Today was the day Gwen would get released from the hospital. It was hard for me to get any sleep last night or focus on anything other than Gwen. 'She's back. Gwen's alive!' were the words that would always repeat in my mind and slowly I attempted to get those words to stick and for me to realize their truth. Everything seemed too good from this point on. It was too real to be fake, but too good to sound true. These past months have been hell on earth for me, almost causing me to lose myself completely, and her being back saved me just in time before death.

Waking up extra early, 6:00 AM to be exact, I had to make sure everything was perfect for Gwen. The floors were perfectly washed and swept, everything in the apartment was dusted to the point where no microscopic dust-eating creature would think twice of living here, the bathroom was sparkling even at every corner with the kitchen sinks being exactly the same zsz, and so on. Everything had to be truely exceptional for Gwen, even if it meant I had to be clean-freak. Luckily, there were no stairs she would really have to worry about in the apartment and everything could be easily managed from a sitting position. I guess the only thing that may be a pain would be the counter-top in the kitchen, but that only means I get to make her meals.

I made sure I was perfectly cared for, my appearance not even having a controversy. I was perfectly shaven - something that one wouldn't have seen in the months Gwen was absent - and my hair carefully trimmed and primped to Gwen's liking. In the past, she would always tell me how to do my hair to her liking. Every time I had tried to do so, she would either end up laughing or groaning at my idiocy. Least to say, I sucked at doing hair. Oh no, there goes my career as a hair-dresser.

However, this time I managed to get it perfect - just the way she would love it. It wasn't much different from the way I usually had it, but I must agree it didn't look bad what-so-ever. Maybe I should do this look more often...then again it would take me over an hour again to get it like this. Note to self, don't tell Gwen that part.

I can fully understand what a girl is said to go through when choosing an outfit. It took me almost an hour to fully approve of what I was wearing, going through ten shirts and twenty pairs of pants. I even argued what shade of black my socks would be. In the end choosing a light gray button-up dress shirt and dark gray skinny jeans with black converse. I wanted something that was dressy enough to celebrate the occasion of my Gwen coming home, but was still too casual in order not to overwhelm Gwen. To all the girls I have insulted ever making jokes about how long it takes you to get ready, I am completely and utterly sorry.

Realizing the time, a half an hour before I was to pick up Gwen from the hospital, I quickly applied some of the cologne that was her favorite on me and put on a dark gray winter jacket, leaving the apartment. Wow, did time really go by fast.

I was perfectly on time once I got to the hospital, giving myself a metaphorical 'pat on the back' for my 'Spidey abilities'. It was a sunny day out, but it wasn't exactly warm weather. However, today was the jackpot of all weather conditions for winter. It was fitting for the day as well.

" !" an unknown female voice called out to me.

I looked over at the doors of the hospital entrance, and I couldn't help but form a dorky grin on my face when I saw who was there. There was Gwen, sitting in a wheelchair with a nurse pushing her out...she looked like an angel. She wore a cream winter coat and her classic light brown knee-high boots with stockings that went above the knee, still showing enough skin between the coat and the stockings to show they weren't tights. Her hair was down and curly and her defined pink cheeks gave away the cold weather.

"Gwen!" I said, ecstatically.

"Hey! Why are we yelling?" She retorted, giggling at my excitement. I looked the other way for a moment, obviously embarrassed of how stupid I was.

"Sorry, but can't I be excited to see my girl?" She rolled her eyes, seeing my logic not really as logic. Not being able to contain my excitement, I quickly placed my arms underneath her knees and to the small of her back and lifted her up in the air. "Well, this won't be necessary!"

"Wait, what? Woah - !" Gwen looked around, shocked. "Put me down!"

"There we go, that's more like it."

"Is this really necessary, Peter!?" She looked back at the nurse, who was frantic over what I was doing. Gwen began saying small apologies in order to calm her down until the woman finally gave up.

"Yes, or else how would you get places?"

"Don't we need to -" Gwen hesitated for a moment and looked back at the wheelchair as if it were her enemy. "- bring that with us?" Her cold words surprised me for a moment, taking me off-guard. She was finally admitting that she didn't like the situation she was in and wasn't fine with it. Quickly, I recomposed myself.

"Nahh, I already have one at home that I made even better for you." Luckily, her naturally warm, snarky attitude came back.

"Don't tell me you added Spider-Man flags and other geeky stuff."

"Dammit, how did you know? At least you don't know about the horn and nightlight."

"Peter!" she whined.

"I'm just messing with ya...well kind of." Gwen rolled her eyes, her cute reaction making me chuckle. She moved her hands to my neck, getting closer and more comfortable in her new position.

"Let's get ya home!" I said, kissing her forehead. Over my shoulder, I heard the nurse giggle at the romance. Gwen's eyes were closed, content being in my arms. Seeing her like this warmed my heart, slowly feeling it come back to life.

I began walking down the street with Gwen in my arms. She was fast asleep with in seconds, sweetly smiling to whatever dream she was enjoying. Once I knew that the nurse was gone and everyone's eyes were fully focused on their own lives, I snuck into an alleyway and casted my web onto the top of a building, beginning to web my way home while keeping out of the public's eye.

Once I carefully landed on my apartment's bedroom balcony, I quietly slid the doors open and closed as we walked through and laid her on my bed. I guess the introduction will have to wait till my sleeping beauty wakes up.