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Ex's and Ohh's

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I hadn't realised how often Draco and I had sex until we were physically separated. It's only been six days and I'm getting withdrawal symptoms. It was bad enough that I couldn't concentrate properly on what others were saying, that my homework wasn't near done, and that Christmas didn't seem all that exciting, at least compared to the thrill of almost getting caught with you legs around your "enemy's" waist! Not to mention the fact that I am horny all the fecking time!

"Hermione? Are you coming"

"Huh?" I snap out of a day dream involving Draco and I and a distinct lack of clothing. "What were you saying Harry?" He chuckles a bit, but repeats the question "Ginny, Ron and I are going to Diagon Ally for ice cream and a look at the twins shop, do you want to go?" Oh right, well I guess it's a distraction.

"Sure, as long as you don't mind me dropping into the bookshop" he laughs again, "I wouldn't expect anything else, you can have fun in there while the three of us are in the Quiddich shop"

It's remarkable how fast people move when they are wanting to go somewhere fun. One second they are telling me of their plans, the next I am being shuffled upstairs by Ginny to put on more appropriate clothing, and am pushed out the door and apparated away. It is actually even more of a distraction than I thought it would be, we get ice cream from Mr. Fortesque I get to lose myself in the smell of books and interesting titles in the book store, and eventually we meet up again to make our way over to the twins' shop. Which is easily the most eye catching! Business is booming as usual and the shop is packed enough that there isn't room to swing a kneezle. We are only in there a few seconds when I feel two arms drape across my shoulder from either side. "Hello boys" I smile at the two stocky red heads draped around me "Hello to you, our favourite prefect, what brings you here to our humble store?" They say in unison, I'm still not sure how they do that. "Humble?" I snort in derision, if they aren't millionaires by now I would be very surprised. I duck out from under their arms and ask what are the new products, as Cheeky and troublesome they are, they really are fantastic inventors and I am constantly surprised and overwhelmed by what they are able to come up with.

"Well princess" says George "you have come at the right time" finishes Fred. I laugh at their antics, but follow them to the back of the shop were they have a few stands set up with a the sparkling words "New stuff!" Hovering over the top.

"Or if you want to see the extra special new stuff, follow us" Fred says with a glint in his eye whilst George starts steering me in the direction of the store room.

"This, this is a very special," "creative," "difficult," "unusual piece of magic we have developed." I am herded through the door of the stood room to where the twins obviously do a fair bit of their inventing. The walls are slightly blackened in places there are several tables, some with cauldrons, some with sheets of parchment covered in scribbles, and an ugly couch sits against the only wall not fitted with shelves full of all sorts of crazy things.

"Now these" starts Fred, indicating to a set of what looks like silver bracelets "these are quite clever, if you tap one, and wear it on your left wrist and" "someone else taps the other and wears it on their right then you" "or they" "can transmit touch through them" "whatever you feel, they feel!" Their twin talk gives me such a headache sometimes.

"Mr Weasleys?" Verity's spiky haired head pokes through the door, "we are having a bit of an issue out here, someone bumped into the love potion stand and some of them have fallen into the Pygmy puff enclosure and well..."

"We will be right there" They chime together, then spin around to face me once more, leaning forward slightly "right Granger, see if you can work out the magic" "we will give you a free set if you can" with an in-sync wiggle of their eyebrows they leave to deal with the Pygmy puff problem.

Seating myself firmly on the couch with the bracelets, I wave my wand over them to see whether there is some sort of linking charm or if they have been separately charmed when the door creaks open once again. Looking up I see Draco leaning casually against the doorframe.


Without waiting to think I bound across the room and wrap myself around him, planting my lips on his, professing how much I'd missed him and our sex through the sheer neediness of the kiss and my hands diving into his hair.

"What are you doing here" I manage to breathe into his mouth.

"I was here anyway with Mother when I saw your lot go into WWW and though I would surprise you, well that and I fucking need you as soon as possible!" That last bit was said as a groan as he lifted me up sharply so my legs wrapped around his waist and my arms were thrown around his neck.

"You have no idea how much I have missed this!" I moan as I feel his hardness against my arse from my vantage point around him. He moves forward suddenly and deposits me on one of the twins' tables, scattering the parchments all over the floor. Dipping his head, he busies himself lathing kisses and bites along my collar bone and neck, his hands dancing around my shirt, undoing buttons, pulling and tugging and generally being a menace to my neat clothes not that I minded. My own hands were also busy, burrowing under his robes to get at the smooth pale skin I knew was hiding under there. Quiddich and a few month if regular and energetic sex had also seen the further development of some very nice muscles too!

Spreading my legs further and standing between them as close as he could, Draco starts pushing and jerking my thick woollen jumper, stripping me from the top down. We are undressed in record time, they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I think in our case it's absence makes the hormones build unbearably! Pulling him forwards so he is lying on top of me on the desk, I scrape my nails lightly along his back causing him to shiver slightly and bite my lower lip gently. Running my fingers lower, I pump him lightly a few times, then guide him to my entrance, too horny to wait any longer or suffer though any pleasurable torture foreplay would bring.

Undulating his hips, he sinks slowly inside me, the pace at odds with our previous frantic motions. Letting out a deep breath, he rests his forehead in the juncture of my neck, obviously concentrating on not merely pounding me into the table, not that I would mind all that much either way. His slow movements gradually increase in pace for a few minutes, until we have established a regular rhythm that allows us to build up just enough energy that we aren't wasting our limited time together, so that we might, emphasis on the might, last a little longer.

Then he starts to bite at my neck, one of his hands that was previously helping hold up his body moves so it is lightly pulling and tugging at one of my very erect nipples, and I decide that I have had enough of this entirely too slow and unlike us sex! Flipping us over so he is lying flat on his back on the long work table, I straddle him and start bouncing to my hearts content. Flinging my head back so my hair sprays out behind me, I rest my hands on his upper thighs and use my leg muscles, well developed from all the staircases at Hogwarts, to propel myself up and down on his hard cock. Something silvery catches my eye on one of the downward thrusts and I turn my head to see the silver bangles lying on the ugly couch. With a quick accio I have them hanging from my index finger as I lean over Draco.

Slipping the first one over my own wrist and tapping it, I offer him the second and my wand. As soon as the wand hits the bracelet all of my sensations double, and whilst I don't feel like I have an invisible penis, I can feel twice as much pleasure down there, pressure on my hip bones and fingers at my breasts from where my hands are on his chest. Experimentally I give his collarbone a kiss, and the sensation of lips is also on my collar bone. Obviously catching on, he runs a long finger from my neck down past my belly button and onto my clitoris. A jolt of pleasure shoots into my lower belly, and from the look in his eye he felt something too.

A smirk sneaks it's way onto his face, and before I know it, I am lifted off both him and the table, spun around and bent over the table. "Well, aren't we a naughty girl?" I look back at him, then lightly pinch my own nipple, smirking as he twitches in response. "Yup!" is my eloquent reply, and is all that is needed as with that one word he thrusts deeply inside me, both of us groaning as every sensation, especially pleasure is doubled over due to the bracelets.

Rubbing my clit in counter clock-wise circles he brings me, and by default himself, closer and closer to orgasm. With one particularly hard thrust I come, and his hips start to piston even faster as he feels my orgasm ripping through him as it is ripping through me. Knees starting to give out from the overwhelming sensation of a double orgasm, I flop bonelessly, sprawled across the table.


Drawing out of me, but still surprisingly hard, Draco pulls me across to the couch against he wall. Lying down and pulling me down in front of him, he starts running his long fingers up and down my stomach, tracing circles around my belly button and pressing kisses to my shoulder. Pulling the bracelet off his wrist he whispers "I just want to feel you for now". Absolutely melting at his words, I turn my head to give him a kiss, and press against his straining erection. Repositioning himself slightly, he slides into me once again. Moaning at the full feeling, I lean back I to him, giving him full access to my body. After a few moments, I draw my leg up and tilt my pelvis back, crying out at the increase in sensations this brings. Grasping hold of my extended leg, Draco uses it to thrust harder and faster into me until I am surprised we aren't shaking the walls, then with a hiss I come, and a few seconds later so does he.

It takes us a few minutes to recover, but we get up and dutifully start to get dressed (which takes a bit longer than it should as we "help" each-other) and scourify the couch and the table, replacing the papers we scattered in what I think looks like the right order. But within minutes we are back on the couch, me straddling Draco's lap and snogging furiously when there is a cough from the doorway.

"Afffternoon" blushing beetroot I spin around, almost falling off the couch, to see the twins leaning against the door smirking obtusely. "Now Gred, this is an interesting development!" "Interesting indeed, I wonder what she'd give us to stay quiet?" Aww fuck! Now what?


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