Hey are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Just a bit dizzy from all this new info." Mihael tried to smile.

In the office, Akari was battling her way through the school trying to enroll Astral.

"I'm telling you he lost his papers in a flood! He's our cousin dammit! Can't you see the resemblance?!"

"I'm sorry miss but…"

"NO BUTS JUST LET HIM GO TO SCHOOL HERE!" Akari roared, causing the office lady to sob.

Just next to her, a blonde was also trying to enroll at the school.

"Just what do you freaking mean by needing paperwork? Does it look like I would carry paperwork for me or my neighbors?!"

"I'm sorry…"


"Sir, but we need not only your paperwork but your parents too!"

"OUR PARENTS DIED YOU ASS!" Mizael shouted.

"I'm terribly sorry!"

"You better be, I should sue you and this horrid school for this you know." Mizael threatened.


"Then enroll us here!"

"I CAN'T!"

"THEN I'LL SUE!" Mizael screeched.


In the back while this occurred, Durbe and Alit sat next to a white haired boy with golden eyes.

"Well he's definitely showing no mercy." Durbe sighed.

"What'd you expect from Miza?" Alit grinned.

The boy, who was actually Astral, sighed, "Akari isn't very peaceful either."

"Then we have more in common than we originally thought." Durbe smiled.

"I guess so, I'll be happy if Akari doesn't tear their throats out." Astral sighed.

"And we'll be happy if Miza doesn't end up sending them to the mental asylum!" Alit laughed, causing the others to laugh as well.

"It seems like you two will have class together," Durbe added.

"Don't worry, I can get him to sit with us at lunch." Alit smiled.

"Sit at lunch? We can eat?" Astral grinned.

Alit put his arm around Astral's shoulder, "Oh yeah man, we can eat as much as we'd like."

"Sounds great!" Astral smiled as Akari and Mizael continued shouting in the back.