Sometimes you have to use water to get dirty

Ex's and Ohh's

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God it was hot! The cool lake water washing over my feet helped a little, but still the heat was almost unbearable, we are in Scotland, isn't it meant to be cold here? My singlet and shorts were stuck to my body with sweat, and my bushy hair was bundled up on top of my head in a lopsided topknot with a quill stuck through just to keep it off my neck. I had come outside to get away from the stuffiness of the castle, but the tree took refuge under ain't giving that much shade, and it's too hot to concentrate on anything, not even my transfiguration homework. Wishing Harry and Ron weren't in detention so I would have something to distract me from seriously contemplating just throwing myself in the lake to cool off, (never mind the giant squid ) I'm just dozing slightly when I hear a wolf whistle from behind me. Flicking the bits of my slightly damp hair that has fallen out if it's makeshift bun, I look over my shoulder at the whistler And see a group of Slytherin guys my age laughing and jeering. Standing up, cocking my hip and raising an eyebrow, I give them my best disapproving professor look I copied from Madame Pince and Professor McGonagall and they shut up real fast and start speed walking away, all except one, Draco Malfoy who from the smirk on his face was the whistler in the first place.

Feeling naughty and figuring nothing could come of it, especially since his stupid friends were only half way back to the castle and still within sight, (that and our slightly-less-than-enemys-but-not-much relationship status) I turn around and purposely splash my hands in the water so that it lands mostly back on me. As I had been bending over from the waist to get to the water and it was only Malfoy's around, I was not expecting the hands that are suddenly on my bum.

Simultaneously I stand and turn around to face whoever dared goose me, not believing that Malfoy would ever touch a "mud-blood" like me, even if he has changed since the war. I open my mouth to make a disparaging remark before my brain registers who is before me, but find it covered by Malfoy's mouth. My hands find themselves around his neck so fast I vaguely wonder if he put them there himself. This thought is overrun by the sensations I get from the way he nibbles on my lower lip, making me gasp granting his tongue access to my mouth.

I tear my lips away, exclaiming "what the hell are we doing? We aren't even hiding!" To which he replies, "I have no idea, but it feels good, so don't stop." Before claiming my lips again.

After a while I feel myself being pushed against the rough bark of the tree, my clothes getting caught on the uneven surface, catching and pulling free as we passionately kiss.

"You wanna, ah, move this somewhere? I think people are mmm watching from the windows!" I gasp as his head dips to suck at my throat.

"Mmm"he mumbles against my neck "they can't see who we are from here, but where do you wanna go?"

Taking his hand I drag him round the tree and through the castle doors, up a few flights of stairs into the prefects bathroom, stopping every once in a while to continue kissing behind statues or in hidden alcoves.

I drag him down onto the bath side lounge, where I usually throw my clothes and straddle him, taking charge for the second time. I strip off my wet singlet, leaving my damp bra on, and then lean down to kiss him thoroughly again. I can feel the evidence of his arousal against my thigh, making me smirk slightly into the kiss. I hate this guy, I don't know what's going on in his mind, or mine for that matter, but I haven't been laid in ages, I'm not stopping now!

Leaning up again I feel his eyes appraising my body

"Green bra huh?" He says flicking the back undone "I like it! Very Slytherin" It falls between us and he flings it towards the bath.

"You know" I say coyly "I think you are a bit overdressed." He sits up and I kneel with my knees either side of him and strip off his tee-shirt, as he reaches down to unbutton my shorts, pushing them, along with my knickers onto my thighs. I stand slightly and wriggle them off, making note of my wand still sticking out my back pocket, then unbuttoning his shorts I gesture for him to lift up and take them off. He obliges.

God I knew it was a couldn't be such a bad idea to do this, his body is beautiful! Still smirking I kneel over him and reach down to stroke his erection. His hands grapple with my breasts before he leans up to lick one, gently talking the nipple between his teeth and flicking it with his tongue as his fingers teasingly glide over the mounds surrounding it. My head flings back in pleasure and my grip on his cock tightens. Unable to take anymore teasing, not in this weather, and especially not in this situation, I move slightly so he is in line with me before slowly sinking down onto his dick.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" the mantra repeats over and over in my head as I let out breathy moans. Slowly, oh so slowly I rise up and plunge back down, over and over again until he pulls me flush against him, rolling us over so he is on top. Sitting up he pulls my legs up and over his shoulders, and thrusts back in, hard!

I begin to babble and moan uncontrollably as he slams in over and over again.

"Fuck that feels good" I manage to blurt out before my leg slips from his shoulders. We are both covered in sweat from both the sex and the excessive heat.

"You know" he says with a look in his eye that promises trouble, "I think we need to cool off a little." My eyes flicker to the bath and back to his and I quirk my eyebrow. "Cool off huh, how might we do that?" I reach across to my shorts and flick my wand at the pool sized bath, and it is instantly filled with cool water.

We are off that lounge and into the bath in no time, the cool water against my heated flesh feels so good and from the look on his face, he agrees.

Simultaneously we reach for each other, fingers feverishly clutching and touching, making each other heat up even in the cool bath. His hand slides down my breast, his mouth replacing it as his fingers trail down south across my belly and into my curls. One of my hands knots itself into his hair to keep him in place and the other finds his cock and pumps it in long, languorous stokes.

Walking deeper into the cool water, he gives my nipple one last teasing bite before capturing my lips once more. The weightless feeling of being in the water is euphoric especially mixed with his talented fingers circling my clit. My legs wrap around his waist as I align our pelvises, breaking the kiss to look at his face. Never breaking eye contact he moves slightly so just the head is inside me and by God does it feel good! Continuing at the same slow pace he sheaths himself inside me and walks gradually through the water to the shallower edge of the bath.

Drawing out he captures my nipple with his lips as I brace myself against the slick side of the bath. He thrusts back in, this time hard and the sensation of that, his mouth on my nipples and the water lapping over me pushes me over the edge, looks like you can get wetter even submerged in water!

Crying out in pleasure as my orgasm breaks over me, I vaguely notice my fingers digging into his muscled shoulders, leaving little half moon crescents where my nails are biting in. Clinging to him tighter as he continues to thrust right through my orgasm, I tilt my head back, giving him unwarranted access to my neck which he immediately latches on to. The sucking and nipping sensation as he leaves his mark on my neck is particularly arousing and my hips start to undulate against his in time with his thrusts.

Circling against him I realize I am running my hardened nipples across his chest, creating the most intriguing sensation. Wondering if he will react the same way. I brush the fingertips of my left hand over his nipple once, repeating it several times over as he starts to swear against my neck and thrust harder into me, which I take to mean he likes the sensation.

Pulling his head from my neck I attack his lips with a ferocity I didn't know I possessed when it wasn't aimed at homework. My hands find his shoulders and I use them, as well as my thighs on his hips, as leverage so I can control the pace for a bit, bouncing up and down on his cock. The water lapping at my body creates a delicious sensation as it is pushed and sucked away from my clit with the thrusting of our bodies. Mmm water sex, excellent idea!

Using my own thrusts he grabs me as I am powering myself up through the water and spins me around, telling me to get a firm grip on the bath side tedge.

His fingers slide down my behind, grazing a hand across my left cheek and lightly pinching the right then thrusting straight in with no warning. Gasping at the unexpected sensation, my fingers scrabble against the side of the bath, trying to find better purchase so I'm not fucked right under the water level. Pounding in as fast as he can move through the water, he pulls me back against his chest, one hand splayed against my stomach, the other at my clit, he pushes in as far as he can go, which feels pretty damn deep!

Padding along the floor of the bath, I pull the two of us through the water to the steps, where I push him away from me and tell him in a breathless voice to sit down. He sits, cock erect, begging to be fucked.

Slipping my knees either side of him and bracing my hands on the side behind him I lower myself straight down onto him and just sit there for a few seconds, just savoring the feeling if him inside me. Slowly I start to rock my hips back and forwards, gracefully grinding into him without moving up of down. Incorporating circles into my movements I can feel his legs quivering beneath me so start to move more rapidly. His hands find my hips and begin to try and control my movements more, bouncing me up and down a little at each rotation. Gradually picking up speed be begin to smoothly grind deeper and harder into each other, both of us moving, our lips finding each other's in a messy, unthinking kiss.

We continue to thrust into each other, slowly but surely building speed until we are both teetering at the edge of orgasms. The lapping notion of the water at my clit combined with the thrusting of his beautiful cock sends me over the edge first, and my orgasm sets if his, and we come, clinging to each other riding out the pleasurable shockwaves until we are both utterly spent, our bodies still quivering with the aftershocks of what were some truly fabulous orgasms.

Leaning back and pushing off his chest I plant a small sweet kiss on his lips and push my hair back off my face. "I think now you might be able to call me by my first name?" I laugh tiredly but contentedly, "coz if you call Granger I'm gonna think of my parent"

"I'll make you a deal, I call you Hermione, you call me Draco, and we keep doing this!"


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