Me: ummm hi?

Yugi: what is this story about?

Me: mainly you; this isn't normally how I would start my stories so I hope this will be okay..

Yugi: i'm sure it will be fine Luna, oh yeah why is it different?

Me: i'm trying not to us my main OC's (aka; Yuki, Rena, Mari, Jenna, Kara and Luna)

Yugi: it will be fine

Me: I hope so anyway disclaimer please Yugi?

Yugi: Luna doesn't own yugioh

?'s POV-

I lay on my bed soaked after running through the rain.

"How can this day get any worse?" I ask myself. First I my alarm doesn't go off and I miss the bus causing me to be late for school then I happen to bump into my arch enemy who makes me miss my first class and have a few broken ribs. After that my friends get worried about me and take me to the nurse who is a devil; aka she hates me. Then during lunch I trip and spill my tray of unknown food given to me from the lunch lady who also hates me like pretty much every other teacher on one of my crushes which does two things; one, I loss my lunch; two, embarrasses me and gets more people to hate me since my crushes is ultra popular at school. And to end my day it starts to ran and I miss the bus again; happy day huh? Suddenly my phone vibrates with a text and I pick it up. It is from my friend Ryou.

Hi Yugi u ok?

Yah Ry, how wuz your day?

Pretty much same as yours; why do our lives suck?

Idk, mabey the world lovs us.

Haha funny, how was it when u got home?

Jii-san is gone again... u?

Same dad isn't hear as normal...

Any update on your crushes?

*Blushing* n-no...

*laughing* your lucky; I spilled my lunch on Yami...

Oh.. *sighs* I was in gym and I dropped a twenty pound weight on Bakura's foot... I think I might of broken his toes..

Oh.. well now i'm pretty sure they hate us...

Yah... gtg see u tomorrow to hang out?

K bye

I shut off my phone and thought back to Yami and Atem my two crushes. I knew there is no way they could ever like me; I mean seriously everyone except my friends and my grandpa hate me. And no I did not do anything to them. Well there might be one thing...


It was their last class of the day; English and everyone was bored to death as the teacher rambled on and on. English is the one class where Yugi had Atem and Yami sitting right next to him; stupid seating chart...

"So class can some one tell me what the longest English word; pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis means?" The teacher asked the half asleep class. Atem raised his hand.

"Yes Atem?" The teacher smiled at him since he was popular and one of her favorite students the other being Yami.

" it is an artificial long word said to mean a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust." Atem said making everyone look at him amazed. Then Yugi raised his hand in his half asleep state not really thinking.

"Yes Mr. Moto?" The teacher asked in an unfriendly tone.

"That isn't the longest word in the English language the longest word is the chemical name for titin; it is 189,819 letters where pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis is only 45 letters."

~End of Flashback~

Yep after that the teacher had hated him; but hey it wasn't his fault he was like that and that he pretty much could sleep through school and still get better grades.

Now let me tell you one thing that me Yugi Moto truly believes; being perfect and being in love with two ultra popular boys at school who most likely hate you is not fun at all.

Me: Good, bad, horrid? Should I continue?

Yugi: please review follow and favorite if you think this story is any good.

Me: thanks for considering reading this story (bows)