They decided that it was too dangerous to continue looking for Roy at night. Sam and Dean returned to the campfire to tell the others that they'd continue the search for him in the morning. Haley and Ben clung to each other desperately, terrified now that the wendigo had made an appearance. Jess sighed, leaning back into Sam and staring into the fire wistfully. Sam watched silently as Dean picked up his block of wood and continued to whittle away at it. He whistled some Metallica to himself quietly as he worked at the form emerging from the wood.

Pretty soon they were all watching the being begin to take shape. Dean hadn't seem to notice their attention, if he did, he didn't react to it. They watched curiously as the shape of a man bloomed. Or was it an angel? Definitely and angel, according to the wings on his back.

"You don't believe in angels." Sam hadn't realized he spoke aloud until Dean paused and all eyes turned towards him. Dean looked confused and slightly embarrassed. Jess was intrigued while Haley and Ben were just confused.

"Do you believe in angels?" Dean asked, curious, going back to his carving.

"Yes. I…I mean hell's real. We've faced down our fair share of demons and monsters. I don't see why one would it exist and the other be a myth…Heaven has to be real." Sam frowned.

"Do you not believe in Heaven?" Jess asked, turning to Dean.

"No, he doesn't. He used to make fun of me for praying." Sam scowled. Dean smirked and huffed, knife pausing once more.

"I…I believe in Heaven now…" he paused, searching for the right words. Sam's eyebrows shot up in shock. "I think mostly I made fun of you because…you had such faith, Sam." Dean looked at him earnestly. "And…I know you didn't get that from me or dad…and I didn't understand it. How could you believe in God when mom was murdered? I just didn't get it. It was much easier to believe in evil than in good."

"Why do you believe now?" Haley asked curiously. Dean's eyes flickered to her and then back to the fire.

"Have you ever been on fire? It's hot and bright and unimaginably painful. It burns your nerve endings and inflames others, making them more receptive towards pain. So much pain." He swallowed thickly and began carving again. "I spent a long time in the fires. Burning and burning, everyday was a new kind of hell. But the fires were the worst part and I just…I was in pain for so long and when I was finally rescued…that's when I started to believe." Dean smiled slightly, thinking of an angelic pair of blue eyes, carving in indents for the angel's eyes.

"Dean…what?" Sam asked in confusion.

"All the things we've done, Sam, do you think we're heroes?" Dean looked up at him. Sam nodded jerkily.

"Killing is killing, even if you're killing a monster and…when I died…I went to hell." Dean sighed at the other's gasps.

"You died?" Ben gasped. Dean smirked, carving out the angel's tie.

"I was pulled out of hell by Heaven itself…so yes. I believe in angels." Dean sighed.

"Have you ever met one?" Jess asked. Dean smiled at her and went back to the miniature Castiel, not answering the question.


"Dean!" Dean looked up at Sam's call to see him gesturing to the trees around where Roy had disappeared. They were covered in bloody claw marks and the branches were all broken. Sam, Dean and Jess exchanged worried looks. There was too much evidence. Way too much.

"I thought all the prints were almost too easy to follow." Jess whispered, clutching her gun. The shrubbery to her left rustled and they all froze, on alert, searching the tree line for the beast. A low growl rumbled through the trees. Ben crossed himself. Dean catches a glimpse of a drop of red falling onto Haley's shirt, as he turns his head right. As one, he and Haley look up into the trees above them.

Haley shrieked and jumped out of the way just as Roy's lifeless body fell, breaking through the branches above them to land with a solid thump at the base of the tree. Jess poked Roy's body with her toe as Dean and Sam went to comfort the scared siblings. Ben was cussing up a storm under his breath and Dean shot him a reassuring look.

"His neck is broken." Jess looked up at the boys in shock. Dean's reaching for Sam when they hear more grownling.

"Shit! Run! Run! Run!" Dean says as they take off. "Go, go, go!" Dean and Jess dodge right while Sam, Ben and Haley take left, booking it through the trees. They two groups keep sight of each other as they run for their lives. Ben stumbled, crashing to his hands and knees and whimpering in pain.

Sam and Haley stopped, pulling him up.

"Come on. I gotcha, I gotcha." Sam gasps, head swinging around to watch for their attacker. They stop short at the sound of a scream piercing the forest.

"JESS!" Sam shouts in horror. They jog up the track to find Dean's shattered Molotov cocktail on the forest floor and not much else.


"If it keeps its victims alive…why would it kill Roy?" Haley asks as Sam fumes silently, searching for any tracks that could lead him to his missing family. Haley is trying and failing miserably at bandaging Ben's scrapped hands.

"Honestly, because Roy, pissed it off." Sam grumbled, running a hand through his hair. Haley shivered and looked at the lost boy.

"Hey," they turn to see Ben pointing at a yellow M&M a ways off. "They went this way." Sam laughed.

"It's better than breadcrumbs." The trail of candy led on for a long while. They had to stop and search several times because the brown M&Ms were nicely camouflaged by the dirt floor. More than once Sam saw Ben eating the chocolates. Haley had spotted him doing this once and they had both been treated to a rather long winded lecture about how disgusting that was and how disturbing teenage boys were.

Sam and Ben shared a long suffering looked and trudged on, coming to the entrance of a long forgotten mine. There's a sign there proclaiming in bold letters: WARNING! DANGER! DO NOT ENTER EXTREMELY TOXIC MATERIAL. Sam shrugged and headed inside. Ben and Haley shared uneasy looks and followed the younger Winchester into the wedigo's lair.

There was a close call once they were inside the mines, where the wendigo almost saw the beam of Sam's flashlight. They watched with bated breath as the wendigo took a divergent tunnel and ambled on. A few moments after they had dared to finally continue on, they fell through the floor onto the hard ground, surrounded by piles of bones.

Haley whimpered and pulled her baby brother closer to herself. Sam groaned and looked up, trying to get his bearings. He gasped in shock at seeing everyone hanging by their wrists from the ceiling.

"Dean! Jess!" Sam rushed over, shaking the two blondes. There was blood caked into Jess' long curls and Dean had a split lip.

"Tommy!" Haley and Ben rushed to their brother who looked significantly worse for wear than the two hunters. "Tommy wake up!"

Dean groaned, opening his eyes to peer blearily at Sam.

"Hey, you okay?" Dean winced but affirmed that he was. "Liar," Sam smiled, going to wake his girlfriend. Jess moaned and flopped into Sam's arms as he cut her down. He handed his knife over to Ben who cut down first Dean and then Tommy. Dean moaned and rubbed his sore wrists.

Tommy moaned and blinked at his siblings in shock, before clinging to them desperately. Sam led everyone towards a sparse patch of floor and they sat. Dean groaned again and shifted uncomfortably.

"You sure you're alright?" Dean grimaced before answering.

"Yeah, where is he?"

"He's gone for now." Sam answers, rubbing Jess' back. Jess groaned and rubbed her face into his neck. Tommy and his family are having a silent reunion and Dean sighed, looking around the strange room they seemed to be in. Their supplies were conveniently piled in the corner. Dean was thankful that monsters all seemed to be ridiculously stupid and he ambled over to the duffle, pulling out a flair gun.

"Check it." He clicks his tongue, winking at Jess.

"That's work." Jess smirks, stretching out and making grabby hands at the elder Winchester. Dean smirked and tossed her a gun. Sam sighed internally at them. Dean and Jess got on like a house on fire and it worried him a little bit. As did the startling similarities between the two that he kept seeing.

Growling interrupted Jess and Dean smirking at each other.

"Looks like someone's home for supper." Dean snarked just as Jess loudly wondered why the dumb beast was announcing its presence.

"We'll never outrun it." Haley gasped, clutching Tommy and Ben to her. Dean twirled his gun on his finger and turned to Jess and Sam.

"You thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Yeah, I think so." Sam sighed dejectedly. Because at the end of the day, while Dean was different, he was still his brother. Jess smirked, standing up and skipping over towards the duffles.

"All right, listen to me. Stay with Sam. He's gonna get you out of here."

"What are you gonna do?" Haley asked as Sam hauled Tommy up, supporting his weight alongside Ben. Dean winked at Haley and then and Jess before running off into the mine's endless tunnels.

"Chow time, you freaky bastard! Yeah, that's right, bring it on, baby, I taste good." Jess laughed from the doorway, watching and then waving the others on.

"All right, come on! Hurry!" Sam says, ushering the others through the tunnels towards where his inner compass is telling him the entrance is.

"Hey, you want some white meat, bitch! I'm right here!" Dean shouted. Jess smirked following the sound of his voice. She heard shots fired and prayed that Sam and the others got out okay. Sam cussed and pulled the others away and out of the tunnel they were currently in, shooting at the approaching wendigo with his useless gun.

"Get him outta here." Sam said, slinging Tommy's left arm over Haley's shoulder.

"Sam, no." She frowned.

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Come on, Haley!" Ben hissed, tugging her and his brother along.

"Come on. Come on." Sam hisses, turning to see the wendigo fast approaching. He shot at the wendigo and pissing it off before tucking tail and running.

"Sam!" Haley shouts as he runs after her, wendigo at his tale.

SAM catches up.

"Come on, hurry, hurry, hurry." Sam murmured, watching as the wendigo took its time to come to them. He got a good look at its tall, lanky frame and shuddered. "Get behind me." He hissed, shielding the three siblings.

"Hey, bitch!" Sam sighed heavily in relief as the wendigo turned to see Dean at the end of the tunnel, flare gun in hand. Jess snuck out of a side tunnel, winking at Sam before standing behind the monster. The wendigo hissed at Dean and started running towards him. Simultaneously Dean and Jess released their triggers, shooting the beast in the abdomen. The wendigo went up in flames, burning from the inside out.

"Not bad, huh?" Dean asked cockily, blowing at the end of his flair gun. Jess and Sam grinned widely at him.


It was a lot harder to find the way out of the mines than they had thought it would be. Dean, Jess, and Tommy were all badly injured, though Tommy had the brunt of the wounds. Sam, Ben and Haley took turns sharing his weight while Jess trudged on behind them and Dean limped in front of them. Even Jess and Dean were too tired to banter sarcastically.

As the saw the light at the end of the tunnel Sam sighed in relief and they all quickened their steps, eager to be out of the god forsaken pit. Sam estimated that it was maybe four or five in the afternoon as they broke off into the forest. The five of them staggered in shock at the sight that greeted them.

A scruffy brunette in a trench coat stood in front of the entrance to the mine, arms crossed and a scowl etched into his face. His hair looked windblown and his tie fluttered uselessly around his neck and his blue eyes flickered angrily. Sam and Jess unconsciously reached for their pistols.

"I thought you said you could survive two days without me?" The man quirked an eyebrow at them and his lips twitched into a semblance of a smile. Sam and the others shared confused looks and then watched in shock as Dean groaned and stumbled over to the man.

"I thought you said you'd be here earlier than this." Dean bit back tiredly before leaning bodily into the man. The man smiled and wrapped his arms around the hunter, supporting him. "I hate days like this."

"I'm sure," The man blinked at Sam and Sam blinked at him. "There is an ambulance at the entrance to the trail. Let's get you all down there." Dean groaned but he turned and stomped off muttering angrily to himself.

They watched him go before his turned to ask why they weren't following. Sam blinking and assumed that this man was 'Cas' and hesitantly started forward. Dean trudged up the incline and grabbed the sleeve of Cas' jacket and tugged him down the path. He didn't let go of the other man's sleeve the entire trek back.


The ambulance loads up Tommy while the police interview Ben.

"And the bear came back again after you yelled at it" The police man is asking. Ben glanced at Sam before nodding.

"That's when it circled the campsite. I mean, this grizzly must have weighed eight hundred, nine hundred pounds." Sam nodded when the officer glanced at him.

"All right, we'll go after it first thing."

"So I don't know how to thank you." Haley said to Dean as they watched Cas and Jess silently communicating via eyebrow. Dean turned back to Haley and smirked. "Ugh. Must you cheapen the moment?" Dean laughs and nods.

Haley leaned up and kissed Dean's cheek and he blinked at her in shock. "I hope you find your father."

"Thanks." Dean said as Sam, Jess and Cas approached him. They watched as the injured family, the police and the paramedics drove off.

"Man, I hate camping." Dean groaned.

"Me too." Sam snorted.

"Have either of you assholes actually been camping camping? Instead of hunting camping?" Jess scowled.

"Nah." The brothers smirked.

"So…Cas?" Sam raised an eyebrow and glanced between the silent man and the hunter.

"Ugh we'll talk about it later."

"Yeah, I know. But in the meantime? I'm driving." Sam smirked as Dean tossed him the keys. Dean and Cas crawled into the back of the impala and started conversing silently with a lot of eye contact. Jess and shared amused looks before driving off.