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The story had been a huge success, and Luke had passed on Alec and Magnus' reward with a pat on the back and a 'You've earned this.'

The owner of the literature magazine the story had been published to had been so pleased that he'd given both Alec and Magnus a fifty dollar bonus. Magnus was delighted, deciding straight away that he just had to have those designer skinny jeans he'd seen in the window of an expensive shop. Alec, being the more generous of the two, decided he'd spend his money on getting everyone better Christmas presents this year.

The date the two had set just so happened to fall on Christmas Eve Eve (Which had been Alec's favourite term up until the age of twelve). They were wandering down a street of expensive, trendy clothes shops.

"Wait.." Alec said, frowning at Magnus.

"What's wrong, darling?" Magnus replied. Alec cringed internally at the name. Alec wasn't overly fond of any of the pet names Magnus had come up with yet.

"It's just this shop is expensive, and I told you I only have a maximum of seventy dollars to spend. That'll buy me, maybe, a shirt in this place?" Magnus simply smiled at him, a smile that said 'Wait.'

"Trust me, this is exactly the place to buy a whole new wardrobe for seventy dollars." Magnus reassured him. It was only then that Alec realised this shop was also kind of wacky – By that he meant it looked like the kind of shop Magnus got his clothes from.

Before he could protest he was being dragged into the store full of hundred dollar jeans and glitter covered hats. Magnus lead him through the numerous rails of extravagant clothing until they got to the back of the shop.

"Alexander Lightwood, I present to you the miraculous, stunning wonders of... the sail rails." Magnus said, looking over the corner of the shop proudly. Everything here was five dollars or less, and the clothes were exactly the same as in the rest of the shop. Alec's jaw dropped, not because he particularly liked any of the clothes, but because he was marvelling at the ridiculousness of retail.

Whilst Magnus was browsing through clothes that looked like they'd been caught unprepared, without an umbrella in a rhinestone storm, Alec was drawn like a magnet to the most reasonable (and dark) clothes in the shop. Magnus joined him a little while later and sighed.

"Well, personally I think you'd look gorgeous in a good purple shade, but if you insist on sucking colour out of your life then I'll see what I can do." Was Magnus' only statement before he promptly began making Alec try on every blue shirt and black pair of skinny jeans in the place.

If Alec were to be completely honest with himself, he kind of enjoyed the whole experience of trying on clothes and essentially modelling them for Magnus. It wasn't like he was dong flamboyant hair flicks and strutting down a catwalk, but there was definitely something slightly feminine about trying on clothes and getting someone else's opinion before buying, rather than just getting the first reasonably priced pair of jeans in the shop with no regard of whether it would go with the rest of what he'd bought. His upbringing had been devoid of femininity, aside from his mother teaching him how to cook, and that was only feminine by completely unfair and old fashioned stereotypes. He could see the attraction to being feminine, but Alec didn't know if he could cope with it full time. Alec wasn't being all that feminine now and it was already draining his energy supplies – He suddenly felt a surge of admiration for his little sister.

They emerged from the shop about an hour later with a whole new wardrobe for Alec. Hell, Magnus even convinced him to buy some things with colour.

"Now, all we have to get is presents. Where first, sugar plum?" Alec swore the pet names were getting worse.

"Well, I already got you something."


"You didn't have-"

"Ah! Don't say it!" Magnus commanded, then dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

"Fine. Then I guess you could help me pick something for Isabelle?" Magnus had met Isabelle twice, both times had been like throwing two fangirls into a room and letting them talk passionately about their favourite pairing. It was a mess of high pitched noises that Alec tried his best to block out, basically. They normally chatted away about the latest designer in the fashion world, but occasionally Isabelle liked to bring up Alec when she thought he wasn't listening.

"Don't worry about Alec by the way. He isn't normally this shy, it's just he hasn't had a boyfriend in a while. A long time. And what with him being closeted and all, he still hasn't really talked to anyone about the whole relationships thing. I've tried to advise him, but I can tell he's still a little uncomfortable discussing his sexuality." She'd said.

A bottle of perfume for Isabelle, a guide to art for Jace (He'd asked for it – Something about impressing a girl, of course) and a few bits and pieces for Magnus' friends later and the two had made their way to a little café and ordered themselves a hot chocolate each.

Alec's cheeks were rosy from the cold, his already unruly hair further dishevelled by the hat he'd had on. Alec only noticed Magnus staring at him when he took his first sip of hot chocolate. A couple of weeks ago, Alec would have blushed without a doubt, but working with Magnus had certainly increased his ability to not turn into a tomato every time an attractive guy came within a half mile radius.

"What?" Alec asked, unable to stop a smile tugging at his lips. "Did I get something on my face?" he asked. Magnus grinned.

"Nah. Unless beautiful is something." Magnus said quietly. It had been a joke, Alec was sure, but he still had never heard someone call him beautiful with such sincerity. Alec felt a chill run down his spine as he allowed himself to stare back at Magnus. Looking at Magnus, it was hard to understand how Alec was supposedly the beautiful one. All Magnus had to do was show people the colour of his eyes to let them know he was stunning. Just his tall, slender frame. Just his caramel skin, his sleek, highlighted hair.

He wasn't just a pretty face either. His hands, when equipped with a pencil, could create magic, printed clear as day on paper. Alec could watch those hands glide across canvases, across paper for hours, watching as he created images to match the deepest words of literature. He could listen to him talk for hours, too, with his fast, witty responses that never failed to make Alec smile. Alec couldn't help but feel like he, a boring, average looking guy whose only real talent was writing stupid stories, wasn't good enough for someone as amazing as Magnus.

Despite them having only known each other for a couple of weeks, Alec felt as though he'd known him for years. He wondered, was this what falling in love felt like? He didn't know. Maybe he was already in love.

And Alec looked away. In books, long periods of sustained eye contact led to a kiss. Alec wasn't as shy as he had been when they'd first met at the bar, that wasn't why he didn't want to kiss Magnus yet. Really, it was just that he didn't know how to kiss. Alec had always been nervous, maybe even scared of the unknown, and this? This was definitely unknown to Alec. He didn't want to start kissing Magnus and find out that everything Isabelle had told him about it coming naturally was absolute bullshit.

Magnus sighed, but it wasn't a disappointed sigh, it was patient, accepting. Magnus smiled at him, his cheeks still rosy from the cold. Alec's heart skipped a beat.

When Magnus and Alec turned up to the Christmas eve party at the Lightwood together, Isabelle practically squealed. She'd tried for so long to get Alec a boyfriend, so when he had someone as attractive as Magnus hanging around him it was all he could do to not faint.

It was tradition in the bar to have a Christmas party in which everyone got so drunk they couldn't remember it. Magnus had seemed keen to join in. Alec usually stayed sober, partly because someone had to drag his siblings' asses home at the end of the night, but also because he was an extraordinarily embarrassing drunk.

"Alec, a word." Isabelle said, dragging him away from his place sat beside Magnus. Alec was just amazed she wasn't at least tipsy yet.

"You're not thinking of staying sober when your hot date is drinking, right?" She asked.

"You know how embarrassing I get when I'm drunk Is-"

"No! I refuse to let you be responsible tonight! Alec, you haven't been able to relieve the stress after that rush job you and Magnus pulled off, I can tell. Get drunk, you'll loosen up, and maybe you'll be able to make some progress with Magnus."

Isabelle was right. Maybe, if he forgot his pride and just had a good time tonight with Magnus, good things would come from it.

Of course, eventually Isabelle got her way, and Alec was soon an embarrassing state of drunk. However, what he didn't understand was that Magnus didn't seem all that drunk – Tipsy, yes, but he seemed to have a lot thicker skin than Alec.

The fuzziness in his head was pleasant, and he suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to show off his so far well concealed affections for Magnus. Alec threw an arm around Magnus from where they were sat at the bar.

"Alec? Magnus laughed, raising an eyebrow.

"Shh!" Alec hushed him quickly, "Don't question it." He said, and Magnus quickly complied, his own arm placed gently around Alec's middle.

A few more drinks and a dance later, Alec and Magnus were sat back on the bar. Alec was currently trying to retell the story of the time Alec had tricked Jace into eating a ghost chilli pepper by telling him it was the sweet kind, without bursting into a fit of giggles. Alec's account drew to a sudden close when he turned his head to the ceiling.

"Oh." Alec mumbled.

"Hmm?" Magnus hummed, looking up at the ceiling.


Before Magnus could say anything, he found Alec's soft lips pressed against his own. Alec was vaguely aware of Isabelle and Jace staring at them until he closed his eyes and shuffled closer to Magnus on the bar.

It wasn't very natural, as Isabelle had suggested it would be, but Alec was too out of it to care. If he'd have been less drunk, he probably would have noticed that Magnus was hesitant as he kissed him back.

When Alec woke, he wasn't in his own bed. He was in Magnus's. He knew this not because he'd been in here before, but because who else would have canary yellow bed sheets with purple fluffy cushions?

He was fully clothed, which was definitely a good start. He was fairly sure nothing had happened last night, except –

Oh God.

He'd kissed Magnus. Oh dear God.

Alec touched his fingers to his lips and felt his cheeks light up in embarrassment. He had to go out there and face him, didn't he? Alec dragged himself out of bed, wincing a little at the pain in his head as he plodded into the living room. He could see Magnus in the kitchen from here, the smell of eggs and bacon stimulating his senses as he watched Magnus humming, swinging his hips as he did. Alec walked into the kitchen and cleared his throat. Magnus spun around, still holding a plastic spatula.

"Morning, sleeping beauty."

"I remember last night." Alec blurted out. He wasn't even sure why. He broke eye contact with Magnus and looked down at his shoes when he heard Magnus sigh. Magnus approached him.

"It's okay, Alec. I'm not going to hold you to that kiss." Magnus said, smiling a little sadly down at Alec. Wait, what? No, that wasn't what he'd been expecting. He was acting like he'd done something wrong by letting Alec kiss him. Alec looked into his eyes again.

"I mean, Alec, I really like you, but if you feel uncomfortable, I will stop. I promise." He continued. No, that wasn't what Alec wanted, Magnus couldn't back off now that Alec was already falling in love – He was falling in love, right? He still didn't know.

"I just don't want you to feel pressured into-"

"Shut up, Magnus," Alec said quickly, and before he knew what he was going to do himself, his lips were on Magnus'.

Time seemed to freeze for a moment, with Alec's soft lips pressed nervously to Magnus's, his eyes closed, Magnus' wide open. Then, all at once, time started to tick by again.

Magnus dropped the plastic spatula and his fingers instead started to trace Alec's jaw as their lips moved. He was so gentle, as if he thought Alec might crack and crumble under his touch. Isabelle had been right, it would seem – the actions flowed, Alec moving on his own as if some sort of magical force that was completely separate from his mind were driving him for the moment. His arms went around Magnus' neck as Magnus held him closer by his waist. There was no hesitation in this kiss, like there had been in the kiss at the bar. Alec didn't know how long they kissed for, sparks flying between their lips, before they slowly drew away from each other.

In the grin that broke onto Magnus' face, in his rosy cheeks and in that moment they just shared, he found his answer.

He loved Magnus Bane.

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