AN: This is another one of my totally off-the-wall fics, but I think it'll turn out well. This is a very short prologue, and I'm just going to post it at the same time I put up chapter one. This should be an interesting fic, and I hope everyone enjoys it. So here we go, I don't own know the drill.


The teenage girl sighed as she put her fingers to the keyboard. Well, time to go.

A little green creature scurried around the room, making odd noises as it went.

Finally, she turned. "Kiwi, what are you doing?"

The Saibaman stopped and looked at her through big red eyes. It said something.

"Oh whatever, just let me get started on this, and then we can go get icees. Plus, I've got homework to do, early band tomorrow, and show choir rehearsal tomorrow night," she sighed again. "Senior year…ugh…but it's going by so fast."

Kiwi made more noises, and she smiled.

"Yeah, I know. College next year. But then I probably won't have time to write. Speaking of which," she turned back to her computer. "Let me get this fic started. Just a chapter, then we'll go. Deal?"

The Saibaman nodded, and Candyland began typing.