Master Vokara Che is pleased when she visits Master Kenobi. She had been closely monitoring him over the past two rotations and had found herself pleasantly surprised that he had held to his agreement. He was eating again, though still too sparingly for Vokara's liking and several times a day he would walk with a healer down the halls and back again to stretch out his healing muscles. He is calmer, she notes as she walks into his room for the first time today. The midday meal had just been served and Kenobi's sits half-eaten near his bedside. He sits cross-legged on his bed, his eyes closed, the back of his hands resting comfortably on his knees. Vokara studies him in silence for several minutes.

"I can feel you thinking," he says as he opens his eyes and turns to look upon the healer's face.

"How long have you not been able to meditate?" she asks. Vokara Che, always straight to the point. Obi-Wan doesn't even take the time to wonder how she knows of his trouble meditating. When it came to the Healing Hall, the Master just seemed to know everything.

"Since the incident," he replies. He speaks plainly and honestly, but his voice is softer than usual. Vokara nods, a subtle acknowledgment and appreciation of his candidness. Obi-Wan takes in a slow, deep breath and then releases it just as slowly.

"It is a continuing endeavor," he amends lightly.

"I am not concerned," Vokara answers. Her eyebrow raises slightly. "Yet," she smiles. A smile from the Master Healer is a rare gift and Obi-Wan is honored and surprised to have earned it.

"And here I was beginning to think," Obi-Wan started, but another voice stops his. The moan is so quiet it is barely audible, but both Jedi hear it. More importantly, both Jedi sense it. Vokara moves quickly to Anakin's bed. Obi-Wan is slower and less graceful, but he follows right behind her. Between and below them, Anakin's brow wrinkles slightly and his eyes squeeze tighter shut as he struggles toward consciousness. Vokara busily checks monitors and readouts glancing between their data and her patient, but Obi-Wan never takes his eyes off of Anakin.

"Mmmmm," he moans again. Vokara, satisfied at whatever the various readings have reported, carefully removes his breathing mask. Obi-Wan takes his hand.

"Anakin. Anakin, it's time to wake-up. Anakin..." he says sweetly. Anakin grimaces. His eyes open slowly, blinking several times against the harsh glare of the lights. Obi-Wan turns away for a moment. He reaches out with the Force and lowers the illumination in the room. He turns his attention back to his friend and former padawan. Anakin's eyes are open. He tries to speak, but his throat is dry.

"Wa... wa... ter," he rasps weakly. Vokara already has a glass in hand, anticipating his needs. Anakin raises his head slightly and takes a few slow sips, his face relaxing with each draw of the cool beverage. Anakin falls back from the offered glass and turns to look at his former master. Waves of relief pass through Obi-Wan's body as Anakin's blue eyes settle on his own. A crooked smile creeps across Anakin's mouth.

"If I'm here, I guess I should expect an I told you so," he jokes. Obi-Wan shakes his head and brushes a curl off Anakin's brow.

"No I told you so. Just happy that you're here."

"Oh," Anakin says, his face suddenly serious. "It must've been bad. What happened?"

"What is the last thing you remember?" Vokara asks. Anakin closes his eyes, concentrating on bringing forth his memories. Suddenly, his eyes open wide and he turns sharply back to Obi-Wan.

"Obi-Wan, are you,"

"I'm fine, Anakin," Obi-Wan says, his voice calm, his hands still clasped around Anakin's. "I'm fine now," he repeats and for the first time since he woke up in the healing ward he knows he speaks the truth. He is fine now. It is a certainty.

The End.