( AN: hi guys it's Leesh here. So this story will be a series of small one shots about Duncan, Gwen and Courtney living together and how different they are e.g there will be a chapter on exercises regimes, sleep patterns and eating habits. If you have any ideas for later chapters please send me a message! Don't forget to R&R hope you enjoy)

Things were quite abnormal in the Garcia-Evans-Yu household. An abnormality that most people would not understand but to them it was completely rational. They we're used to it though - the dirty looks, the hushed gossiping whispers and the unnessaseray vulgar slurs every-time they walked out of the house. Of course their predicament was a little strange but to them it was perfect.

Courtney Garcia, a Hispanic law abiding perfectionist who's actions and life events were thoroughly planned out years before Evans, a mischievous tattooed bad boy who lived for the thrill of danger and took things at his own pace. Gwen Yu, a broody apathetic artist who let her emotions take charge of her was a combination that on paper,was just a recipe for heart break and needless violence. But in reality the bizarre mix of personalities and cultures suppressing moulded together nicely.

The three of them had stopped trying to give their relationship a name, most would call it a long term threesome but to them they'd spit on someone who dared to call it that. The word threesome made them feel uneasy. It was a dirty word with only a sexual meaning which could not compare to the emotional connection the three of them shared.

They had all met previously in their late teens on a show called total drama and all had romantic connections between each other. The media became obsessed with their relations with each other during season 3. The 'love triangle' went viral and was talked about all over the world. After that had died down, during the making of season 5 things were starting to make amends especially with Gwen and Courtney. The two began to fall for each other and dated for a whole after the season had finished. Once Duncan was finally out of jail the three met up again at a reunion party for all of the cast. That was the time when they all discovered the feelings between each of them and that these feelings would not simply go away with the flick of a wrist. They decided to give their slightly twisted romance a go and that is how they got into the predicament their in now, 3 24 year olds sharing an apartment on the outskirts of Canadian in an attempt to escape the never ending they fight sometimes and they're living arrangements weren't ideal but to them they wouldn't change it for the world.