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Chapter1; Getting Ready

It was a cold morning in December. Sheets of snow covered the streets. Spears of icicle dangling on roofs and trees. Crystal fragments falling from the frigid sky. But even this bone-chilling weather can't take the smiles of the people all around. Why? Because the holiday 'Christmas' was nearing.

Ben and Rook were in their apartment setting up all the Christmas props and decors.

Rook was attending on how to set up the christmas tree while Ben was rummaging on their Christmas stash where they keep all the holiday goodies.

"Hey Rook!" Ben called, "do you want this green sock? Or this blue sock?" Ben said holding up the two socks grinning like an idiot.

"I do prefer the color-" "Green one's mine." Ben interrupted putting his hand with the green sock on his chest.

Rook chuckled in amusement, "Then why have you asked me what color would I like if you already picked one yourself?" Rook said crossing his arms

"It's because I love you" Ben sheepishly smiled to Rook's golden eyes.

Rook furrowed his eyebrows, "And how is that relevant?"

"Because this is" and with that Ben walked forward to Rook and wrapped his arms on the back of the Revonnahgander's neck. Rook placed his hand behind Ben and the other one on Ben's head.

They looked at each other for a moment. Those emerald green eyes gazing on the sunset orange ones. From the looks of it, the two really loved each other dearly.

And without a warning Rook leaned down to Ben and pulling him into a passionate kiss. Rook made sure there was no gap between them. They savored each other flavors, but Rook wanted more. He demanded Ben entrance of his mouth. Rook's forked tongue explored the familiar cave of his lovers mouth. Ben moaned from the sensation. The kiss lasted for a minute but to them it felt like forever. They parted the kiss for air. Ben was panting heavily while looking at his lover.

"T-that was a-amazing" Ben stuttered trying to shake off his daze.

Rook simply giggled, "Anything for you beloved, and btw I was going to choose blue" Rook smirked.

Ben stared at Rook for a second, "...btw?"

"Sorry, I am still learning earth language" Rook said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Dude, you only say that on messages" Ben chortled still hugging Rook's waist.

Rook blushed, "Oh, is it not for regular conversation?"

Ben now placed both of his hands on Rook's strong chest, "Nope" Ben smiled and gave a small peck on Rook's chin.

Rook grinned and rolled his eyes, "We must finish decorating my love"

"Sure" Ben smiled and walked back to the stash.

Rook returned to work on the tree. Rook turned his head slightly to check on Ben. Ben was getting all the wrappings for the gifts and accidentally ripping one of them. Rook chuckled 'I love my life, and I certainly love Ben Tennyson' Rook thought to himself.


"These christmas decorations are old! Can we buy something new?" Ben pleaded.

"My love, we are saving money remember?" Rook caressed Ben's hair.

"Pleaseee?" Ben clinging on to Rook's sweater.

"No my love" Rook placed his hands on Ben's arms.

Ben swatted them off, "Hmph" Ben crossing his arms pouting.

"Come on Ben" Rook said placing his hand on Ben's shoulder.

Ben turned around Rook still crossing his arms "Hmph"

Rook loved this side of Ben, always pouting. He liked that Ben always uses his puppy dog face when attempting to be angry.

"Hey Ben-Dude" Rook using the odd nickname, leaned forward to Ben's back.

"What" Ben said emphasizing the 't'.

And before he knew it. Ben was trapped in between Rook's strong arms.

"This is what you humans call a Bear hug" Rook said lifting Ben into the air.

"C-can't b-b-breath" Ben gasped.

And with that Rook lowered Ben into the ground and gave Ben a light kiss on the cheek.

"Better?" Rook asked still hugging Ben on his waist.

"Better" Ben smiled placing his hand on Rook's cheek.

"That's my Ben-Dude" Rook said and surprisingly used contractions.

"Language!" Ben said pointing to Rook grinning.

Rook was all but laughing lovingly.

After a long day of decorating. They cleaned up their mess. Rook swept the floor with a broom gathering chipped off colorful sequences, christmas tree leaves and other trash scattered around the floor. Ben at the other hand dusted the decors using a feather duster and while at it dusted some of the furniture. Rook gazed at Ben while dusting imagining something naughty.

Rook drooled as his imagination got the best out of him, 'It is much more tempting if Ben wore a Maid outf-'

"Rook, What're you looking at?" Ben said with a questioning glance still holding the duster.

Rook snapped out of his thoughts, "Oh! Uh I was just imagining what would our feast would be like in the holidays with your family" Rook said with a smile on his face, hoping he could convince Ben.

"Uhuh" Ben said furrowing his brows. He knew Rook too well to know what he was thinking. Ben smirked and returned to dusting.

'Phew, that was close' Rook said relieved.

After the couple have been finished cleaning up the apartment, they sat down on the couch and turned on the TV. It was about 7pm when they finished.

They snuggled with a warm blanket that Rook took from the bedroom. They watched TV about half an hour. Realizing they haven't had dinner yet. Ben's stomach demanded food.

*gurgle* Ben's face reddened after hearing his hungry stomach, "Rook I'm hungry" Ben said rubbing his belly.

Rook chuckled lightly, "Mr. Smoothies?"

"Mr. Smoothies!" Ben shouted as he stood holding his fist up.

Rook chuckled again "And Burger Shack?"

"And Burger Shack! Chili Fries!" Ben said on a sing-song tone as he dashed to get his heavy jacket.

'This is going to be a fun holiday' Rook thought to himself smiling.

Whatcha think? This story was originally a oneshot about Ben dying at the end XD But I while I was writing I thought 'omg this should be on chapters' and BOOM I'm making it a , not so long, story! Thanks Kira for the information on winter and stuff XD since we don't have snow where I live in. (we celebrate Christmas do not worry :3) so slap that fave and follow XD