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Over the years Brady and Colin proved they only wanted my babies to be happy and what more could a mother ask for. It took a little convincing from me to get Jasper to back down a bit and allow the boys to be around the girls but he did and after spending some time with the boys he realized their feelings truly were filled with love and a desire to protect.

The girls stopped aging and looked eighteen by the their twelfth birthday but it was on their sixteenth birthday things started to change. Jasper still monitored the boys emotions just to be safe and I think he did so even more as the girls got older.

We had just moved again and were now living in Massachusetts. Jane and Alec lived with us off and on over the years. Once they found their mates they took to traveling with them more. It was hard the first time but it's gotten easier and I know they always come home. Jane calls me daily and Alec calls every two or three days.

Since I wanted the girls to go to public school for a few years we decided to start them as high school sophomores. Brady and Colin received their diploma's after we did all the official paperwork for home schooling but had decided to join the girls for three years of high school. At least now they would have a chance to go everyday unlike when they were living on the La Push reservation.

"What's wrong?" I asked Jasper one night. He had just come in from a hunt and stopped dead in his tracks and glaring at the kids, I quickly realized he was glaring at our two youngest twins.

"No!" he roared. That caused all six of our kids to jump.

"We didn't do anything," Colin's eyes were wide open.

"We were just watching a movie," Brady said while both of the boys had started to move away. They assumed, like all of us, that Jasper was mad at them.

"You are too young," Jasper stalked over to our babies, which startled us all. "You go to your room now and don't even think of trying to leave this house!"

"Boys why don't you go for a run while I talk to Jasper," I suggested. They quickly went out back so they could strip and phase. While they continued to age for a bit at first, they stopped when they looked to be twenty-two. Carlisle even confirmed they were done and from what we can tell, as long as they continue to phase they will not age. At least this way, I get to keep all my children with me for eternity. I had noticed Alec and Jane took off after Colin and Brady as well. While their gifts could drop Jasper in a heartbeat they would never do that to him unless it was the only choice.

"Jasper," I walked towards him and rested my hand on his arm. He quickly spun around and gripped me in a tight hug.

"They are feeling lust and desire towards the boys," he gritted out. "I thought I'd have to worry about the boys but their feelings still show a desire to have the girls happy and protected. I never thought I'd have to worry about the girls wanting more from the boys."

"Oh babe," I sighed. "They are growing up and won't stay little forever as much as you would like for them too. Just take comfort in the fact that the boys will make them happy and won't do anything the girls aren't truly ready for. You know the boys are incapable of doing something if it isn't in the girls best interest."

"Yeah but if the girls convince them it's in their best interest then what?" Jasper still had the murderous look on his face but I could sense he was starting to calm down.

"Then we deal with it," I smiled to my Mate. "The girls are sixteen years old and it's normal for them to start wanting a boyfriend. They are going to start dating sooner or later, granted after your outburst tonight, I'm sure Brady and Colin will hold the girls off as long as possible. I'm sure they fear your reaction to them worse than your reaction to the girls."

"Well at least that's something," Jasper grumbled.

I was right and the boys point blank told Sarah and Callie they weren't going to do anything for a while. They did allow the relationship to shift a little and started going out on official dates. Most of the time they would double date with each other but occasionally Brady and Collin would put together a special date just for their girl.

As long as their dad wasn't around, my baby girls were always honest with me. They would ask me questions and when they thought they were ready for the next step they talked to me. I asked them how they felt about the boys, if they thought their feelings were true love or lust at the moment. Since I wasn't telling them no, like their dad would have, they stopped to think about it. I advised them that to be truly ready for sex they need to know, without a doubt or hesitation, they love the boys and only when they could answer that question would they be mentally ready for what their body was saying they were physically ready for.

While I don't know the exact date the girls lost their virginity, I do know it was after their eighteenth birthday. Brady and Collin asked Jasper and I for our permission to marry the girls shortly before Sarah and Callie turned nineteen. I was very impressed with my wolves as I could feel the protectiveness simmering in Jasper at the thought of his baby girls getting married.

Of course, Jasper couldn't deny the boys as we had practically raised them for the last nineteen years and he knew exactly what kind of men they had become. I knew from the minute they told me about the imprint that this would happen one day and was over joyed. They proposed on the same day as Sarah and Callie would like that. Their bond as twins made them so close that they did most things together so I wasn't really surprised when they said they wanted a double wedding. Brady and Collin just wanted them happy so they didn't have any objections.

The La Push pack were of course invited even if I had some doubts myself, but Brady and Collin had been calling them for a few years trying to make it so they were on friendly terms. I couldn't blame them as La Push held their heritage. I wasn't surprised though when all of them declined the invitation but said if the boys ever wanted to visit on their own they were more than welcome.

Jane and Alec each brought their mates. Jane had met her mate, a nomad named George, while she was on a mission for the Volturi shortly after Sarah and Callie were born. She brought them back and I wasn't surprised when Jasper and Grandpa took him aside and lit into him about treating her right, but it was nothing compared to when I got him alone. The poor boy was so terrified of me after that he still gets nervous when I'm around.

Alec on the other hand met his mate, a sweet Irish girl named Claire. She seemed to win the heart of all the boys in no time but as a mother my heart is only for my Mate and children so she and I had a nice chat which scared her enough to know I was serious about burning her regardless if she is my Alec's mate.

For now, Jane and Alec are with their mates but neither has expressed a desire to wed yet. I think the mate bond between vampires is strong enough that the paperwork from a marriage isn't required and since they've introduced their mates to the family that's all that matters to them.

After the wedding of our babies, my Angel and I decided a little alone time was in order. We traveled around the world on our own, while Brady and Sarah settled into their own home with Collin and Callie living next door. I do hope over the years, my girls will decide they can live a bit farther apart but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

The one thing that has never and will never change is Jasper always watching out for me. He truly is my Guardian Angel and I feel a small amount of pity for anyone who angers him, especially in regards to me.

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