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Chapter 3 Welcome to Konohagakure


Now down to her right arm, she tried to scratch him with her nails, Ezio proved to be her equal as they wrestled for control, finally he pinned her arm above her head. She mustered saliva spitting in his face.

He took his hidden blade out of her shoulder, they did not realize the position they were in, "Riposare in pace…"

"Got to hell…"

Just when he was about to put her down, he suddenly found himself unable to move a muscle.

"Che cosa è questo?" Ezio muttered under his breath

"Kagemane no Jutsu a complete success."

And Now

Ezio sat there in the interrogation room with his hands cuffed to the table with a bit of movability in his wrist, he sighed heavily here he was in a strange new land with rainbow colored haired people on the outside who were giving curious glances on his wardrobe however he's stripped of not only his wardrobe save for his under garments, pants and boots but all his weapons to, it was a depressing thing for the Assassin to be caught, to top it off all off they were talking about him despite the language barrier he knew from curious glances that the native of this land were talking about him.

Ezio looked as far as he could around him, he was surrounded by people wearing white mask both on his left and right, again he sighed thinking back to earlier, he didn't know what magic or sorcery they did on him in order to capture him however he was determined to figured it out well…once he was set free or do something he had to get back to his own country somehow. His ears perked when he heard voices from behind the door, when he was first brought into the room he only understood at least 2% of the conversation the rest he didn't bother to decipher despite the tutelage that was given to him, besides it was not like he was going to a foreign country outside of Europe.

The door opened to reveal two men coming in, the first man with a bandana that was supposedly was his interrogator when he was brought in for the first time tried to pry information from him only for Ezio to start speaking Italian. It infuriated the man that he was going nowhere with him as the Italian Man laughed in his face for the language barrier, so the bandana man called up his friend the blonde, the one that was part of a team bent on capturing him.

The dark browned haired laughter dimmed, as it did the other guy barked at him to do something. From what Ezio could observed the blonde haired pony tail man did a few hands signs before he lost conscious. He didn't know what he did to him when he awoke a few minutes later but he was annoyed at what they did. Right after however Ezio smirked while chuckling as the man sent him a death glare to him.

'If looks can kill I probably be dead at least three times already.' He thought, he turned his attention to the second man dressed in a hat and haori, along with a red, full-length kimono that was tied using a white sash. With the age, the elder man had a smoking pipe, Ezio blinked looking between wondering what he was going to do.

Hiruzen Sarutobi sat in front of the Italian man eyeing him curiously, he was giving a list of weapons the man had prior to his arrival to the village, the list was as followed; two Hidden Blades, a sword, 20 throwing knives, a pouch containing 10 smoke bombs, a short blade, 8 poison darts, a parachute, two daggers, and finally his robes a long, layered lower section, with a maintained open collared torso with a cape on the left shoulders with a hood wide enough to conceal an identity. From all this the Sandaime Hokage concluded that this fellow was an assassin yet he did not his motives nor did he know who was he after. From what Sarutobi learned from Ibiki the man didn't understand a word that he was saying thus he answered in a foreign language in response to his questions not to mention what he learned from Inoichi that the man in front of him was from a cult a Brotherhood of Assassin to be exact after he prying through his head and he was from a different time as he was informed.

According to the Hiashi the man had chakra coils however no chakra was present Fugaku second the notion since neither Kekkei Genkai could detect chakra. The Sandaime was a patient man and thus he will use his patients in order to get information from this assassin one way or another, but first to establish some communication with the foreign man even if they had to take back to the basic of language.

"Ibiki…" He said in a gruff voice

"Yes lord Hokage."

"Strap him from the waist I think this procedure will need the basic of hand of communication or have you already done so already?"

Ibiki mentally slapped himself for not thinking about that earlier though he didn't show it on the outside yet he was irritated enough with the laughing man when he answered in his own language. Then again when was the last time they had to use hand communication during the Third Shinobi War after that it wasn't necessary.

"No I haven't lord Hokage."

He informed his ANBU ninja to tie the man to the chair from waist, so Ezio was forced to sit up right as best he could despite the pain that going through his back since he was slouched over a bit. After a few moments of securing him tightly they released his wrist much to his relief.

Rubbing his wrist he looked at the older man and soon he began to recognize the basic of his hand movements.

The Hokage began to speak through his hands, 'Who are you and where do you come from?'

Ezio replied with a series of hand movements, 'Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Italy at your service good sir.'

The Hokage blinked, 'Italy?'

'Yes sir I assume that I am somewhere in Asian country? Who might you be?'

'Too answer your question I'm the leader of this village that you are in now." The elder man paused stroking his goatee, he has never heard of such of place called Italy or Asian country, for that matter will have to wait until he has learned the native language to be more precise, 'I don't follow on where you come from however I want to reach an agreement because hands signals can be tiresome and strenuous especially at my old age.'

'Agreed, so leaving behind where I come from or where I am what do you have in mind?' Ezio replied

After a few hours of hand signaling the two reached an agreement with each other Ezio will learn the native language as well be taught by one of the shinobi of the land while staying in a detention center and after he learned their ways Ezio will cooperate in telling the older man all that he knows well almost everything at another place.


"Yes sir."

"Fetch me Kurenai Yūhi and I'll take care of the rest in debriefing her mission with this one."

No other word was said as Ibiki nodded leaving to retrieve Kurenai Yūhi. 30 minutes went by and Ezio was fighting to keep awake, sleep finally claimed him as he laid his head on the table, the Hokage didn't seem to mind after all reports did say that he did put up a fight to escape once he was in the interrogation room. The door was slammed open waking the sleepy man from his 40 second nap abruptly, though the masked prevented anyone from seeing their emotion the ANBU that were guarding Ezio had an amused face on their faces from his sudden jump.

Rubbing his eyes he was greeted again with the same bandana man and a young female with a light-skinned woman of slender build. She has long, black, shoulder-length untamed hair, and very unique eyes that are red in color, with an additional ring in them. She wears make-up consisting only of red lipstick. Her outfit consists of a red mesh armor blouse with only the right sleeve visible. Overall, this is very broad material which resembles bandages with a pattern on it similar to those of rose thorns. Her hands and upper thighs are also wrapped in bandages and she wears the forehead protector.

Ezio had to close his mouth from drooling at the sight of this young woman who appeared to be in her early 20's. Ezio spoke in his native tongue, "Mamma Mia when do we start!"

4 months later

Ezio breathed fresh air as he was being escorted from the detention center to the Hokage Tower, the last 4 months were proven to be quite difficult yet he somehow he survived those lonely days in his cell room with nothing to do except focus on his lesson with Kurenai as he later found out her name during their private lessons reading scrolls after scrolls, at times he took curios glances watching ANBU ninja change shift.

It was the first time in a couple months that he was able to be let outside and right now he was enjoying just walking and somewhat sightseeing this village despite being escorted. It was a bit chilly outside signaling that fall was around the corner Ezio thought back to the lesson that he was taught, the Italian had at least the basics to intermediate level of language down so he could speak as well as understand what the natives were talking about for the most part.

"We are almost to Hokage tower Ezio-san." One of the ANBU said Ezio nodded, he looked ahead at the residence as it came into view he noticed it is a large mansion located close to both an academy and the Hokage Monument just as he found out during his lesson with Kurenai. He mentally noted to thank her somehow despite his attempts to flirt with her. He smirked at the memory she was blushing like a mad woman when he first said that she was beautiful and then some nevertheless she toughed it out through his shameless flirting once he started to speak.

He took note the circular in design as he left those thoughts behind, it is also one of the largest buildings in Konohagakure, towering over most other buildings. There is also the kanji for "Fire" (火) painted on the roof of the building which he recognized from his reading from one of the scrolls and books.

Moments later he found himself in front of the door to the Hokage office, he knocked waiting for a response. He got one, "Come in…"

Ezio opened the door and noticed that Hiruzen was not alone but accompanied with another man who was wrapped up nearly like a mummy, the man in the bandana from the day before and finally the pony tail blonde hair man and few masked people.

"Signor Hokage…" The Hokage was already used to Ezio calling him that he learned that it meant Sir from his occasional visits. Ezio walked in front of his desk bowing as he was accustomed to do in his home, when he spoke his Italian accent carried over thus making it obvious that he was not from around here.

"Ezio-san greetings, please take a seat." Ezio did as he was told, the Sandaime continued, "I trust everything went well with Kurenai within the last 4 months, she gave a report that you are an exceptional fast learner."

"I do what I can to thrive, though I must admit it difficult learning language as well as writing it as I am not from here. More or less I think I got the basics alright though I will need work on it."

The Hokage nodded at this, "Very well since we're on that topic and the last time we met we've communicated by hand signals, I will properly introduce myself I am Hiruzen Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village." He pointed to his right, "My most trusted advisor Danzō Shimura…"



"It means sir." Came the reply

The mummified man nodded in approval as the Hokage continued, "You already met Ibiki Morino…

"Ah yes me int-t-te" Despite Ezio he still had a long way to fully getting Japanese down



"Did you insult me? How dare you!" He roared

Ezio gave him a deadpanned look, "I was thanking you…idiota."

"I hope to see you again in the integration room, I can't wait to break you."

"Well until that happen you welcome to try. I do enjoy our time together." He smirked, Ibiki growled at his smirk he knew fully well what he was implying

"Enough...finally our information gather Inoichi Yamanaka who was sent to capture you with a few others."

"We meet again."

"So we do."

"Question for you."


"What did you do to me?" Ezio motion with the hand to his head, "I no understand what you did."

"Ah I used a jutsu on you the Mind Body Disturbance Technique basically I went inside your mind to gather information about you but what I saw really surprised me."

Ezio eyes widen at this then narrowed, "Never again…"

Inoichi smirked, "We'll see if you friend or foe."

The Italian man turned his attention to Hiruzen, "Now that introduction are done I will ask you again the same questions that I asked 10 months ago who are you exactly and where do come from stranger?"

Ezio leaned in, "Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Florentine Italy."

The other four men looked at each other, "We've never heard of such a place."

"Well I no hear of Konoha before." Ezio countered shrugging, "Then again Asian Countries were closed from others from what I been said to."

"I apologize Ezio-san but we never heard of such places only the elemental nations that we heard not this Italy or whatever this place you come from."

"You have map?"

The older Sarutobi signaled for one his ANBU to a fetch a map once it was placed on top of the desk after a few minutes Ezio began scanning it hopefully to dismiss the mystery. To his dismay however this map was completely different than the map that he was used reading. The landmarks were different, terrain was different everything was different now that he thought about it his mind went back to that fateful day in the carven.

His eyes widen in shock with his face paling a ghostly white as he swallowed dryly, he sat back down with thump. Ezio bit his lips while looking at the Hokage, "Where you say I am?"

"To be exact you are in the Land of fire." The elder Hokage replied

That confirmed it he was in another time or someplace outside of his own time or he was in another dimension because of that vortex that he was pulled through when he was at the caverns to put the piece of Eden down in its final resting place.

"This is mistake…I…I…Mamma Mia…" Ezio for the first time in life was at a loss for words

"Your mother is not going to help you now. What really is a mistake is you running around my village with all this assassination weapons at your disposal. From what I gathered that you belong to a brotherhood of assassins, and I want to know is how in the world you got here and what your reason for being here is!"

"No reason to be here, I fall in vortex and I end in lake then I see town and boy with blonde spikey hair run with other chase him."

It was painful for anyone of them to hear him speak, it was like nails on a chalkboard his broken Japanese was to harrowing to even hear. It was amazing that Kurenai put up with him when he first spoke their language yet he showed effort that he did understand the situation and conversation.

"You expect me to believe this? I do however believe that were protecting the boy yet you injured one of my own thus landing you in the interrogation room however due to this language barrier you probably know the rest."

"I don't." He replied, "That up to you and graize."

"I say we go through his mind again to see if he's lying!" Suggested Ibiki, the others seemed to agree with his suggestion.

"Very well Inoichi would you do the honors?"

"With pleasure lord Hokage." Making a few quick hand seals Inoichi did his mind transfer jutsu before the Italian man could protest. A few ANBU caught the blonde man before he hit the ground.

A few minutes went by then the jutsu was released Inoichi scratched his head saying as Ezio threw him a glare, "I checked, double checked and tripled checked he wasn't lying when he said that he fell through a vortex. Apparently he was just coming from a battle with his fellow assassins from a man who wanted to rule the world, he didn't notice that his orb was damaged so when he decided to put it down finally, then suddenly a vortex suddenly opened soon enough he found himself on the outskirts of the village. It's safe to say he telling the truth."

Hiruzen felt a headache coming as he pinched the bridge of his nose, "You mean to tell me he's from another dimension?"


"I'm getting too old for this so can we try to recreate what had happened before he got here or is stuck stripped away from everything that he knows?"

"The latter part…" Inoichi responded

"Why not make use of him since he's here? You say that he's pretty good at what he does so let him be your body guard Hokage-sama." Danzō piped up, Hiruzen narrowed his eyes at his friend despite trusting him at times Danzō always had an agenda of his own.

"Very I think you can agree on that Ezio-san." The Hokage said looking at the depressed assassin.

"Give three days this a bit of shock." Ezio rubbed his temples

Hiruzen nodded, "Very well you have three days to decided or you end up in prison for injuring one of my shinobi placing her in the hospital as well as rendering her arm useless for the moment, are we clear?"

Ezio nodded as the Sandaime continued to speak, "Welcome to Konoha Ezio I will provide you with an apartment for you live for the next three days hopefully I'll have your answer by then."

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