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*** Ryoko didn't know where Vash went, Ryoko really didn't care. She ended up following the insurance girls into the nearest bar. The girls sat contently at a round table randomly selected out of the dozens in the bar. Ryoko found her content while sitting at the bar, as close as possible to the bartender and his supplies. That day she wore faded blue jeans, a shirt that revealed her mid-drift and long-sleeved jacket, which she had tied around her waist.

She barely noticed how one of the girls at the bar. (as there were only a few, including Ryoko, Millie and Maryl). She played fervently with the men in several rounds of poker which ended in the men loosing their money and the harping on and on about how much luck she had.

Her annoying tone was slowly working its way through Ryoko's right ear. Ryoko gulped her beer louder as to drown out the girl's whiny voice. She heard the intolerable one ask the men if they wanted another round. All hastily declined and one stormed out of the bar angrily, shouting profanities and cursing the girl.

For almost a second Ryoko thought she'd have silence, but then the girl asked Millie and Maryl if they wanted to play. Millie asked if it was Old Maid and Maryl declined for the both of them, claiming Old Maid was all they knew how to play.

'The girl's gonna protest, I know it.' Ryoko looked down at her almost finished glass.

'.must.throw.glass.at.where the sound is coming from.piercing ear drums.' she thought looking closer at her drink her eye twitching slightly.

'.but first.I must finish its contents.' She thought again and began drinking from it again.

With out hesitance she ordered her shot to be filled. Upon realizing this error she shrugged. As this occurred a tall, masculine man sitting not too far from her offered to play, the stakes. was her life.

That's when guns were pulled, showing that several men had planed to take the entire bar hostage, the tall man was their leader. Ryoko sat down her glass and disappeared. When the commotion died down she reappeared in front of her glass.

'That felt much better! I hadn't got the chance to use the bathroom since.this morning.' she thought and then began drinking again.

A tall man with a bandana tied around his face saw Ryoko as if for the first time. "What the. hey boss! We've got one that ain't tied up yet!" he cried to the built man.

"How in the hell. Never mind. go contain her!" he said, his voice filled with bewilderment.

The tall man looked at his senior and then nodded slightly before walking over to Ryoko, the rifle lifted and aimed at her head.

"Hey! Hey you! You at the bar! Turn around nice n' slow and you won't get hurt!" he called to Ryoko.

The Blue Haired Demon seemed oblivious that this miscreant was even addressing her. She continued to sip her drink with out acknowledging the fact that there were armed men holding the entire bar hostage and that the population there of was bound by ropes and randomly scattered throughout the room.

Maryl looked on in anger.

"Damn it, who-ever-you-are! Don't you know we're being held hostage?! You could help us out a little bit!" Maryl yelled at Ryoko angrily.

Ryoko looked at her through the corner of her eye, her eyes narrowing slightly and then turned to them an inch or two.

"And why should I?" Ryoko asked flatly.

Maryl frowned and her face grew hot. She looked as if she were about to blow.

"Why, cause it's the right thing to do! That's why." Millie said sweetly, her smile simple.

Before Ryoko could reply to this the man was only a couple feet from Ryoko.

"I SAID GET ON THE FLOOR OR I'M GONNA BLOW YOUR FREAKIN' BRAINS OUT!" the man yelled with such arrogance and blind fury that Ryoko slowly placed down her drink and turned slowly around so that she was looking strait into the double barrels of the tall man's shot gun.

Ryoko's body remained lax and her posture remained casual, but something passed behind her eyes as a wicked smile surfaced. Even from her position she seemed to be looking down at him rather then right at him.

"Watcha gonna do? Huh? Are you gonna 'blow my freakin' brains out, or what?" Ryoko challenged.

The young man's eyes contorted with anger, his features went ridged. He then cocked his shot gun. Ryoko's response was to start tapping on the table as she waited.

"Well.? Lost your nerve yet? Or are you waiting for permission?" she said in a casual enough tone, but it was laced with so much sarcasm that the gun- man's shaking finger found it's way to the trigger.

"Stop it!" the large man said and then walked next to the tall one.

He then looked at Ryoko, his features softened some and the anger in his eyes subsided some.

"Listen Mrs. We're not wantin' any trouble, so if you could just." he said, his voice lowed and became less harsh.

"No, you listen. I really don't give a damn what you do. What I do mind is that you're interrupting a perfectly good drinking session." She said as she gestured casually with a lazy flip of the wrist.

The men looked at her in almost bewilderment. The tall one seemed generally disturbed at this occurrence and the built one seemed slightly confused.

Ryoko then leaned forward with a half cocked smile on her face and her eyes closed.

"You guys aren't going to let me be, are you?" she asked in a low tone.

"He's goin' to hafta shoot you, Ma'am." The built one said almost apologetically.

Ryoko then tilted her head from side to side, causing it to crack loudly and then arched her back slightly, causing it to crack as well.

"Then why not go ahead and get this over with so that I can get back to my drink, okay?" she said simply.

In a flash she stood, her body turned slightly away from the man and her hand was positioned palm-facing the gun's barrels. Before he had a chance to pull the trigger, and before Ryoko had a chance to show off what ever ability she wanted to, a round of gun fire began from the gun men at the windows. Ryoko watched as the man hesitated before turning and running to the front doors of the Bar. She let her hand drop to her side and then she gave a sigh of disappointment. She then stood attentively as she waited to see what it was they were shooting at. Suddenly the doors swung open and there stood the Humanoid Typhoon, completely oblivious to all that was occurring around him as he had small ear phones in his ears that lead to a small tape-player tucked in the belt of his trench coat. He stood for a second, blinking with a look of innocent ignorance on his face, and then proceeded to blow a bubble from the gum he was chewing. Ryoko's mouth went slightly ajar as she did an anime-fall to the ground. In a matter of seconds Vash was tied up next to the insurance girls. Ryoko then found a perch on the bar tender's table. She sat Indian-style as she leaned back and propped herself with one hand and drank with the other. The slender man once again came up to her and held the gun at her. She was in a mid-swig when this occurred. She didn't put down the glass; she only opened one eye to glance at him.

"I'm gonna tell you one more time! You get over there with the others or I WILL KILL YOU!" he screamed.

Ryoko pulled the glass from her lips, gave a loud, satisfied sigh. She then gave a long, deep throated belch, and proceeded to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand. She gave him a silly grin and then lifted her hand again. Only this time there was no hesitation on the man's part. He then fired the gun.

A flash of light came and went quicker then the human eye could follow. In that flash Ryoko had knocked the bullet off of the course with one hand, sending it into the floor, and used the other hand to send the man flying into wall farthest from her.

The man hit the wall and was stunned for only a few seconds. His knees were threatening to give in, but he quickly righted himself. The other gun men looked to him in alarm and had just enough time to see Ryoko appear in front of him. The still dazed man looked at her. His eyes showed that of pain and confusion.

She stood in front of him with her hands on her hips and her weight shifted to one leg. She had a look of triumph and severe sympathy that she over- exaggerated on.

She then turned to the others dramatically and pointed her finger randomly.

"In case you're wondering who I am, I'll tell you! I am Ryoko! The Blue Haired Demon! The one with the bounty that surpasses even that of Vash the Stampede!" she called to them in a strong voice.

"I am the Seventy-Five-Billion-Double-Dollar-Woman... and the most feared space pirate that's ever lived!" she said, her voice over-enthused as she began to laugh maniacally.

The men looked at each other in looks of doubt and fear. They didn't need to speak for the words showed plain on their expressions towards each other.

The words spoke: 'Could it be her? Is she lying? Do we want to take that chance? Are we going to die? How could something this terrible happen? Of all the people; of all the places; of all the times; WHY US?!'

Ryoko's smile broadened, she could read the voices loud and clear, and it excited her greatly. The broad-bodied leader spoke first.

"What do you want?" he asked reluctantly.

Ryoko's arm fell and she gave him a look that suggested that the question he just asked was the stupidest thing she'd ever heard in her entire life. She blinked several times as if she hadn't heard the question right.

"What. what do I want?!...I want to be able to sit down and have a drink without some asshole waving a gun in my face and barking orders! How's that sound chief!" she didn't wait for an answer before she walked over to the bar again.

The hostages were giving her looks of pure terror, those of which included Maryl, but Millie seemed to be thinking that one over. Vash tried to look surprised, but the reaction was a little to late for Ryoko.

Vash had then turned his attention to the girl with the annoying voice as she had her hands tied behind her, a rope tied around her waist and she hung from the ceiling. The gunmen reluctantly turned their attention back to the windows, although they gave uneasy glances back at Ryoko and the man who held the gun to her found a position at the far end of the bar, away from her.

She drank with a flat expression, although, inwardly, she found great pleasure in the people's reverence towards her. She had left more destruction in her wake then the great "Vash the Stampede" himself. All of which were in the name of Knives, his ambitions and her intentions to make Vash suffer.

Speaking of Vash. Ryoko looked over to him. She saw him in time to see him edging his way, in a worm-like manner, towards the girl with the loud mouth. She screamed and one of the gun men came and kicked him in the face. He flew back and landed in Maryl's lap. Ryoko didn't hear what was being said, but there was a sudden loud thud as Maryl allowed Vash's head to hit the floor.

'Things might get interesting yet.' She thought to herself.

She watched the men as they edged farther from her. She heard one begging the large man if he could leave, that if they could all leave.

"No! We've started this and now we're gonna finish it!" he yelled.

As he did he gave a nervous glance at Ryoko, who showed no signs of even paying any attention towards him. The man then asked him if he thought she could be lying. The large man just shook his head. It was her alright.

She took another long drink and then asked to bar tender to fill it up, then realized he was still tied up.

She waved a hand at him flippantly.

"Don't worry about getting up, I'll get it myself." She said happily and then jumped behind the counter and fixed her another glass.

During this time Vash made two more attempts to get at the girl, his eyes were all pethetically large and love-struck. Ryoko even thought it kind of funny the way they beat him up for getting close to her.

'He's got to be up to something. something other than trying to peer up that girl's dress.' Ryoko thought.

It was her only reason for staying.

A man who had been listening to the radio went to the large man quickly. He whispered something and then waited for a reaction.

"Vash the Stampede, huh?" he said almost mechanically.

"What about Vash the Stampede?" a man in the corner asked.

"It said he was last seen headin' out this way."

"What!? Vash the Stampede's on his way here! Oh, shit! If he comes here we're all done for. He'll probably cohort with that she-demon and destroy us all!" he said frantically.

"Now calm down, ain't nothin' gonna stop us from getting what we came for." The large man stated.

His men still looked completely nerve wrecked.

All was quiet till the loud-mouthed chick decided she'd talk. She said something about, 'not expected much money out of her father. but if you're looking for pocket money.'

The man who was trigger-happy with Ryoko earlier on was now on the loud one. He had the hammer pulled back and the barrel down her throat. Ryoko leaned forward for a better look. The man was going to pull the trigger before Vash broke a table and the large man seemed to come to his senses and decided to stop him.

He had placed his thumb in between the hammer and its final destination. As soon as the man was calm and the other men were done beating Vash once again, the man pulled his hand away from the hammer. As he did he noticed a wad of bubble gum there. He looked at Vash, knowing it was the same kind he was chewing when he came in. Before he could ask, Vash was hopping up and down at a window in the front of the bar.

"Lookie! Lookie! Somethin's comin'!" Vash said happily.

The large man pushed Vash out of the way in order to see a large, armored van pull up in front of the bar. The man driving stepped out and brought a briefcase around, laid it on the ground and then backed away. The large man then looked out of the double doors.

"You better've not tried anything funny!" he called.

He then allowed someone to go and check it out.

"You be careful." He called.

The man nodded back and continued on towards the van. The man got to the van, but then seemed to be surprised at something and began to run back. He was then shot. Another man ran out to help him, but then the van revved up and proceeded to run that man down.

The van then crashed in through the front wall and everyone dived out of the way. Suddenly about seven retarded, sideshow-freak-dropouts came running out of the van, loaded with guns of all sorts and not really looking as if they knew what to do with them.

They just began firing without warning.

Maryl, Millie and the large guy was able to get behind the bar. As for Vash, he clicked his heals together, causing the knife to come out once again; did a back-flip, grabbed the girl and cut the rope. He was then able to land them both safely behind the bar table. He did this all in one, smooth motion.

Ryoko, however, had no intention of hiding behind the bar table. Bullets whizzed by her, and ricocheted off of her, but she was unable to stop it from hitting her glass. They stopped firing after that. She looked down at her shattered glass, and her now soaked jeans and shirt. Her look was dark and her eye twitched.

"What's that bitch made of?" a slender man with bad teeth and a maniacal voice asked.

Her eye twitched even more. She then slowly slid herself down from the table and stood in front of the masses. She then dusted her hands off of all glass and then wiped them off on the dry side of her jeans. In a microsecond it all began. Ryoko started by flying at the man who broke her glass. She then spun around and did a hook kick into his face. Vash then followed by flipping off of the counter and landing in front of a large man that had on a metal vest that revealed only his nose up in proportion to his face. Vash then held the gun at that portion. Ryoko, however, being continent with her K.O., went back around the counter of the bar, stepped over the large man, Maryl and Millie.

She then reached for an entire bottle, opened it, and began drinking its contents. This could be considered the only bottle remaining in tact. Millie and Maryl sent her horrified looks as she gulped down the beverage. They then turned to Vash, who had the gun pointed at the man's head. Even Ryoko watched.

"Shot!" the large man cried.

"Don't do it!" Millie called.

Vash whispered something and then lowered the gun.

'Rem? Who's Rem? What's Rem? Where's Rem? Why Rem?' Ryoko thought as she began remembering Rem.


Rem was a good person, but she was still human. Rem sang and she sang well. Ryoko loved to hear her sing to Vash. She hid in the ducts of the bio room in order to hear her sing. She knew that Knives wasn't listening. She knew that Knives had his own thoughts to contend with. But there was something him and his brother could always agree on, and that was how much they loved the bio room; the trees, the grass, and especially, its solitude. She could see why they loved it. She could see why it had brought them somewhat closer together.

********End Flashback********

'Kill the spiders to save the butterflies.' Ryoko thought and then she drank harder, trying to drown what ever it was that was forcing itself to the surface. She wouldn't allow herself to cry now. but maybe later.

Another of the seven 'tards was about to take advantage of Vash's decision, but the large man tackled him before he could.

"Why didn't you shoot him?!" he yelled at Vash.

Vash didn't answer; he only looked down and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I'm real glade you didn't shoot him, Mr. Vash." Millie said happily.

Vash looked up at her with a sad and awkward smile.

"Yeah? Me too." He said.

'I wonder where Rem is.' She thought and then slugged down another mouthful.

'She was a human, stupid! She's dead by now.' her realization seemed to scream from the depths of her mind.

'I wonder if Vash saw her before she died?' she thought.

Silence followed as a conformation.

There was some more fighting and some more guns going off before everything was silent.

The loud girl once again spoke.

"If you guys will stop doing this, I promise you can go free." She stated.

"I can't do that." He said, and to their shock, the only reason he was even doing this was to get revenge on the girl's father.

Her father was a man who gained his immense wealth from the death. Colonies had come to that land and toiled the ground for ten years in order to get it fertile enough to grow something in. That's when her father came in and killed everyone in the colony in order to obtain the land. The girl cried and called him a liar. Ryoko only saw it as humanistic irony and left it as such.

Vash walked out side after the devastation, checked on the wounded and announced the big man's requests.

Why Ryoko walked out with them was beyond her. Her curiosity got the best of her. She stepped outside with the rest, into the burning sun to watch a show down between the girl's father and the man who survived the massacre of his family all those years ago. The girl watched on, tears starting to form. Vash walked to the girl's ear and Ryoko listened inventively.

"You can no longer ignore the actions of your father." He whispered, Ryoko couldn't hear the rest, but the girl replied in a sorrow-felt tone.

"I am well aware of that; I am well aware of that." She said as she watched the showdown continue.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion. Ryoko had enough time to stretch and yawn before the shots were fired. The girl's father hit the ground. The girl then ran to her father as did everyone else. Ryoko was going stay behind and watch from the side-lines, but Vash dragged her to where the others were.

The girl was crying, but the father wasn't dead. To the girl's relief, he was only shot in the shoulder. Ryoko blinked several times through drooping eye-lids and when she glanced at the corner of her eye, she noticed Vash was crying. Both Ryoko and the large man gave him an odd look.

"Thank-you." Vash managed to say to him.

"For what?" he asked, uncertain that he wanted the answer.

"For not killing him." He said almost even more inaudible the first attempt to speak.

"It's not like I did it on purpose, the sun got in my eyes, that's all." He said indignantly, but still looked dumb founded at Vash's blubbering.

Ryoko looked away, her eye brows flattened.

"That's just plain sickening." She muttered loud enough for everyone to hear.

A sudden crowd had formed around them, one that was armed with rifles. A man that was supposedly sheriff (a real ugly something.) started on with a speech about how he was going to kill them all and make it look like it was the bandits and then he'd tell everyone how he had killed the bandits for killing everyone else. Ryoko wasn't paying much attention, even with Vash winking at her constantly.

Because Ryoko refused to respond he looked to Maryl instead. Maryl seemed to get whatever Ryoko chose to ignore. Vash then dived at the sheriff and Maryl jumped in the air, flung open her cape and revealed a large assortment of small hand guns.

Ryoko stood and watched as the men were disabled and, after a little commentary with Maryl, Vash walked up to the sheriff. Ryoko perked up as she watched Vash tear off the sheriff's badge and allowed Maryl to shoot it.

Ryoko's anticipation sky rocketed when Vash stood in front of the former sheriff with a gun in his face.

"Now, repeat after me!" Vash said in a stern voice.

"Okay." The former sheriff whimpered.

Ryoko's breath quickened and she smiled slightly to herself.

'This has got to be good!' she thought.

"The world is made of." Vash said.

"The.world is made." the man stammered.

"The world is made of!!" Vash said louder and more demandingly.

"The world is made of!" the man cried afterwards.

"Love and peace!" he yelled triumphantly.

Ryoko's face fell as she did an anime fall, causing dust clouds to rise around her.

*****Writer's commentary******

Well, how was that? A bit long, I know, but wasn't it fun? I hope you guys enjoyed. Wither you enjoyed it or not, I'd still like to hear from you in your reviews to see what needs improvement, and what should stay the same. Well, Love & Peace! From your friend, Usarea! Ja Ne ALWAYS!