My very first Lokane fanfic! Yikes! Be patient, readers...I've done some research...but am a bit nervous, as I've been quite limited in my scope thus far regarding fanfiction.

The violet of the sky did little to quell the stirrings of her mind. It churned endlessly, like the swirling of the cosmos she so intimately knew. She knew he'd be back for her, he had said he would, but when? In three years? Ten? It was too much, and Jane decided that it needed to stop.

Her roof was her refuge from the studies she so ferociously devoured, but now, now that her mind had seen all that it had, had her questions answered, she felt a bit lost. She didn't feel the need to prove herself any longer. She didn't require the validation of her musings, for they were now on display for the world to peruse. No one could doubt her following he events in London. No one would demand the maths for explanation. SHIELD would hire their own researchers, their own monies would be poured into the defense of the world from alien species, and Jane Foster's life would be filled with lectures, with panels, with interviews, until it wasn't.

She would happily be forgotten, reduced to a footnote in university astrophysics courses. It mattered but little that she sacrificed her heart in the journey, had made herself a cosmic soap opera, a joke, for a godlike creature had showed her affection. And through it all, these were the questions which poised themselves on her lips: why had he done it? Why had he given her notice? Why, indeed, had she allowed herself to care for him when she knew what must be the outcome? They were hardly compatible. They weren't even of the same species, but it went deeper (if that was possible)...he was unlike her. Plain and simple.

Jane Foster would not allow herself to cry. She hated that the thought even occurred to her to shed a tear.

And her gaze drifted upwards...toward the sky bleeding with color, knowing that amongst those heavenly movements was Asgard...the shining beacon in the universe. She sighed, bidding farewell to the place, and wondering what she would do next.

Thor was determined, and when he was determined, everyone knew it. He wanted to get back to Midgard, back to Jane. He had told Odin he was quite through, and was content in his resolve. He had lost much in his endless touring of war, his brother chief among the losses, and he wanted to obtain what he deemed a settled life. Heimdall was gazing downward, as was his charge, and slacked a bit at the appearance of the prince. He grew weary, knowing his purpose, and wished that he would take the throne and be done.

Yet here he was, broad shouldered and red clad, sighing deeply at the prospect of either finding her or not. Hiemdall had thought that the prince desired distraction from responsibility, not necessarily distraction in the form of love or affection. And he worried over whether this mortal would not be crushed when her lover departed for months on end, for he was a fickle price, giving way often to flights of fancy, the call of battle sounding forever in his ears.

Loki went to the king's chamber with a smile on his face. His trick had fooled his great oaf of a brother, and though he doubted but little that it wouldn't, he felt a sense of relief in his success. Thor would go to Midgard, and he would rule Asgard. The fact that Thanos had so recently relented his grip from the sorcerer's mind was inconsequential. Loki knew that he was finally inheriting his birthright, and the fact that he had suffered the misery of possession, the horrors of being tossed about in the void following the events of Svartalfheim, and he had earned it. He sauntered over to the balcony, turning once to the inside chamber, reflecting on his mother...she too, had slept here...

"But Mummy! Look! It's beautiful!" The young boy with black hair exclaimed. His hand held a purple flame; it glowed faintly, never burning his skin nor extinguishing in his palm.

"Truly, son. It's quite lovely," Frigga smiled lovingly at her son. He was much like her the magic coursing through his small frame. "Why not go see what Thor and the others are doing?"

Loki dropped his gaze, and the flame was snuffed out. "They don't like playing with me...and I...I would rather be here...with you. You enjoy my tricks."

A sad look graced her face, and she held his arm. "Some day, my son, another will enjoy them just as much..."

He turned away from the pictures his mind conjured. He went to the balcony. The sky was violet, declaring the season spring, and Loki threw his head back to breathe in fully the air, nearly liquid with the perfume from the garden below. He sighed. He was alone.