Turok: Deaths Wave Chapt 3

After spending several hours listing to Ograth's story David was pretty shure he

had a good grasp on what had happend to the village acording to him about twenty years ago

Anon the speaker for the high concell had come to his ansester and ask that this village be

used as a holding place for the Primagens body ofcourse his ansester agreed then about two

weeks ago an army of Dinosoids came to the village and took the Primagens body away then

a week ago a being of great power came and challenged the current Turok the now dececed

Brian Fireseed to a battle in which Brian was griviusly injured and just vanashed.

After hearing this David was stunned "And you say this creature showed up out of

no where and just challenged Brian to a fight?" Ograth's ansewer was "That is correct."

"Does anyone know who this creature was?" "No one knows, even my greatest sorcerers can

not tell me although they do say they have sensed the powers before and requinezed the one

as the Primagen but could not tell who the other was." at this David was truly suprised

"You mean that the Primage isn't dead?" Ograth shakes his head "No he is truly dead, they

belive that his body has been reanimated by the other power." David had one more question

"But what happened to Anon and the concell why didn't they help?" "that is exactly what we

tried to figuer out but when we tried to contact them we did not get any respose."

Davids only response to this is then we better go see them in person." Ograth shakes his

head and says "I can not go I must stay with my people, but I will send with you our

greatest scouter." David agrees "Okay that will have to do."

An hour later David and the scout who was named Tantor head off to wards the

concells base and the biggest adventure of there lives.