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Who are you?

"What do we do? What do we do?" Remus ran around the room to Ness and Sirius.

"Don't ask me!"

"Ok, lets, um, wake her up and ask her what year this is."

"Ok. We need some, er, WATER!" James muttered a spell under his breath and freezing cold water came out of his wand.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Ness screamed once. She took a look around at Remus and James and screamed again. She stood up. "Ok, first of all, who are you?"

"Ness, I'm hurt that you don't recognise me." James said, with puppy dog eyes.

"Ok, I definitely know that you're James. So you're Remus, but, how?"

"Vanessa, you are a witch, are you not? Figure it out." James said, grinning.

"Um, you're doing something illegal because Sirius found something and you somehow travelled forward in time."

James looked at Remus, disbelievingly. Remus hadn't gotten over the shock that his girlfriend was now about 40.

(Ness- HEY ::hits Lauren over the head:: Lauren- what was that for?)

"She's good" Said Sirius, who happened to be eating up lots of sweets, behind Ness.

"SIRIUS!" James said in shock. Then again, you would be shocked too, if one moment, someone is acting like they have brain damage and the next minute, they're back to normal (Well, as normal as Sirius gets anyway).


James, Remus and Ness just stared, disbelievingly, before turning back to their conversations.

"What year did you come from?" Ness asked, curious.

"1980. We're-" James was cut off by Ness.

"15." She said. "Wow, well, welcome to 1995!"


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