In the eleven years since he first saw daylight Treize had never been so at peace before. If the cries of the gulls hadn't remind him of his closeness to the sea the air would have. From the city below he could hear people living. They have no cares...No... that can not be true, but there are few nations were people sound so enthusiastic in their everyday occupations. Treize turned away from the window, knowing he had to meet up with the king. Once, at another formality, he had met him and had thought him sympathetic. However he would have preferred to breathe Sanc's air just a little longer.

He walked through the long corridor and watched the old tapestries on the walls. They depicted scenes from weddings, state visits of foreign monarchs and Scandinavian mythological figures. What Treize found really striking was how there were none that depicted armies, battlefields or anything else that had something to do with war. How different from Khushrenada-castle.

Baron Hughes, his educator, had asked him to accompany him to the celebrations for the birth of the Sanc princess. Treize's curiosity for the Sanc-kingdom had been stronger than his desire to stay at the military academy. And he now marvelled at the inside of its ancient castle. 

When he passed another corridor a baby's sounds drew him to a wooden door on his left. He opened it by pushing the heavy door-handle. The walls were covered with ancient paintings and bathed in lots of sunlight. He immediately realized it had to be the princess sleeping in the cradle in the middle of the room. Treize was delighted he could see her without the formalities of an official meeting. He walked over, wishing he had some kind of cuddle toy to draw a smile on her face. Then he was stopped by a look from eyes, icier then he had ever seen. A boy stood between him and the cradle, arms spread, shoulders as broad as he could, protecting the baby inside. Where he came from Treize didn't know, he had been so quick that he hadn't even noticed him until he saw the eyes. These eyes, they were warning him, threatening him, but there was some fear and anxiety. However it wasn't Treize the boy feared, but something else. And suddenly the most important thing in Treize's life was to find out what. A cracking sound made Treize's eyes flee back to the doorway. Lord Hughes had entered. He scolded when he saw Treize there, but his mouth turned into a fake smile when he saw the young child. The boy didn't respond at all and was still looking at Treize.

"Come on Treize, there will be enough time to see the princess later."

Treize followed him, but looked back one last time. The eyes were still watching him, but now he also saw the shoulder length, almost white hair and the slender, small figure beneath it.

With a shock he realized this boy could be no more than half his age.

To be continued.