The Origin of the Black Widow

Authors Note: Hey Guys, my first piece; hope you enjoy it. Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve.

Target Audience: Rating M. Suitable for readers 16 and over.

Warning: Violence included.

*please note that all dialogue taking place is in Russian*

Chapter One

She knew the life she had lived was over as she stood in the snow one late winter night. Her home burning brightly behind her as she watched a tall man in uniform shoot her parents in the head mercilessly before turning his attention onto her. He walked steadily over to where she stood shaking from the cold. The man held out his hand to the red haired child, waiting until she took it before leading her away into the comfort of darkness. Never once did she cry. Never once did she look back. Even as a child; the little girl known as Natalia was already starting the journey that would become the most feared assassin in history.

The man later introduced himself as Ivan; he told her he was her handler and from here on out she must do what he ordered her to do without hesitation. Natalia simply nodded and followed him through the corridors of what was known as the Red Room facility. He led her into a small room which he told her was now hers. The room was bare, consisting of a small bed, a small table and a wardrobe. Ivan left her alone, explaining he would be back shortly and she should change into the clothes on the bed. Four years old Natalia nodded and turned to the clothes; a black short sleeved top and black combat trousers. She changed quickly and stood waiting for him to come back.

Ivan did come back as promised a few minutes later. Gesturing for her to follow, he led her deeper into her new home until they came to a large training area. The room was vast with mats spread out across the entire width and various training equipment in the corners. Natalia observed the room; her eyes drawn to a pair of girls older than herself sparring in the middle of the room. Ivan watched her as Natalia's eyes widened in shock at the speed of which the girls were fighting.

"Come Natalia" Ivan told her, leading her towards an imposing man at the opposite side of the room. She followed him.

"FORM UP" Barked the instructor at a group of girls in front of him. He turned round as Ivan approached.

"General Petrovich" the instructor nodded at him in acknowledgement.

"Instructor, I have a new recruit for you. Her name is Natalia" replied Ivan gesturing at Natalia. She stepped forward and nodded at her new instructor.

"So… you're my new student are you? First thing you need to know; I tell you to do something, you do it without question, understood?" he said looking directly at her. She simply nodded again. Suddenly the instructor lashed out, striking her face. Natalia fell to the ground, her cheek stinging and lip split. She glared up at him with tears in the corners of her eyes.

"When I ask you a question I expect the first and last word to come out of your mouth to be either 'sir' or 'master', is that clear?" he asked calmly and quietly, staring down intently at the child before him.

Natalia nodded quickly and replied, "Sir yes Sir" the instructor nodded before turning his attention back on Ivan.

"Very well I will take her on for a period of one month to see if she will be worth the Red Rooms time." He told Ivan.

Ivan nodded and turned on his heel, without another word or glance at either of them he left the room.

Natalia got back on her feet and turned her attention onto her instructor. He commanded her to stand still before slowly circling her; looking at her from all angles. Nodding to himself he stopped back in front of her. "Join the back row" he commanded her.

Natalia scrambled to obey and took her place next to a girl similar in age with long black hair. The instructor continued to shout out commands and Natalia copied the other girls; she had always been a fast learner so she picked it up quickly. Hours passed and she was tiring quickly. She stumbled but quickly recovered as the girls began a new routine. At long last the instructor shouted "HALT"

All the girls quickly stood to attention in front of the instructor; all save Natalia face were expressionless, Natalia however was looking exhausted and relieved that it was over. The instructor saw and stalked over to her. Grabbing her by the hair, he dragged her out of formation and over to several guards dotted around the room. Shoving her into them- she stumbled- he said " See to it that she understands that feelings are not permitted here; if she cries continue the lesson until she stops. Understood?" The guards nodded before grabbing Natalia's arms and dragging her out of the room.

They dragged her down several bleak corridors before shoving her into an empty, bare cell. The guards followed; slamming the door shut behind them, effectively trapping her. One guard grabbed her arms and viciously twisted them behind her; she cried out in pain however that only made the guard twist them further. The Second guard began to punch her unprotected stomach repeatedly. Natalia began to sob and scream in pain as a rib cracked. The punishment continued, the first guard dropped her and they both proceeded to kick her as she curled up in an attempt to protect herself, sobbing the entire time. Time passed in unknown quantity and slowly she stopped crying as she slowly lost consciousness. The guards continued for a few more minutes before stopping the beating. They dragged her between them back to her room before calling a doctor to check on her.

She woke up in pain; every inch of her small body was on fire. Natalia looked around unsure where she was for a moment before the events of the previous day caught up with her. She slowly dragged herself to her feet and inspected herself to see the injuries. Bruises covered her arms and legs and she could feel the tight bandage across her stomach, she knew she had at least one broken rib. A sound outside her door alerted her to someone's presence. Her door opened and Ivan walked in. He stopped a few steps from where she stood, staring intently at her. "Do you understand why you were punished Natalia?" when he spoke, his voice was hard and cold.

Natalia involuntary took a step back at his chilling tone before replying, "Yes Master"

"And why were you punished?" he asked again, stepping towards her.

"I showed my emotions. Emotions have no place in my life anymore; I failed." She spoke quietly and without emotion while looking directly at the floor. Ivan studied her silently before nodding his head. "Good. Let's go, your instructor awaits you." He turned around and walked out of the door, clearly expecting her to follow. She did.

She stood before her instructor silently and emotionless as he walked around her, inspecting her injuries. He punched her in the stomach, carefully watching her reaction. Natalia let out a small gasp of pain and bent over breathing deeply for a moment before straightening up slowly and standing at attention with no trace of emotion across her delicate features. The instructor stared intently before stating "You learn quickly. That is good"

He led her over to an empty mat and instructed her to copy him. He settled into a defense stance; she copied. Walking around her, checking her stance he continually commented and changed her posture before nodding in satisfaction. He began showing her how to punch, kick and block effectively and for several hours she did just that; after he told her to attack him with everything she has got. She nodded before launching herself at him drawing on everything he had just taught her and ignoring the pain from her injuries as much as she could. The instructor blocked and sidestepped every attack she threw at him before retaliating. Natalia blocked the first few punches before he slipped through her defenses and kicked her right leg out from under her. He followed up with a punch in the stomach kicking her flat on her back. She lay there panting and tried to blink back the tears forming in her eyes. Her instructor stared down at her and his face hardened when he saw the single tear trickle down her cheek. Kicking her once more, he turned away and left her lying there. Five minutes later, guards grabbed her and dragged her back down the corridors into the same cell as the previous day. The beating started again.

Her training lessons continued the same pattern for the next three weeks. It always began with just Natalia and her instructor. No one else. No other girls. It always ended with just Natalia and two guards in the cell. Natalia finally began to learn that emotions made her weak and the beatings were making her stronger and so she stopped resisting, she stopped crying and she stopped caring about her injuries. Her instructor was pleased with her progress. Natalia learnt quickly and soon was being taught to throw harder, faster strikes with her fists, feet and elbows. The training was merciless, the instructors taught her it reflected the world outside the walls of the Red Room and she must be ready for whatever was thrown at her.

Her one month probation was up. Natalia stood to attention in front Ivan and her instructor. "She is a strong child Ivan, she learns quickly and well. I will continue her training for the next eleven months after that time I will recommend whether or not she should be terminated." The instructor spoke to Ivan as though she was not there. Ivan nodded his head and smiled proudly at Natalia. "Well done Natalia, you have pleased me greatly with your progress, continue and you will do well here. Dismissed"

Natalia bowed to the two men before she walked to the opposite side of the room where the punching bags resided. The men watch silently as she began to deliver a series of precise punches into the bag. "She will be our greatest creation Ivan, someday" the instructor told him before walking over and joining Natalia. Ivan stood there for a moment contemplating the future; "indeed she shall" he said quietly to himself before leaving.

"Why do I not train with the other girl's master?" asked five year old Natalia while going through a rather difficult balancing routine. The fist came out of nowhere. It struck Natalia in the stomach making her stumble but not fall. A swift kick came next, taking her flat on her back. Her instructor placed his boot over her wind pipe before replying, "You do not ask questions Natalia, you know this, why continue this act of defiance? it will gain you nothing" with that he started to increase the pressure on her neck. Natalia began to writhe beneath, clawing at his leg as her oxygen was cut off. "Perhaps you need another lesson in obedience Natalia" he mused aloud. The instructor watched with sadistic pleasure as her eyes widened in fear; he took his foot off her neck enabling her to breathe again before gesturing towards several guards to step forward. Natalia rolled onto all fours as she coughed and gasped as air filled her lungs.

"Take her to cell four gentlemen. I will join you shortly" the instructor ordered them before walking away. The guards approached her and dragged her out of the room.

The cell they threw her in consisted of three by three meters in diameter with metal walls, no windows and a chair. The chair was ignored; set to the side; and Natalia found herself in a heap on the cold metal floor. Her instructor walked in one hour later with a large box. One guard stepped forward and took the box before her instructor walked over to where she lay. He crouched down in front of her and grabbed her chin tightly, forcing her to look up at him. "You will learn obedience Natalia" he coldly told her before standing back up again.

"Take off her top" he ordered his men, they complied. Natalia fought back as they ripped her clothes off her, one man delivered a glancing blow to the side of the head to make her more compliant. Eventually she stood there shivering in only her trousers, glaring at the men in front of her. Snapping his fingers, her instructor walked behind her, pushing her onto her knees. "Hold her down" he commanded before turning his attention to the box. Opening it, he took out a long coiled leather whip before getting into position. Without another word, he began to strike her exposed back. She screamed. Underneath the men holding her down, she thrashed around trying in vain to escape the agony lancing up and down her small frame.

Time held no meaning to her. It could have been minutes or hours that passed; while only marked by the new scream that pierced the air every time a new lash found its mark. Pain was all she new until the blissful moment where the sound of the whip hitting her skin ceased. "Release her" she heard in the background and found the iron grips release her from hells embrace. Footsteps sounded in front of her and a hand gripped her chin, forcing her to look up. "One hundred and ninety strikes Natalia. Next time it will be three hundred and ninety." Her instructor told her before leaving the room with the guards. Leaving her alone on the cold, bloody floor.

Authors note: please tell me what you think. Is it too dark for the first chapter? I always thought that the Black Widow was born through pain at a young age so I thought I would write how I thought her history played out.

Please note that Natalia was born in 1928 and so later gets a super serum which of course comes later. Hope you enjoyed it.