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One and a half years later...

Mrs. Higurashi hummed to herself happily as she finally took the cookies out of the oven. She smelled the aroma and gave a small smile.

"Are they done?" Sota and Shippou both called out as they came into the room.

Mrs. Higurashi frowned at them. "Yes, but these aren't for you Sota. And no one eats any until were there. Remember?"

Shippou and Sota both 'awwhed!' the situation.

Then they watched as Grandpa entered the room. "Oh, cookies! Don't mind if I-"

"No!" Mrs. Higurashi scolded. "I've told you once dad, these aren't for you!"

Her father just looked at her. "...how about just one?"

Mrs. Higurashi groaned. "Is anyone coming with me?"

"We will." Souta responded. "Just give me a minute to record Rurouni Kenshin, all right?"

"Of course." Mrs. Higurashi agreed as she waved a kitchen towel over the hot cookies.

"I'm not going." Grandpa replied. "I'm going to lie down, I'll go see them tomorrow." He started leaving the room. "By the way, shouldn't they come and visit us sometimes?! Why do we always-!"

"Dad." Mrs. Higurashi smiled affectionately. "They came and visited us yesterday, remember?"

Her father just grumbled as he left the room.

"We're ready!" Shippou shouted for both him and Sota.

"Good." Mrs. Higurashi replied as she scooped the cookies into a plastic bowl. "I'm sure they'll enjoy these."

"Yeah, well I will." Shippou smiled.

"Oh yeah." Shippou groaned. "You might have to invite Inuyasha also since he likes Kenshin too."

"Oh yeah, I forgot." Sota replied as he followed his mom. "But Kouga might want to watch it too. Maybe Sesshoumaru if he's bored."

"Yeah. That might be fun to see." Shippou smiled as he caught up with Sota.

Mrs. Higurashi walked over to the well shrine and looked down the well. "Oh dear. Sota?"

"Yeah mom?" Sota replied.

"Would you remind me to buy a new ladder? This one's starting to look worn out." Mrs. Higurashi replied as she handed Sota the cookies. "I'll go first, but don't think about stealing any of those."

Sota just groaned as he started to go down the ladder. "Yeah, yeah."

Shippou just raced down the ladder after them.









Kagome giggled as she held Kawayou in her lap. "Inuyasha, aren't you overreacting?"


Inuyasha just grumbled at her comment. "Ow."


Kagome turned around to see her mother coming through. "Hey mom." she smiled. 'Wow. A year and a half later and I'm still surprised everything worked out the way it did...'

//////Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango and Shippou all stood by the well eagerly while Kawayou was on top of it.

"Just what am I supposed to do again?" Kawayou asked.

"Just touch the stupid well and see if there's an effect." Inuyasha answered.

Kagome gulped as she looked at the well. She wanted Inuyasha and her friends to go back home. And well, the Feudal era had become her and Kawayou's home too but...

but in a way, she didn't want to leave her family behind again. She'd lost so much time when the well stopped with her friends AND her family. She had ignored them while she studied, she had ignored them while she worked. She even went all the way to the inner city to ignore them more. Her heart had hurt so much when she lost her way in life after the well stopped, but she hadn't realized she had hurt her family too.

It took a long journey back into the past until she saw that.

But now, she was just supposed to leave them? When she realized how much she needed them? How much they needed her?

Kagome bit her lip. But there was no way she could stay. She needed to be with Inuyasha, and so did their son.

No matter what would happen, there was no way to win.

Kawayou looked back at his dad. "Just touch it?" He looked at the well curiously. 'All they want to do is go back in the past but...' "Ya know, I still feel really charged. Ya sure I should touch it?"

Inuyasha tried not to show Kawayou just how irritated he was becoming. "Yeah. Just. Touch it."

Kawayou sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "Okey dokey."

Then, everyone felt a gust of wind so powerful that they were all blown back on their backs.

"What the **** was that?!" Inuyasha yelled as he looked over at Kawayou.

"Don't look at me!" Kawayou barked. "I told ya I still felt charged up!"

Kagome and the others got to their feet and looked over at the well.

Their mouths fell wide open.

Sango pointed in shock toward the bottom.

Which wasn't currently there. "I see our sky!"

The group watched in awe as they saw a bird fly by.

"Oh ****!" Inuyasha yelled as he looked at Kawayou. "What'd you do?!"

"I didn't do nothing!" Kawayou barked as he pointed to the well. "It did it by itself!"

Everyone sweatdropped.

"Kawayou." Kagome looked over at her son, still in awe. "You're not in trouble, so don't blame the well. Now, just tell me." She looked at where the bottom of the well was supposed to be again. "What did you do?"

Kawayou looked at the well. "I think I sorta...maybe..."

Everyone looked at him impatiently.

"Broke it."

"Broke it!" Everyone shouted.

"What do you mean you broke it?!" Sango and Miroku both shouted at the same time.

"I didn't mean to!" Kawayou cried out as he went to hug Kagome's knees. "I just...I sensed this little piece of energy in there and I kinda broke through it."

He looked up at his mom. "I think the jewel just tapped it aside to allow us in and out." He pointed to the well. "But I didn't tap it. I destroyed it." He looked back up to his mom. "Now, anything can go in and out as it pleases."

Everyone's jaw dropped open.

"You...Y-you...you mean, demons? Evil monsters? Ordinary people?!" Kagome shouted out.

Kawayou decided to hug his mommy's knees tighter. "...yeah, sorry?...."//////

Kagome smiled at her son. 'Now there's no need to worry about which time we belong in right now. No need to leave my family or my friends.' Kagome smiled back up at her mother.'

"Hi sweety." Mrs. Higurashi replied. "I made something for you."

'All we have to do is protect the well now.' She looked back at her son. 'And that's not hard considering the invisible barrier Kawayou's put up.' "Thanks a bunch momma." Kagome replied.

"Yeah." Sota grunted as he climbed out of the well with the bowl.

Kawayou sniffed the air. "Oh yeah! Chocolate chip cookies!*sniff**sniff* Homemade even?!"

"That sounds good!" Syaoran replied as he came walking toward the group with Sango.

Sango smiled at them as she looked over at Miroku.

"Yes, I remember those. Quite tasty." Miroku replied as he went straight for the cookies.


Miroku looked over at Inuyasha.


Sango looked over at Inuyasha as well. "Are you...all right?"

Inuyasha glared at them and growled. For the last couple of hours he had been letting Toshi and Shina teethe on his poor ears. Toshi, the puppy that held on tight to his left ear looked just like her momma. She had her silky black hair and her gorgeous bluish-grey eyes. The only thing that set them apart was the fact that she had inherited her daddy's white ears. On the right side, nibbling on poor Inuyasha's right ear was Shina. She actually had black hair like her momma, but silvery-white streaks that cascaded through. She had also inherited her daddy's ears, but she had inherited her mother's bluish-grey eyes.

Kagome looked over at Inuyasha. "Oh, him? Trust me, he's okay."

Mrs. Higurashi laughed as she looked at the scene. "Quite a good husband he is, isn't he?"

Kagome just smiled at her mother. "Yeah, but don't be fooled." She winked at the hanyou. "He's got motive."

"So? Like your mom's here just to see us." Inuyasha growled.

"Inuyasha." Kagome frowned at him.

"Oh, don't worry." Mrs. Higurashi replied. "I mean, the barrier that Kawayou's made does bring my wrinkles down and makes me feel 20 years younger... but I still come just to see you too."

Kagome giggled. "I know mom."

"So, what about that issue you have been fighting with your husband about?" Mrs. Higurashi asked. "Are you going to have a lot of children?"

Kagome sighed as she looked at the hanyou. "Oh, he and Kawayou are pretty confident this barrier Kawayou's made is making my life span move a lot slower." She looked over at Kawayou. "And since Kawayou tends to be right almost every time about something important..." She looked back over at her mom. "...We've agreed one or two every ten or twenty years or so."

Mrs. Higurashi laughed. "I think he might be right. You've never had to cut your hair once since you came back." She stopped to look at Shina and Toshi still chewing on their daddy's ears. "And Kawayou has certainly affected his own sisters." She looked down at Kawayou. "Who knew my grandson wasn't only cute, but useful."

Kawayou just grinned up at his grandma.

Kagome just smiled at her mother as she looked over at Syaoran. "So, how have you been lately?"

"Great!" Syaoran shouted as he ran over to Kawayou. "Sango's actually pretty cool. She feeds me right and keeps me company. Miroku's okay too. He tells me stories and stuff."

"That's cool." Kawayou replied as he went back to watching his dad and sisters.

"Yeah." Syaoran agreed. "The only time it's not real fun is when Sango and Miroku tell me I have to go to another part of the-"

"And that's the end of that discussion!" Sango blushed as she put her hand over Syaoran's mouth.

Miroku merely grinned.

Kagome looked back at Sango. 'I thought it was a shame when I first realized Syaoran had lost everyone in the future. At least he survived safe and sound.' She watched the smile Sango gave Syaoran. 'It's still hard to believe though. All these years and I never once realized that Syaoran was the reincarnation of Kohaku. Never sounded like they acted alike.' Then, she thought about her and Kawayou. 'But that apparently tends to happen a lot to reincarnations.'


"Kagome." Inuyasha grumbled. "Is this good?"

Kagome looked over at Inuyasha. "Ohh...I don't know. If you move them, will they let go?"

Sango tried to lift Shina but she stayed on tight.

Kagome sighed happily. "Not yet then."

Mrs. Higurashi had to smile at the sight. "Well, at least this time your children aren't chewing on Sota's old sneakers."

"Hey!" Kawayou barked. "I told you I never did that!"

Kagome laughed. "Yes you did! You were just too small to remember."

Kawayou growled at the comment as he pointed over to his twin sisters. "No way! I never acted like THAT!"

Mrs. Higurashi, Sota and Kagome all laughed.

"Yes you did. You acted just like that." Kagome replied. "When you wanted something you whimpered or barked. You always wanted to be on my lap so that I would pet you. And like I've told you before..." Kagome looked over at Sota.

Sota smiled down at Kawayou. "You grabbed my best sneakers whenever we weren't looking and gnawed on them underneath the living room chair."

"I did not!" Kawayou continued to protest.

Kagome kissed the top of his head. "Don't worry. Your sisters will grow out of it, just like you did."

*tug**tug* "Mama!"

Kagome looked over at one of her daughters. "Yes Toshi?"

Toshi let go of her daddy's left ear.

Inuyasha sighed in relief. 'Finally, one let go.'

Then Toshi went back to tugging on her daddy's ear.

"Aww...damn." Inuyasha growled.

Kagome just frowned at Inuyasha. "Don't be that way. We both know your ears can take a lot more punishment."

Miroku's eyebrows perked up. "Oh my, why Lady Kagome. How is it you know that?"

Sango shoved Miroku in the gut while Kagome blushed.

But Inuyasha grinned. "What can I say? She loves the ears."

"Inuyasha!" Kagome shouted as she grew even redder.

Miroku just smiled at the hanyou. "And I bet you get paid tonight handsomely for what you are doing now."

Inuyasha just grinned even wider.

"Hey!" Kagome shouted as she pointed toward the people around them. "My entire family is present! Will both of you show some dignity?!"

Inuyasha smirked. "What did I do?"

"In a word, you are being bad." Kagome frowned.

"So?" Inuyasha grinned. "Does that mean I get punished tonight?"

"INUYASHA!!" Kagome shouted.

Inuyasha just laughed as he felt Toshi and Shina finally let go of his ears. They both rolled to the ground and crawled over to Kagome. Inuyasha started to wiggle his ears back and forth a few times, quite happy he was finally free.

Kagome's mother laughed as they finished off the cookies. "Well, it was nice to see you again, Kagome. Will you come visit us tomorrow?"

Kagome nodded her head yes as she turned her attention to her girls who were playfully fighting each other.

"Hey Inuyasha." Sota asked before he followed his mom down the well. "I had to record Rurouni Kenshin. If you come by around 7:00 you can watch it with me and Shippou."

Inuyasha thought about the idea. "Maybe."

Sota just smiled at his brother-in-law as he went through the well.

Inuyasha and Kagome talked a little with Miroku and Sango while Kawayou talked to Syaoran. After they said their fill, Sango, Miroku, and Syaoran took back off to their own home.

Kagome waved as she watched her friends leave out of sight.

"Finally." Inuyasha muttered as he went up behind Kagome. He gently nuzzled her neck while she ruffled his hair. "I thought they'd never leave."

Kagome looked up at Inuyasha. "Yep. But it's about 7:00 now. Did you want to go watch your show?"

Inuyasha shrugged his shoulders. "Kouga'll be there. Sesshoumaru might be too."

Kagome giggled. "Well, that's the way it goes. Life's not always perfect."

Inuyasha held Kagome's right hand against her stomach. "Yeah? I don't know. I think my life turned out all right."

Kagome turned around as she held her husband's chin in her right hand gently. "Yeah. It really did." she said softly as she gave him a soft kiss.

Inuyasha reveled in the kiss for a moment until his girls caught his eye. He looked over at Kawayou who was just soaking up the sun before it went down. "Hey pup."

"Yeah." Kawayou answered as he looked up at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha pointed to Toshi and Shina who were currently rolling around in the grass. "When these two get older, do you think you can put a barrier around them?"

Kagome's mouth fell open at the comment. "Inuyasha?!"

Inuyasha frowned as he looked back at Kagome. "What? With the way these girls seem to take after you, I'm gonna have my hands full keeping them away from demons."

Kagome looked at her husband a little puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Inuyasha groaned as he pulled Kagome over to his chest. "Their mommy chose the worsest, crudest, strongest, roughest demon that she ever could have chosen to fall in love with."

Kagome thought about that a second. "Oh yeah, you are right."

"No male demons are getting near them until they are at least a hundred." Inuyasha growled.



Kagome laughed as she went over and scooped up her twin girls. "What is it?"


Kagome gave them a minute. They may have been part demon, but they were still too small to say a whole lot.

*Bark**bark* "Sto-whee!" Shina finally answered.

"A story? You want a story?" Kagome asked.

The little girls barked again.

"Well let's see...I know!" Kagome said happily. "Everyone gather around!"

As Kawayou came over to sit, Inuyasha came up behind Kagome and sat behind her protectively. Kagome sighed as she looked at her family. "Okay, let's see. How should I begin...Once upon a time there was an average fifteen year old girl who didn't believe monsters and demons ever existed. Until one day her brother started bugging her about getting their pet cat out of the well shrine...

And they lived happily ever after.

**************THE END.************

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