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Title: Drunken I Love You's

Rating: K+


Rocky jolted up right and looked around the room, breathing heavily; she wiped sweat from her forehead and sighed, "I knew I shouldn't have watched that scary movie before bed…"

Groaning, Rocky got out of bed and headed to the living room, making sure to turn on every light on her way. Grabbing her cell phone, Rocky blinked in shock, she had three missed calls and twelve text messages, her eyebrow rose seeing the name- Gunther.

Tossing her phone on the counter, Rocky walked over to the couch and turned on the TV, this wasn't the first time Gunther had done this, he always did this when he was drunk, and she learned to avoid him until the next day.

I Love You.

Rocky's heart skipped a beat and she clenched her shirt before looking at the TV, determined to not think about him. Before long Rocky was nodding off, about ready to lie down, however a knock at her door jolted her from her daze and her eyes darted to the door, her heart pounding in surprise.

"W-who's there?"


Sighing in relief, Rocky got up and went to the door, hesitating a moment before opening the door- only to quickly cover her nose, he reeked of alcohol. Gunther stumbled in and looked around the living room, the TV was on.

"Why are you up Rocky?"

Rocky glared at the back of his head as he stumbled his way to her room, removing his shirt on the way. Quickly following after him and making sure to pick up his shirt, Rocky huffed and gave him an annoyed reply.

"Well, when someone knocks on your door at-"Rocky quickly looked at the clock next to her bed, "3:13 in the morning, kinda hard to sleep." Pausing for a second, Rocky voiced a question, "Why do you always come here when you're drunk?"

Gunther paused in making his way into her bed and turned to look at her. Rocky flinched at his stare and blushed deeply; he had never stared at her like that before.

"It's because I want to spend time with the person I love."

Rocky heard her heart break, and reminded herself he was drunk, taking in a breath Rocky glared at Gunther.

"Don't say those kinds of things, you have a girlfriend and you love her."

Blinking back tears, Rocky watched as he frowned deeply, "I don't love her, I love you!"

He's drunk.

Rocky watched as he moved closer toward her, much more aware that he wasn't wearing a shirt.

He's going to break you.

Gunther stood in front of her, gentleness in his eyes as he wiped away a tear that escaped.

He's going to leave.

Feeling pressure on her lips, Rocky closed her eyes and kissed him back, pouring every ounce of emotion into it.

She was falling.

Her back hit the wall, and she stared into his blue eyes- which seemed more intense than before.

They were losing it.

"We can't…CeCe-"

He cut her off with another kiss, and placed his warm hands on her hips.

She hated it.

They pulled apart, "I love you." Was the last thing he said before he slumped and let out a snore. Rocky slid to the ground, bringing him with her, and placed his head on her lap. Before she could stop it from happening, Rocky felt the tears escape.

Drunken I Love You's, she hated them.

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