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Summary: After Ezio kills Cesare he goes to put the piece of Eden down to a final resting place in a hidden carven. Little did he know that piece was damaged during the fight soon he gets sucked into a vortex along with the carven sending the Italian Assassin to another dimension. Now it's a journey of a life time to get home and form a new Brotherhood



King John III of Navarre ordered his brother-in-law, Cesare Borgia, who had just escaped from prison, to lead his 10,000 men to Viana, in order to retake the Viana Castle from Louis de Beaumont, the Count of Lerin.

On learning of Cesare's location from the Apple of Eden, Ezio Auditore da Firenze, the Mentor of the Italian Assassins, traveled to Viana to assassinate the Templar Grand Master. On this day 1507, Ezio and Cesare finally confronted each other for their last battle to death.

"Ceasare! The walls surround you. There is nowhere else for you to run." Ezio said coming through of the castle tower opening.

Cesare slayed his foe with his blade as he turned in rage to face the Assassin, "Come then Ezio! This will be our final battle, only one of us will leave here walking alive Assassino!"

"Questo è corretto Cesare, e il vincitore avrà questo come suo premio!" (Translation: That is correct Cesare, and the winner will have this as his prize!) Ezio reaching in his cloak pulled out a piece of Eden.

Cesare snarled in fury, "You dare show that item in my presence!? I don't know whether to commend on such a bold move or for condemn you for your stupidity Auditore da Firenze."

"It is only to make the stakes higher Cesare, come let our blades do the talk from now on!" Ezio unsheathed his sword making his way towards his nemesis still with the Apple in hand.

"Il tempo delle parole è finito, ora è il momento di agire." (Translation: The time for talk is over, now is the time for action.) Both men ran towards each other as their blades connected for their death match.

"I cannot die here. Fortuna awaits me." Cesare pushed Ezio off him then he proceeded to strike him while he regained balance.

Luckily for Ezio, he managed to spin out of the way while deflecting a downward slash. Cesare charged at him with the blade upheld, going for his fore swing and following it with a backswing. Ezio dodged the first and met the second with his own. The weight of the two were similar but it was Ezio stubborn nature that sent his opponent's blade back, back, back…but not far enough to knock the blade free of his hands.

Reinforcement came to help the Templar leader however Ezio was not having it. He vaulted over Cesare still having the blade close to his body, he outstretched his hand and the Apple glowed stopping the guards in tracks.

Now Ezio wasn't the one to play dirty instead he had them knock each other out to keep them out of the fight long enough for him to deal with the Grand Templar Master.

Cesare still struggling for control slapped the Apple out the Italian Assassin's hand after the last guard was out cold against a the stone edge of the castle. He elbowed Ezio in the ribs freeing himself from the Assassin's grasp.

He struck slicing the fabric of Ezio sleeve at the midsection of the arm making him bleed. The gash wasn't deep which good for Ezio.

His man staggered forward. Ezio swung his sword, it was close enough to clang against the metal armor stripping a piece away from his body. His opponent managed another snarl, Ezio blocked another strike and spun in close to Cesare body slicing another piece of metal armor off him.

The Templar touched his chest he had lost his breastplate and shoulder armor.

Swing. Swing. Swing. The first two missed badly, but the third, a backswing off the one before it, found another piece of armor stripping the enraged Borgia even more. Finally, Ezio and Cesare came to a standstill when their blades collided into an X shaped position.

""Roma, Italia, España, they all be mine!" Cesare shouted

"Non in questa vita o nella prossima." (Translation: Not in this lifetime or the next) Ezio head-butted Cesare in the face causing the Templar recoil in pain. Ezio saw his opportunity, slicing across he disarmed Cesare of his own sword then quickly put his own away.

Racing towards his disoriented foe Ezio grabbed him by the shoulder impaling him near the neck area while letting him on the ground.

"The Throne was mine!" He said

"Wanting something does not make it your right to take it by force." Ezio countered back

"What do you know Assassin?!"

"A true leader empowers the people he rules not through force like you have done so."

"I will lead mankind into a new world! A world where you and your kind will not exist and peace and order will rule once and for all."

"You speak of peace and order yet you have done the opposite of it. Che nessuno si ricorda il tuo nome. Riposare in pace." (May no one remember your name. Rest in peace.) Ezio looked into the eyes of enemy

"You cannot kill me! No man can murder me stupido!" He screamed

Grabbing him by his garments, he hoisted him up in the air, "Then I leave you in the hands of fate."

Walking towards the edge of the castle, Ezio let Cesare go as he screamed to his death, the Italian Assassin watched as he disappeared into smoke of the fire showing no sympathy for the power hungry Templar.

Ezio turned around looking for the orb that was slapped out of his hands, he took a moment to survey the floor to find the piece of Eden. He found it, walking towards the item, he placed his hands on it.

Underground carven location unknown

Ezio secret hidden carven, he placed the apple in the middle of the mini tower. Satisfied as he saw the area hum to life he turned to leave the moment the Assassin did something much unexpected happened, the humming stopped.

Ezio stopping in his tracks turned around to see that the room wasn't illuminated any more as it used to be.

"Che Cosa?" He muttered under his breath.

Walking back he placed a hand on the orb.

The orb shook in his hands violently a few moments later, soon his whole body started to shake along with it, the place started to rumble soon enough, he was thrown on the ground then it glowed brightly as it glowed a white beam of energy hit the ceiling.

Ezio was at a loss for words as he laid on the ground looking at this scenario take place, suddenly a rip started to form in this beacon of light. It started to split open, however that wasn't the only thing that happened, soon the vortex began to suck everything in its black hole.

"Mamma mia!" Ezio tried to grab ahold of any that would keep him on the ground sadly to say, it did not go as planned as he found himself soon be sucked into the vortex of the black hole.


Unknown Location

A blue sky swan across a village signifying that dawn was approaching. The village was beginning to fill itself with life for another busy day with its marketing and business. Children ran through the early morning streets with other children enjoying their time in their childhood.

Meanwhile somewhere else in the outskirts of town there were training grounds in one of these training laid a very confused and pain driven Ezio Auditore da Firenze. He rubbed his head from the massive migraine he was currently receiving, he noticed that his feet were wet, so he figured he was near a pond or lake. Sitting up he took a good look at his surroundings, there were trees, mountain in front of him and an open field.

"Dove diavolo sono?" (Trans: Where the hell am I?) He stood up stiffly, he looked down at the water to see his reflection, he glanced at it then dusted himself off.

He froze, picking his head up to view his reflection he saw that he was back to being a 23 year old man instead of a 31 year old.

"Che diavolo!"

His mind went back to a few short moments ago, one minute he was in the cavern, the next he finds himself in an unknown territory being 23 years old again, how did this happen?

He walked out of wherever he was soon he came to a cross road, he took a look at the lettering of the directions apparently from what he could tell it was in Japanese.

"How in the world did I end up in Japan?" He said out loud

He looked to where the crossheads were pointing, in one direction it led to more trees and grassy plain and the other had dirt. Going with his gut he followed the dirt road to wherever it led to.

A few minutes of walking he came face to face with the largest gate of world, his mouth was left agape, he had seen very tall gates before but this took the cake it stood from what he could tell a 300 ft.

"This has got to be a bad dream." He closed his eyes as he said, "I'm home with my girlfriend Sofia enjoying my time with her."

He opened his eyes it was still there.

He looked left and right, he saw different types of wardrobe being wore by the natives of the land making him feel a bit awkward with the robes he had been wearing, not to mention the hair color was basically the color of the rainbow.

"I will never understand the Japanese culture…" He sighed as he entered the gates, he pasted a post which had no guards at the moment since they were running late.

Rubbing the back of his head Ezio had no idea where to look for answers. In a world where the wardrobe was different he stood out like a sore thumb since he was dressed in white with a lot of weapons. Many people passing him took a curious glance at him.

Not wanting to draw attention to himself he decided to stick to the shadows and alleyway and the rooftops to stay out of the public eye.

Making his way through the crowd he made his way towards an alley he honed into a nearby conversation, from what he could gather everyone spoke Japanese. This caused the Italian Assassin to recall the foreign language lesson his father had made him do in case he was not in Italy which was the case.

Now he had to recall those lessons right now in order to get by.

Before Ezio could do anything else a small boy about the age of 5 zoomed past him as quickly as lighting. He blinked at what just transpired, a few seconds' later six adults where right on his trail with pitch forks and stones.

He didn't understand the language completely however he did catch on the nasty things that were said to the child which boiled Ezio anger.

"Ti faccio vedere quelle persone vergognosi non danneggiare un bambino innocente." (Trans: I'll show those disgraceful people not to harm an innocent child.) Quickly he made his way to the roof tops following the angry crowd chasing the poor boy.

Unbeknownst to him, he got the attention of a certain black hooded person while running across the rooftops. Quickly the figure left to inform the leader of the villager that there was an intruder amongst the people.

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