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CHAPTER SEVEN: (O.O Fav number xD)

Sky's The Limit

Asha's head reeled, she couldn't see anything, but the faint smell of the sea whispered in through a slight breeze. She heard muffled talking, probably through a wall.

She struggled, but found that her hands were tied to each other with a thick rope.

Asha wondered silently what would happen if she died here, would she go back home? Or would it be like she never existed? Her breath hitched, tears forming in her eyes. She wondered if her mother would miss her. Then she remembered, she had friends here, Helikon would come and help her.

"We are not going to kill her!" Someone yelled, slamming open a door. Asha heard several pairs of footsteps come towards her.

"What happens if she sides with them? She has already met one of them! Don't you think that they could have influenced her already?" A female voice urged.

"But we know she escaped from him! That's why she came here." The voice was of a man, an old man.

"So what you're saying is that she led him to our secret base. What's the odds of her coming to us?!" The female said.

"What are you talking about?!" Asha yelled.

Everyone fell silent. She felt eyes on her from all over.

"I have no idea what you're talking about! I'm just trying to figure out a way to fit in. I have no idea who you people are." She explained.

"In the Old Wagon you were talking about how you were going to hunt some villians." A young males voice said.

"Yes, some people called the Sun." Asha said.

"See, she's on their side. Trying to mislead us, she is!' The woman said.

"From what?" Asha asked, turning her head towards the woman, "Are you the Sun?"

"What side are you on?" The young male asked, "Answer and I will lift the sack off of your head."

"Neither." Asha stated, "I have no reason to be on a side. If I was to pick one I would be on the one doing the good. For the people, not themselves." She swallowed, Asha had remembered a line from a movie that went like that. She didn't know what had overcome her, to make her say something like that.

"Good answer." The guy answered. Asha heard him come closer, felt a slight brushing of her hair and then the sack was swiped off of her head.

Asha squinted her eyes, gasping in the fresh air and looking at her surroundings, "Nice place." She mocked.

The place they had been keeping her in looked like an unused fishing shack, several tables were littered with weapons and Asha's gaze settled on one, where her backpack was. She glanced at her captures. The woman was near her age, short with cropped blonde hair and mean looking green eyes, she grinned at Asha. The old man was tall and lanky, with a lanky figure and a long grey beard, he looked at her with intelligent blue eyes. The last member was the young man, he was tall and serious looking, his hair left to grow long to his shoulders and a bright gold, it was curly and some stray strands hung in his eyes, which were a light green.

"It's what we have to deal with." The girl answered, she cocked her head at Asha, "You're younger than I expected."

"Thanks?" Asha asked, she gestured with her tied hands to her backpack, "Can I have that back?"

"Not until you finish you're questioning." The girl answered.

Asha shrugged, knowing that she had no advantage in this fight, "What do you want to know?"

"What's your name?" The old man asked.

"Asha Stormgrey, your's?" She answered, looking over to the old man.

"Argruis Son of Gregor." He answered, then gestured to the girl, "this is Sophia of Crete, and over there is Kyle of Thebes."

Kyle waved to her, "So Asha, who do you think we are?"

"Crazy?" Asha asked, she wasn't too sure.

"Nope. We are the Moon." Sophia answered, leaning forwards and tapping Asha on her nose.

Asha gave her a look, "Seriously, the Sun, now the Moon? What's next, the Sky?"

Sophia shrugged, "We didn't chose the name, our god did."

"Ooook. I'm sticking to my answer." Asha mumbled.

Kyle gave a laugh, but stopped when Sophia shot him a dangerous look.

"So Asha." Sophia drawled, "If you're not on a side, what were you doing with Sammael?"

"What do you mean?" Asha asked, curious, it seemed that these people knew who he was.

"He's with the Sun. Our enemy. And you two looked very chummy with each other." Sophia answered, grinning slightly.

"Wait." Asha said suddenly, staring at Sophia, "Where did you hear that word?"

"Hmmm, chummy? From the Moon." She answered in a riddle, then cocked her head, "I bet you could teach us a whole heap of other words. Am I right?"

"What are you saying?" Asha asked, narrowing her eyes at the blonde, wondering if they knew, somehow, that she was from the future.

"You're the-" She was shut up by Kyle, who slammed a hand over her mouth.

"What she was going to say, was that you are odd." Kyle explained grinning slightly, "But enough about that, are you hungry?"

"No." Asha growled, "Let her answer."

"Sorry, you're not ready to hear it yet. And you're not on our side." Argruis stated. Asha jumped, he hadn't said much, 'So eat."

"Let me go." Asha snapped, "I need to make sure that my friends aren't worrying about me."

"Oh trust me, they are." Kyle stated, grinning, "Especially Helikon."

"Then let me go." Asha pleaded.

"No." They all said in union.

Asha sighed, not bothering to try and argue with them.

"By the way Sophia," Kyle started, "Did you notice how she totally skipped the Sammael question?"

Sophia nodded, "I did," She turned to Asha and glared at her, "What's going on between you two?"

"Nothing. He was just stalking me around." Asha answered, annoyed, "Why does it matter?"

"He's the leader of the Sun. And the most dangerous, and regrettably, the most gorgeous." Sophia answered, "So he was stalking her." She looked at Argruis.

"It seems that way. Perhaps he was trying to capture her?" He stated, stroking his beard.

"I don't care." Kyle said, "Him being here, so close to us, is no coincidence. He knows she's here. We have got to move."

Sophia nodded, "He's right," She looked at Asha, "Which means you're coming with us."

"What? I told you, I have nothing to do with this stupid of the Sun or Moon crap! Please, just let me go!" Asha begged.

Kyle narrowed his eyes, he walked forwards and leaned near her, "Do you know what would happen if Sammael caught you?" His breath brushed her cheek, Asha shook her head from the sudden urge to scratch that cheek.

"I don't know." She said, in truth she didn't have any idea what he would do. In the last day she had been in Troy he had been moving ever closer to her, maybe these people were right, maybe he was after her.

"He would either kill you, or torture you. The Sun are like that, they don't care about people's feelings. And Sammael is the strongest of them." Sophia said, she frowned, "And Asha." She looked into her eyes, "We like you. We want to help you. But we can't do that if your dead."

Asha blinked, "Why?"

"Because your the-" Kyle started but Sophia punched him in the stomach.

She gave him a stern look, "Trust me, it's okay."

"I just met you! And I can't leave! My horse is here!"

"Oh. That. She's with us." Argruis muttered quietly.

Asha blinked, disbelief coloring her face, "You, have my horse?" She shook her head, "Why am I not surprised?" Asha sighed, "Fine, then let's get going."

Kyle smiled, he reached forwards and untied her, "Your not going to-"

He didn't finish, Asha let out an earsplitting whistle, launching forwards and elbowing Kyle in the stomach. He coughed, kneeling onto the ground. Sophia and Argruis yelled out and started towards her but there was an array of noise as her horse slammed into the old warehouse, rearing up on her back legs she neighed out, Asha caught her bridle, sliding onto her back and clicking her tongue. The filly galloped out of the opened doors, flying past unsuspecting people.

Asha leaned forwards her hair flying behind her as the salty wind buffeted her, her horse leaped over a bench and onto the white sand. She saw the Xanthos at the end of the beach, but for some reason didn't direct her horse towards it.

Then she cursed. In the corner of her eye she saw him. Sammael was galloping towards her, his black horse churning up the ground. His gorgeous face contorted in concentration.

Asha urged her horse faster, but knew that he would catch her. And without any weapons she would be defenseless. So she turned her horse, heading into the town, shoving past people her horse hooves clipped and clapped on the cobblestone ground. She didn't hear Sammael following as she turned down an alley. Slowing her filly down Asha glanced behind her shoulder. He hadn't followed her. She sighed in relief, shock coursing through her. So those people hadn't lied, he was here.

"Running away again?" A silky voice asked her.

Asha yelped, turning around she was grabbed by strong male arms and pulled off of her filly, who reared in fright.

"Let me go!" Asha yelled, trying to alert the people outside of the alley to help, put Sammael cover her mouth with his hand.

"Shush. It's okay." He said calmly. Asha struggled in his arms, her back pressing against his chest, she felt the pommel of a sword digging into her leg. He was armed.

But that didn't deter her, she bit down hard on his hand, drawing blood. The act granted her a moment of surprise and she slid off the horse onto the ground, running down the alley she heard her filly follow. But then she was thrown to the ground as Sammael leaped on top of her, her arms grazing the ground. She struggled violently, kicking at him, she threw him off only to be forced against the wall. The two horse clicked their teeth at each other as their owner fought.

"Why?" Asha asked, her eyes narrowed she glared at his handsome face.

His stormy eyes regarded her with interest, "Your cute when your angry."

Asha gritted her teeth, glaring at him, "Let me go. I don't have anything you want."

He cocked his head, hair falling into his eyes, "Really?" He smiled slightly, using a graceful finger to trace her cheek, "We both know you have something I want."

Asha closed her eyes, forcing the lump in her throat down, "No. I don't have anything of worth."

"Ah, but contrary to that, you are worth more than anything!" He exclaimed, he gestured with his one free hands, the other had both her arms pinned above her head. He held her against the wall so casually, she knew she stood no chance.

"What will you do to me?" Asha asked, her voice croaked, she was scared, remembering what Sophia had said.

"If you come willingly, we can rule side by side. You can be my Queen." He murmured, then his eyes darkened, "Or I will force you." He squeezed her arms, hurting her.

Asha closed her eyes, her heart beating quickly, "I would never be yours." She growled darkly.

"Then choose!" He let her go, Asha rubbed her wrists as he turned away from her, gesturing to the sky. She looked around, trying to see if anyone would help her, and found a familiar set of light green eyes on the roof of a building.

Asha returned her gaze to Sammael who had turned to her, "Sun, or Moon?" He asked, his eyes intent on her.

She steeled herself, ready for the rebuke she would get, "Moon." Asha spat it like an insult at him, "I choose goodness."

Sammael's face hardened, he stepped forwards, unsheathing his sword, "Then you choose-" But he never finished the sentence because Kyle cut him off, literally.

He jumped down from the roof, rolling and then drew his rapier. Asha blinked, he had a rapier? Kyle lunged at Sammael, and their blades met, slamming against each other.

"You!" Sammael exclaimed, eyes wide with surprise he slid his sword free from the cross they had had it in, twisting his hand expertly he swung it at Kyle's legs, only to have his sword flung to the ground as Argruis parried his attack. The old warrior had a huge longsword and had seemed to appear out of

nowhere. Kyle danced forwards, pressing his rapier against Sammael's throat.

"Here." A soft voice said, Asha glanced over to it, to smile at Sophia, who was standing in the alleyway, one hand on Asha's filly, the other holding her backpack and bow.

Asha rushed forwards grasping her belongings with a sense of relief.

"I guess you're on our side now." Sophia remarked, her eyes watching Argruis who had his blade against Sammael's throat.

"They won't kill him, right?" Asha asked.

Sophia didn't bother answering, instead she raised her eyebrows.

Sammael glared at Argruis, the two warrior's were the same height, "Go ahead old man. It won't accomplish anything."

Argruis smiled grimly, his then lunged forwards, putting all of his strength into a single death blow.

Asha almost screamed in horror and turned her head, she couldn't watch.



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