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Ginny had greeted her with such glee at breakfast that Hermione's good mood had stuck all day, even as she headed to divination, the worst god forsaken subject on the planet. Hermione had been very prepared to drop divination entirely but as McGonagall had pointed out, people liked their healers to have divination powers.

So she had resigned herself to sitting painstakingly bored throughout every lesson. Harry had also chosen divination so at least she got to spend it with him.

The pair trudged up the tall winding staircases to the Professors small room. Hermione dragged Harry to the empty table at the front. Just because she hated the subject did not mean she allowed Harry to slack off, she would do equally well in divination as she did in every subject.

"Good morning class!" Trelawney's soft voice rang across the otherwise silent room, it gave Hermione the creeps but she refused to voice that opinion.

Draco stood in the middle of the Quidditch pitch, his eyes scanning the rest of his team. They weren't bad but they weren't good either and a few of them wouldn't be able to fly properly even with a broomstick shoved up their arse.

He liked to get in as much practice as he could, and since he had a free period at the end of the day he kicked practice off early. They were currently all looking at him with strange expressions. Blaise stepped forwards.

"You alright mate?" He hissed and the blonde frowned.

"Why wouldn't I be?" He questioned.

"You're kind of… growling." Blaise said and as soon as the words had left his mouth Draco finally became aware of the slow rumble he was emitting. Confused he allowed his Veela to explain itself. He could feel Hermione's stress; she wasn't in trouble of pain. She was just uncomfortable and this made his Veela uncomfortable and he was currently surrounded by a group of young men, his Veela was trying to be protective.

Shaking his head and trying to stop the noise he decided they should all just get on with it and launched himself into the air on his broom.

Trelawney was currently circulating the class, inspecting notes and glancing into a few crystal balls on her way around.

"This is such a farce" Hermione hissed under her breath and she heard Harry chuckle.

"Don't let her hear you, you know you're not exactly her favorite person after last time." He muttered and Hermione blushed, she'd had a few outbursts in divination all aimed at the Professors total incompetence.

"Miss Granger… do you mind?" The soft voice of Trelawney echoed out next to Hermione's head and she jumped a little alarmed but shook her head and pushed the crystal ball towards the woman anyway.

The slightly deranged woman pushed her spectacles up her nose and peered closely into the fog. Hermione folded her arms in wait, the Professor always managed to tell her something unrelated and irrelevant and she wondered what it would be today.

"I see, I see" The woman muttered and Hermione just blinked expectantly. "It seems you have great emotional turmoil" She continued and Hermione held back a snort, she was a 7th year at Hogwarts, of course she was having great emotional turmoil. "Trust your heart Miss Granger" The woman offered and moved away, Hermione blinked before pulling the crystal ball back to her and trying desperately to see something for herself.

Hermione was tired and she wasn't in the mood for first year Gryffindor's tonight. Trelawney had set them a ridiculous essay to write and she'd spent the rest of her evening in the library doing the necessary research.

As she entered the common room she was met with 6 first years all huddled round chess board, cheering and whopping as if it was the most exciting game on the planet. A small group of third years lounging by the fire and a couple of 6th years dotted about completing homework and essays.

"Hermione!" One of the first years called and tried to wave her over, she offered a smile but refused to join them instead she dragged herself up to her room intent on doing some late night reading and getting a head start on her essay.

She flung her door open and actually growled.

"What are you doing here!" She almost screamed as Malfoy tore his eyes from the book he was currently reading and looked up at her.

"I could feel how stressed you were and it wasn't doing my Veela good, I can't get anything done when I know you're upset" He replied and placed his book on the nightstand next to him. "And I told you yesterday, your scent relaxes me. It really calms the Veela down. What place is better for your scent than your room?" He shrugged and she glared at him. She really was stressed.

Sighing she sat down on the small couch next to him.

"You can't just come up to my room like this." She sighed pinching the bridge of her nose and leaning forwards. Draco's Veela gave a small whine at the sight of his unhappy mate.

Unconsciously Malfoy had been shifting towards her, she didn't notice until his leg brushed hers, she bristled but didn't pull away. He wrapped an arm around her shoulders, taking advantage of her closeness and giving into the Veela.

In a normal situation, Hermione would never have allowed him to get anywhere near her but he was being almost kind to her and she could really use the strange comfort his presence provided, so she allowed the contact. With a resigned sigh she lent against his strong body and let his warmth soothe away the tension she had been feeling all afternoon.

He had told her that a Veela would go out of his way, even against his personality, if his mate needed him to. Hermione hadn't known weather to believe him or not, but she did now.

"Malfoy?" She asked, pulling away slightly but not breaking the contact between them.

"Mmm?" He hummed, absently curling his fingers around a strand of her hair. It was so soft, and when he pulled it out straight, the curl bounced right back into its loose ringlet, he was fascinated.

Just as she was about to voice her question she was interrupted.

"Hermione?" Ron's voice floated through her bedroom door. Hermione jumped springing away from Malfoy and to her feet. Malfoy's Veela was on full alert and he certainly wasn't happy that Hermione had pulled herself away from him when the Weasel had called.

"What Ron?" She snapped back and Malfoy bristled, she was pissed off with the red head.

"Can we talk? Please?" His voice was timid and she sighed. She sent a scathing look towards Malfoy.

"Don't' try anything just… be good" She ordered then swept from the room. Draco's eyes wondered to the bed and he grinned before pulling off his shirt.

Hermione now stood face to face with Ron Weasley.

"What do you want, I'm still not speaking to you Ronald." She announced crossing her arms and Ron blushed holding up his hands in surrender.

"I know, that's why I wanted to talk. I think you may be over reacting just a little about the diary." He offered Hermione's eyebrows shot up; this was not a good thing to say.

"Excuse me! Over reacting? Ronald you STOLE my diary! How can you even say I'm over reacting!" She snapped her finger pointing at his face.

Draco growled, he was trying to sleep. 'Trying' be the operative word. The Gryffindor's outside Hermione's room weren't being that loud but the annoying ache in his chest had come back, he knew this meant that the Weasel was being hurtful towards his mate. His Veela was not going to just let him sleep if his mate was upset.

He knew he wasn't going to be able to sleep in peace until they had settled their disagreement, so he was just going to have to push it along.

Cursing under his breath, he dragged himself out of Hermione's bed and padded across the room his feet now bare.

"Hermione, I told you I just wanted to know what you feeling" The Weasels voice floated through the door to Draco and he rolled his eyes. The red head was being a total pillock.

"Ronald your motives are irrelevant you should never have STOLEN my diary" She replied and Draco sighed. Just hearing her voice soother the irritation that was bubbling up within him. Draco knew this meant he was in trouble; for someone who had so recently struggled with commitment issues, becoming a Veela wasn't exactly a comfortable transition.

"Hermione, you're NOT LISTENING to me," Ron urged. Unable to take any more of the Weasels grating voice he flung the bedroom door open.

Hermione spun around so fast she nearly fell over, Ron's eyes snapped over to the blonde Slytherin and widened so far they threatened to pop out of his head.

"M-M-M" Ron stumbled over the first letter of Malfoy's name but he didn't have long. Draco lent across Hermione and picked the red head up by the scruff of his neck before hauling him inside Hermione's room. Hermione quickly followed and slammed the door behind her whispering a quick silencing charm as she did so. This was going to go badly…

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