I had the wonderful idea to write this one boring night. Title based on the song by Kelly Clarkson Dark Side. I love the song so much and I figured I'd write a story for it. Anyway, this might become a supernatural story, I don't know yet (me and my love for fantasy, supernatural and paranormal. It's an awesome, but addicting thing).

Summary: Sam Puckett doesn't come from an average life. Quite the opposite, in fact. Her mother is an abusive drunken ass, her father is a deadbeat no-show, and she's...well...she doesn't know. In an attempt to leave her life behind she moves from Seattle to L.A., where and meets a bubbly redhead who just might show her there's a bright side to everything.

*Alternate summary: "Evil people aren't meant to be loved. I'm not meant to be loved. It's not in my nature, my history, my anything."*

WARNINGS: Abuse, possible self harm, harassment, explosive anger, dark moments, and etc. etc.


It was the third time that day alone. Her mother had done it again. But it was worth than the others, resulting in two angry scars that marked her daughter lay curled up in the corner of her room now, her knees pulled up to her chest and face in her hands. She wasn't supposed cry; it was branded into her mind from the day she could understand words that she should never cry. Take it like a woman. Her mother constantly told her. You're a big girl, Sam. This was not true. Sam was only eight. How much of a big girl could she be? She was tough, sure, but she wasn't strong. Especially when her mother was drunk. It frightened the young blonde to no extent. When her mother drank her "special drink", as she called it, she changed. And it was always for the worst. Her mother became a monster. She would get real angry and yell a lot. And she'd hurt Sam. She would slam her against the wall, strike her upon the face, everything she did would cause Sam pain. So, there she sat with quiet tears streaming down her pale face.

"Sam!" came her mother's voice.

Sam jumped up from her corner and straightened out her clothes, wiping her eyes and willing her eyes to dry up. If there was one thing she'd learned from her mom, it was how to clean up crept to her bedroom door and cracked it open. "Y-yes, Mama?"

"Bring me another beer!"

"Yes, Mama."

Sam opened her door further and left the sweet sanctuary of her room. She went to the kitchen and opened up the fridge. "Which one, Mama?"

"Pud White." her mother answered.

Sam located the said brand in the back of the fridge and took a bottle out of the case carefully. Holding it with both her hands so she didn't drop it, she carried it to the living room and handed it to her mother. Her mother snatched it from her hand, her eyes not leaving the TV set. A football game was on. If Sam knew correctly, it was the Patriots against the Yankees. She could've been wrong, she never kept up with sports as much as her mother.

Her mother twisted open the cap and tossed the bottle back, taking a long swig of her drink. Sam stood beside the couch awkwardly, staring shyly at her mother. Her mother gave her a sideways glance and grimaced. "What, whaddya want?"

"I-" Sam began.

"Hurry it up, kid, I ain't got all day." Her mother said.

"Can I...go to the park?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I don't give a shit." Her mother waved her off, dismissing her.

Sam breathed a sigh of relief and left the room calmly. When she was out of sight she ran to her room and put on her sneakers, the ones with the straps so she didn't have to worry about fighting with shoe laces. She walked through the rooms that went behind the living room, so she wouldn't have to pass her mom, and went out the front door. The park was only a few blocks away, she'd walked there plenty of times before. Her mother never took her anywhere, so she had to learn how to get around by herself. She knew how to get around most of Seattle, but she didn't dare to take the bus or train. She was afraid of being kidnapped or worse.

Upon reaching the park, she went to her favorite spot. The duck pond. She liked throwing stuff into the pond, though she always "mistakenly" hit the ducks and geese that took refuge there. She made there in ten minutes and stood at the edge of the water, crouching down and searching through the gravel for a good sized rock to chuck at the water. She found a smooth black one and grabbed it. She looked out toward the flock that rested near the other side of the water. She took her aim and raised her arm, throwing the rock as far as it would go. She saw it thunk against a duck's head and watched it flap furiously. She laughed and went for another rock when she heard movement behind her. Her ears flicked at the sound and she turned, becoming face to face with a young brunette boy who had a lollipop in his hand.

"You shouldn't be doing that." he said, staring at Sam.

"Huh?" Sam said.

"It's not nice to throw rocks at the ducks." the boy clarified. "They didn't do anything to you."

Sam shrugged. "What do I care? I don't have to listen to you."

"I'm gonna tell my mom you're throwing rocks at the ducks." the boy threatened. "You'll get in trouble."

"She ain't my mama." Sam snapped. She was getting fed up with this kid. She picked up the rock she was originally going for and readied herself to hurl it across the pond, when the boy spoke again.

"Mom!" he said.

Sam had never moved so fast in her life. She turned on her heel and the rock left her hand. It hit the boy square in his forehead and he fell back in surprise. His face scrunched up and tears began building up in his eyes. He started bawling, and Sam rolled her eyes.

"Aw, quit it already." she said through her teeth. Her hand clenched into a fist; the boy didn't stop crying. "I said quit it!"

She didn't feel her hand or arm move, but she heard her fist connecting with the kid's jaw. He was knocked over on his side and Sam stood back.

"Jimmy!" a woman's voice cried.

A tall woman in a blue dress in heels ran up beside the little boy. It was probably his mother. She picked up the sobbing boy and sent daggers at Sam with her eyes. "What the hell is wrong with you?!"

Sam glared back, not saying a word. Instead she shoved past the lady and ran through the park. Her sneakers thudded against the pavement as she kept on, not wanting to look back.

One day, I'm gonna get out of here. she thought to herself. I'm gonna leave and never look back.


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