This is my first attempt at Walking dead, sadly I do not own any of the characters.

Looking over the vast acres,of her home, Carol turned and strolled back to her desk, picking through the mail, she glanced at her computer, where to start. It was too nice for being inside, the sun had hit the forecourt and the breeze coming through the open patio doors was refreshing. She had a deadline to make, if she was honest ,she had already done her book, yet it still required the finishing touches. For some reason her devoted fans loved her new tales of people arising from the dead, and certainly had soft spots for the main characters, whom she based on people she knew over the years. She loved where the stories took her, away from reality into another realm altogether, even her main hero was her good friend and protector, Merle. Reaching for an envelope, she turned it over, damn not another, her stomach churned, her heart almost missing a beat as her face paled.

"What you got there darlin?" Carol jumped, surprised to see him standing behind her, quickly pushing the envelope under her other mail, she looked up as she brushed her hair behind her ear. It was getting too long, she should get it cut, yet for some reason she had not felt the need to venture away from the safety of her home for a while now.

"Merle, you need damn bells on you. For someone as big as you..."before she even finished the sentence she could see where his mind was at.

"Why thank you darlin" he smirked as he glanced down to his cock, and then leered at her.

"Merle Dixon, I sometimes wonder where the hell your thoughts go, In fact. I have decided, you are just one sick man." she chuckled

"Yeah sweetheart that's why you love me, now what was that you are hiding?" Carol forgot how quick he was at noticing things, what did she expect from an ex marine. Pulling the envelope from under the pile she handed it to him, shivers going down her spine as she saw his face change from smiling, to frowning to out-and-out anger, as he read the letter inside

"When did you get this?"

"This Morning, come on Merle it's nothing, I've had a..." putting her hand over her mouth, she stopped her words.

"What do you mean you've had?.. Carol how many more of these sick letters have you had darlin?"

Turning her back to him, she rubbed her now cold body, trying to get some heat back into it. Now he had read one she knew they were real, she had hidden it to kid herself that it would all go away. Feeling his heat from his body as he moved closer his arm going around her, she started to shake.

"How many more Carol?" she did not even have to look in his face to know he was beyond pissed with her, after all he had used her name and not the endearments she had gotten use to from the older, rough-looking man.

"Please Merle just forget..."

"FORGET!" Slamming the letter in front of her eyes he pointed out to her certain parts of the letter.

"Which part should I FORGET EH maybe the one that this person wants to watch you slowly die. Or should we forget the part of how they want to see you bleed to death, like in your books or how about how they will take you in the night, when I go on the two-day vacation? Carol this person this sick person knows more about your life then most and that scares the fuck out of me. Get me the rest of them and you young woman are in for an ass kicking keeping this from me"


"Enough Carol, you may have been the only one around here who took me on, but I am telling you now,no one threatens family and that is what you are. This needs stopping, is there anything else you have hidden from me?"


"Tell me" she could see the anger coming back, had it even left him. To most Merle was a low down drunk and drugged up waste of space. His father was a mean bastard, so he got out as quick as he could into the marines. She had heard he had come back to Georgia, depressed and low due to losing one of his arms in a training incident that went wrong. Hoping to find his younger brother, he turned to drugs and drink, after he found his old homestead burnt to the ground and no answers to the whereabouts of his kin.

Carol took him in, when she found him on the outskirts of her farm, her isolation from the outside world. She was a successful writer, with a past she had kept from Merle, even though he had shared everything with her. To this day she never knew why she stopped and picked him up, the other folk in the area had warned her of how bad he was. How he would kill her without thinking twice, to Carol he was a man who needed a break, he felt broken inside, but her kindness was helping him each day. They became good friends, whilst she wrote her novels he tended to her farm. It was an agreement that suited them both over the last few years,and the last few months he had become her protector. Yet neither went down the road of romance, it was not what either wanted.

She had been hurt badly in the past, beaten and abused by her ex husband, and only over the last months had started opening up to Merle about him, scared that he would blame her for Ed's behaviour after all she had spent years blaming herself.

"Carol I know damn well you are hiding something now tell me"

"Ok, when I went to the store the other day. I felt someone was watching me, when I got in the truck my seat had a gift on it." she took a deep breath as she continued, knowing full well he would blow

" Merle I had locked the doors and this sick bastard had broken into my truck"

"Shit Carol why didn't ya tell me, did they break the window? Did they get to ya and WHY THE HELL ARE YOU JUST TELLING ME NOW!" she knew this would happen, since opening up about her past, her fear of Ed returning and finishing the job he had started, Merle had taken the role on of being her full-time protector, and god help anyone who tried to hurt her.

"Merle they had opened the truck with keys whoever had done it had opened the damn truck with my keys, the gift is something I..." tears filled her eyes she could not bring herself to tell him, how would he react? She felt scared, not of this angry man in front of her, more so of his reaction to what she eventually would have to show him.

"Carol" moving to her desk she pulled the box out and handed it to him, watching his face pale

"What the fuck?" his stomach churned as he remembered how happy his little brother was when their grandpa gave it him. Seeing his features change she knew then and there who it belonged to, praying and hoping she was wrong.

"Merle what is it? Do you know who's this is?" she asked softly, already expecting the answer, his eyes looked up at hers, tears coming into them, Merle never cried in his god damn life, his daddy had taught him that, he felt like a pussy, shove all the shit you can at him and he would still laugh and say give me more, but this, no this had floored him, knocked him for six, because whoever was going after Carol, had also involved him.

"Fuck, this belonged, oh shit, this belonged to Daryl, our grandpa gave him this when he was knee-high, to a grasshopper, this crossbow was his most prized possession, how the hell did they get it? He ….. fuck Carol he never let this out of his sight, it was an extension to damn his arm" his hands glided along the crossbow, as he tried to get his emotions under control. What had happened, whilst he was away, what the fuck had his baby brother gone through. Placing it on the side, he grabbed the other letters that Carol had found, after reading two more, he felt sick, who was the bastard who was threatening her. Throwing them to the floor, he pulled her trembling body to his, soothing her as he rubbed her back, like a he would a child

"This has gone far enough. I'm calling Rick, see if Officer friendly can shed some light. You should never have kept this from me darlin, Who ever is behind this will fucking pay, they have brought Merle Dixon into the game. All hell is about to rain down"