(A/N:  Well, it's the second day of school.  There's a composition due in Spanish class tomorrow about what we did over summer vacation.  Seeing as how most of us have boring lives, we were allowed to make up the events.  This is what I came up with.  It's not very good, but, whatever.  *grin*  Read it and laugh at how I have no literary skills at all!  Oh, yeah, and it might become sort of a series, because we do a composition ever other week…)

How I Became a Vampire

My summer vacation was a lot of fun.  I did a lot of fun things.  The most memorable was that I met a really handsome guy…

            I was at a party in Toronto with my friends.  It was one of those things where your eyes just meet across the room, and you know.  I was the only person in the room who thought that the guy was cute - I have weird tastes.  He had a white-blond buzz cut and steel gray eyes.  As soon as I could get away from my friends, I made my way towards him.

            We talked for a while.  His name was Lucien Lacroix.  His voice was low and smooth, almost breathy.  I thought that it would be the perfect voice for a late night talk show host.  Then, I found out that was what he did.  He was known as the Nightcrawler.  Truthfully, his voice was a little bit spooky, but I liked it.

            He said he owned a club, The Raven, and invited me back to it.  I told my friends I was leaving and went with them.  It was almost dawn.

            The club was emptying.  I thought that was sort of weird, but didn't comment.  He asked me to dance, and we moved out onto the floor.  His arms were strong; his body was cool.  There was no warmth emanating from his body, none at all.  But I did not mind, preferring coolness to heat.  We talked quietly.  Before the first song was over, a relative came in, and he had to go talk to this man.  I studied the two of them.  The new man had blond hair and was very handsome, but that was all I could see from where I was.  The discussion they were having turned heated, and the man left.  Dawn was only a few minutes off.

            Lacroix said he could not drive me back to my house, because he had an allergy to the sun, and offered to let me stay with him for the day.  I agreed.

            The next thing I new, I was waking up.  I felt like I had been changed somehow, and there were these two bite marks on my neck.  And I was oh so hungry…