Hope is a Four Letter Word

By JTrevizo

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Summary: The honeymoon

Hi all. Super sorry for the delay. RL with visiting in-laws does not make a good environment for writing a smutty epilogue, and the delay make it a slow process to get started once they left. I hope though that it was worth the wait, especially since this is the last chapter. Thank you all again for joining me on this spectacular ride and I hope you all like this lovely ending! Now let's get to the story…


Hope is a Four Letter Word

By JTrevizo

Epilogue - Forever and a Day

It had ended up being six weeks, as both Oliver and Felicity healed, cleared their QC workload and ended a local crime spree led by the Triad, before they could head out for their delayed honeymoon.

Dig had promised that he, Roy and Thea (filling in at the computers for Felicity) would be perfectly fine, and, if anything came up, they'd call Barry for backup, so they shouldn't worry about Starling City and have a good time.

With that final push, they finally make their way to Bermuda.

"It's a lot more… sunny than I expected," says Felicity as they walk hand-in-hand through the baking warmth from the terminal to the town car that Oliver had hired to drive them to the hotel from the bustling small airport.

"I think that's due to the sun being out. I know sometimes we don't see much of it between our day and night jobs," jokes Oliver, her carry-on bag with her tablet and phone secure in his other hand. There had been a great debate about leaving her tech behind for their week long vacation, but he'd folded under her glare at the idea of being totally disconnected and her rather compelling argument that they had no way to be reached if all hell broke loose at home and they needed to cut things short, backup or not.

Sliding inside the back seat of the luxury sedan, Felicity waits for Oliver to slip her bag to the floor by their feet before he climbs in beside her, catching her hand again. His eyes shine and that smile she loves appears when his thumb rubs over her engagement and wedding rings before he pulls her hand up and places a kiss on the back of it. As the car pulls away from the airport he lays his other hand on her knee, just below the hiked up hem of her pale green floral dress. His fingers lazily draw patterns on her bare skin, causing her blood pressure to climb as the tendrils of desire roiled within her with each movement.

They'd been good… well, kinda good throughout the flight here. Since they were taking commercial transportation, there was no attempt at joining the 'mile high club', but any time their skin brushed up against one another, it just made it very clear that they both wanted and needed to get to their hotel so they could start their honeymoon.

Now, with Oliver inching his fingers further up Felicity's thigh, she knows that, once they are in their room, there is going to be no leaving until they are sated or they have to head back to Starling City. And Felicity knows that between the two of them, his need for her, especially after the kidnapping has been insatiable.

Her hand falls to cover his, stopping his progress before he drags her gauzy skirt up too high and the driver gets a show he hadn't paid for. She'd be giving him back as good as she got if they were in Starling City with Dig driving or in the lair, but being in public where anyone could be looking for a revealing picture of Oliver and her, she tried to keep the naughty PDAs to a minimum.

"You really don't plan on seeing much of the beach or anything, do you, Mr. Queen?" Felicity suddenly remarks, realizing that he is now looking at her like a starving man seeing a banquet before him.

"Probably not. I think we'll have more than enough to entertain us… in the hotel," Oliver replies as he moves his hand to wrap around her waist, pulling her closer to him until she's nearly in his lap.

Felicity swallows hard at the desire that she can see starkly reflected in his eyes and reminds herself that she can ravage and be ravaged by this man as soon as they are alone, and licks her suddenly dry lips at the thought, prompting a quiet, guttural growl from her still new husband, who just tightens his grip on her hip, the feeling of his fingertips digging into her skin sending a thrill through her.

"You need to not do that, or I'm going to forget there's no partition in this car," he whispers in her ear, his breath hot against her flesh and she bites her lower lip to keep from moaning at the feel of his touch, his scent so close to her and the way his words drive her crazy.

They can't get to the hotel quick enough… for either of them.

Finally, mercifully the car pulls into the drive at the Rosewood Tucker's Point Hotel & Spa, the exterior all cream and white modern architecture. Oliver slides out of the car and helps Felicity, his hand now moving to guide her inside, his palm pressed against the cut out back of her dress and laying flat on her bare skin. As they head towards the doors, the driver moves to meet the porter who is coming to get their bags from the trunk. Handing the young man the bag with Felicity's electronics gets Oliver a little glare, but then he's brushing his fingers in circles on her bare back, making her brain short circuit as he leads her inside the lobby and to the check-in desk.

"You have a reservation for Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Queen," states Oliver, making Felicity roll her eyes. She's hyphenated her name for professional reasons, but Oliver seems to take delight in leaving out her maiden name at any chance he has to call her Mrs. Queen.

"Yes, sir. The penthouse suite. Marco will take your bags up, if you'll follow him," says the neatly dressed and overly tanned girl at the counter before handing him the electronic key cards for the room. "We hope you enjoy your stay."

Oliver nods and takes the key and slides it into the jacket pocket of his dove gray suit before he presses his hand flat again against his wife's naked back and urges her towards the elevators behind the porter with their luggage. They file into the small elevator, and Felicity's thoughts fill with memories of having pulled the emergency stop on the executive elevator at QC when they were dating as the doors close. Oliver steps even closer to her when they start to ascend, a smirk covering his face when his eyes catch hers and the blush creeps across her face at the recollection. He grasps her other hand with his, his thumb rubbing over the palm and making her take in a deep stuttering breath to try and center herself.

When the doors finally open, they're greeted by the same clean white walls extending down a ten foot hallway, the floor covered with plush sand colored carpet and a set of double rosewood doors directly in front of them. The porter immediately heads down the hallway, with Oliver and Felicity a few steps behind. Before either of them can get to the doorway, the porter opens it for them, heading inside to put down their bags. Just as Felicity is about to walk in, Oliver reaches down and swiftly lifts her into his arms in a bridal carry, causing her to let out a stunned yelp as her arms automatically wrap around his neck.

"Carrying me over the threshold? Really?" she gasps out, surprise and disbelief coloring her words.

"I didn't get to do it when we got married. Bum knee and all," replies Oliver sincerely with a pointed look that has equal measures of humor and sadness within.

"And the other times you've had to carry me like this haven't exactly been positive," she adds, memories of waking up in his arms, head pounding as Oliver carried her on the night that Slade attacked Starling City rising up within her.

"All the better to make new, good memories," he answers, his eyes darkening with want as he steps inside the stunningly furnished suite, which he ignores in favor of the sight in his arms, causing Felicity's heart to skip a few beats at the raw look of desire in his gaze. "You want to pay the man so he can leave?"

Felicity quickly shoves a hand into her purse and pulls out some bills to give to the young man, who smiles and closes the door behind him hurriedly. Alone in their room, Felicity settles into Oliver's arms, realizing that he isn't planning on putting her down any time soon, and she's perfectly alright with that, especially with how he seems to have a plan in mind, which she sincerely hopes includes having his way with her right now.

"So, since you booked the suite and all, we don't need the tour," Oliver comments distractedly, carrying her through the white walled suite, past the yellow cream upholstered furniture, the glass patio windows with the view of nothing but their personal outdoor pool and then just ocean, sand and sky. "We'll be getting to everything in due time."

Felicity's fingers grip into his jacket at the picture his words are painting in her head and, before she can say anything stupid or inappropriate about whether he has a checklist in mind for everywhere he wants to make love to her, he turns and walks them into the bedroom. The room is dominated by a huge California King four poster bed in the same rosewood, hung with white gauzy hangings and covered by pale sea blue and white bed linens. Against one wall, she can see the open door leading to the massive master bath that she knows has the Jacuzzi tub that looked like it could sit four linebackers along with the enclosed shower with its steam jets and twenty spray settings.

But they're not going anywhere near there, as Oliver makes a beeline to the bed. Obviously the first destination in their week of honeymoon sex debauchery is the most predictable one.

"Well, this is just… wow. You know a girl could get used to this kind of irresponsible luxury, Mr. Queen," Felicity attempts to joke before Oliver sits her on the high mattress. She runs a hand on the cool comforter, watching him kneel before her, slipping off her strappy sandals, his grin ear to ear as his fingers play along her skin, sending jolts of electricity up her limbs as she realizes that they are now finally, truly alone.

As Oliver tosses her shoes somewhere behind him, she can see the lust for her in his eyes and it forces a quiet gasp from her lips as his hands work their way up and down her calves. This isn't the first time they've been together since they got married, but it is their honeymoon, and she can immediately tell that her husband plans to take advantage of every second of their time away from responsibility to feed the passion between them that frankly they don't get to explore as much as they want to, what with the time suck and exhaustion from company running and city saving and everything...

When his hands suddenly stop moving, Felicity realizes the last statement must have slipped past her filter and had been said out loud. She bites her lower lip and Oliver slips a hand up to tenderly ease the flesh from her teeth, his eyes shining with love, as well as understanding

"I know. We could always stay longer than we planned..." Oliver says softly, the open-ended suggestion hanging there, his voice layered with desire as well as reluctant honesty. If she wanted to stay a month, two, even a year, he'd figure out a way to put aside the guilt he'd have for not taking care of the company or Starling City just to make her happy, to give them the happiness they deserve, even for just a little while.

Then Felicity giggles, the sound turning into laughter for a few moments before she quickly sobers and reaches down to press the palm of her hand against his stubbled cheek, a tender smile across her face.

"That's cute, but we're barely going to be able to go a week before you start worrying about needing to Arrow some bad guy bent on destroying the city and I decide my tablet and phone don't offer me enough of a computer fix," she replies with a note of disbelief to her voice, knowing that neither of them could just up and quit their crime fighting ways. "I will not be responsible for my actions if I have to deal with broody, guilty Oliver Queen here while Dig and Roy and Thea mess with my babies at home. I'm already stressed enough thinking about the cache clearing I'm going to have to do when I get back to be sure I don't have a slow processor or overwhelmed RAM…"

Oliver gives her a calculated, awed shake of his head, his throat tightening on him as he takes in her words and the depth of the meaning within them; she loves him and that includes the man who wears the hood, not despite him. She is his partner, in more ways than one, and his mission is their mission - always. The smile that appears on his face makes Felicity's heart expand in her chest. He slowly stands, his body nearly rubbing against hers as he leverages himself up and then over her, causing her to move further backwards onto the bed.

"Then I guess we'll just have to make the most of the time we have," remarks Oliver, that smirk she loves appearing on his face just before he leans in and captures her lips with his, the immediate feeling of love and desire for her coming from this man hitting her like a freight train before she's kissing him back just as passionately.

Felicity's hands whip to his shoulders, her hands gripping into the layers of cloth there. The part of her brain not occupied by the feeling of Oliver's mouth and tongue dancing with hers drives her to claw at the fabric, needing to get to his bare skin. His attention diverts to finding the zipper on her dress and lets her get her fingers under the collar of his jacket, shoving it down, but the garment catches on his elbows and stills his hands.

"Take this off," she says breathily, and Oliver leans back to let her hurriedly unbutton his crisp white dress shirt before she pushes the jacket and shirt off him together, sending both items to the floor behind him.

With his chest now bare, Felicity runs her hands over his skin, fingertips distinguishing but uncaring of the difference in texture between unmarked or marked skin; it's all the same to her and, since the first time she got to touch him like this and she dismissed his scars as just skin, Oliver had felt himself fall that much further in love with her.

As Felicity's hands roam over him, Oliver's lips land on her exposed neck and her head falls back on a groan as he finally gets the zipper of her dress down. His hands slip under the sweetheart neckline of the dress and pull it down, the cap sleeves dragging over her already heated skin, and Felicity vaguely registers the action, distractedly helping him guide it off her arms, directing the material to pool at her waist.

Oliver eases back to look at her and his throat reflexively tightens again as he swallows heavily at the stunning sight of her nearly naked in front of him, his hardening cock twitching within the confining fabric of his clothes. The dark green silk bra is one that Oliver has seen before, but, every time he learns that she's wearing it, he can't help the possessive feeling that fills him and finds himself completely turned on. And of course she had to wear it today. His hand comes up to cup her breast through the fabric, making her moan in appreciation, her hands shifting from his back to cradle his jaw in her palms, fingers caressing his face.

"I thought you might appreciate them, considering everything," she says with a sly grin, and he knows that she knows what the sight of the undergarments do to him. And that the bra is part of a matching set.

"I do," he replies before moving his hands to the center clasp between her breasts and popping the it.

Without a second's pause, his hands push the silky fabric away, exposing her to his view. His head falls forward, mouth kissing along her collarbone before traveling lower to cover the center of one breast, his tongue lithely lashing her stiff nipple, causing her hands to grip his shoulders and neck as she moans louder at the action. They've been together for two years like this now but the passion between them is still unbridled.

With one hand wrapped around her back, holding her to him, Oliver lets the other caress her other breast, thumb and forefinger playing with the hardened nub with as much skill as he draws his bowstring. When his mouth finally releases her breast, Oliver licks a long line to her neck, placing a delicate kiss on her lips before pulling away. Her eyes open and catch with his, the love and lust exposed there making her already speeding heart beat faster. His hands coast down her sides and his tongue unconsciously wets his lips, his throat working convulsively as he looks at her - hair mussed and face flushed, eyes bright and blown. He will never tire of the sight of her like this, with him, because of him...

"I love you. I will never know what I did to deserve you," he says softly, his hands grasping hers as she reaches for him to pull him back to her.

"You let me love you," she replies simply, and the look in Oliver's eyes at the declaration makes her gasp quietly.

Oliver then slides to the floor once more, his knees hitting the carpet as he pulls Felicity's bare legs towards him, her hips sliding across the bed linens. His fingers slip up her thighs and pull her dress and the delicate dark green silk underwear from her, dragging the articles of clothing down and off before he lifts her calves up and situates them on his bare shoulders as his head swiftly dips to her apex, his mouth and tongue immediately finding her wet, heated core.

"Ooh, god," moans Felicity as his lips and tongue cover and lap at her center. "That, you…"

Felicity feels the roughness of his stubble against her inner thighs even as Oliver's mouth and tongue do delicious, mind blowing things to her body. Her fingers clutch at his head and short, spiky hair even as one of his hands grips her thigh, holding her to him. The other hand slides between her legs and when his mouth eases away from her center he pushes two deft fingers into her before his tongue slips up to flicker over her clit in time with his thrusting fingers.

Felicity's back bows off the bed, a garbled scream catching in her throat as her hands fly to the sheets and her fingers dig in as her whole world centers on what this man, her husband and love of her life, is doing to her. Another few forceful movements of his fingers within her, the pads of his fingertips curling to brush along that elusive spot inside her and his lips closing over and pulling on her clit are enough to send her over the edge, her vision graying out at the intensity of her climax as her inner walls ripple around his still sheathed fingers.

Oliver pulls his hands and mouth from her center and scrambles to his feet, his eyes locked on his wife, who lies panting on the bed, eyes closed and fists bunched in the bed linens. The sight of her, flushed from the orgasm that he just gave her makes him harder than he had been before, and he swiftly reaches for his belt, whipping it open and undoing his pants. Shucking them along with his boxers, socks and shoes, Oliver moves to lay on the bed beside Felicity, his bare front pressing up against her naked side as he places a gentle hand on her cheek as she opens her eyes and stares at him, pupils blown and mouth gaping open.

"Wow. This honeymoon sex is almost better than married sex," she blurts out and Oliver stifles a laugh, but can't suppress the smile that blooms on his face.

"I'm sure we can top it, since we're just getting started," he suggests in a low, seductive tone as he runs his hand over her flushed chest, brushing briefly over her breasts before dipping between her thighs and causing her body to arch against his touch as his deft fingers slide within the heated wetness pooled there.

Her eyes lock with his and she lets go of her death grip of the comforter to touch his chest, palm pressing momentarily over his heart, and then she breaks his gaze to drag her eyes appreciatively over his body. Her attention is caught by his straining erection and her fingers lightly brush up and down the hard, hot column, forcing a hiss from Oliver's lips.

"I'm game if you're up to it," she adds, her voice teasing as she grips his length and then she leans up to kiss him, his mouth opening to meet her passion while he rolls over her, their bodies coming flush together.

Felicity instinctively shifts her hips, widening the space between her thighs to accommodate his body. As he holds himself up on his arms, he lets his lower half press into her, causing them both to groan at the feelings generated by the intimate contact.

Depending on their mood, their lovemaking has been equal turns tender and loving and hard and fast. Today, as she feels the hard length of his cock nudge her center insistently, his need to be with her, within and surrounded by her - completely connected in this intimate, mind-blowing way, she knows that Oliver's patience is gone. Having spent the long hours on the flight here, in the car and getting to the room with the build up to this moment, on top of the postponement of their honeymoon following the emotional impact of her kidnapping and the fight with Slade, he wants to be with her, inside her right now just as badly as she wants him there. With a shift of her hips, the tip of his erection slips through her folds, and he pushes into her slick heat in one quick, forceful thrust.

The feeling of finally being surrounded by her wet, warm passage forces a string of swear words in several languages along with her name from Oliver's lips, and, beneath him, Felicity bites back her own exclamation at the truly incomparable sense of being filled by this man who holds her heart.

After a few moments to center himself, Oliver slowly eases his hips and cock backward, just to the edge of near withdrawal before swiftly resheathing himself, drawing a gasp from her. Her hands move from where she'd held him to her across his lower back to his neck and shoulders. But Oliver shifts his weight to his knees and legs so he can lift his hands from the mattress to catch hers, raising them over her head as their fingers intertwine and then he lets his weight distribute between his knees and hands as he presses into her once more. The friction the action causes making Felicity buck up against him, a needy moan slipping from her lips, making Oliver grin. He snaps his hips back and then forward quickly, repeating the action over and over in rapid succession, making their hand grip tighten.

Felicity can feel her second orgasm rushing up on her, and, the way Oliver's cock is pistoning into her, his eyes nearly black as they watch her, his breath coming in pants at his need to bring them both over the edge drives him harder, she knows he's even closer than she is. She hooks her legs across his back, locking her ankles at the small of his back, and shifting her pelvis up, letting him slide just that millimeter deeper into her, and she feels the shockwaves start.

Oliver feels how her small adjustment has changed his angle of penetration and her sudden gasp at the new position tells him she's close. He leans his head down to catch her lips with his in a hot, sloppy kiss that matches his rapidly slipping control as he teeters on the edge of his own climax. Pulling away, he lets his teeth graze her earlobe before he whispers, voice low and wrecked in his desire, "Come for me, Felicity."

It only takes his words and two more hard, erratic thrusts before she breaks apart in his arms, her fingers digging into his almost painfully as his name bursts from her lips in a near wail, along with a few swear words of her own, all in English.

As her orgasm washes through her, her internal walls clench around Oliver's erection and, with a desperate thrust, Oliver follows her into oblivion, her name a growl bursting up from his chest. His hips stutter as he completes and then begin to slow, gradually coming to a stop, his body spent. He lets his forehead fall forward, landing on hers, the two of them caught up in the moment of this connection they share, the love between them more than either thought possible.

It's only when his arms tremble ever so slightly that Felicity breaks the grip of their hands and reaches up to caress his whiskered jaw, pressing a brief kiss on his lips before putting her hands on his chest and pushing up. Reluctantly pulling out of her, Oliver rolls over and collapses on the mattress beside Felicity, the sheets and bed cover beneath them a tangled mess.

"Whoa… okay, so yeah, honeymoon sex is awesome," blurts out Felicity in a breathless exhale.

"It is," Oliver replies, his voice filled with all the love and happiness the woman beside him engenders in him. She sighs and throws a hand over her mouth before she laughs at her inability to keep her brain to mouth filter from working, especially following mind blowing sex.

She turns her head to look at him, his eyes now partially returned to normal, though the color of his ocean blues looks stormy in his post-coital endorphin rush and she beams at him. The blinding smile he sends back to her does nothing to help slow down her still rapid pulse, and she can't help but reach out to tangle her hand in his, their fingers playing with one another. That simple touch starts building the desire between them anew, and she can feel the stirrings of want in her body once more. And from the look of his slowly hardening cock, she can tell he's nowhere near done with her.

"So, the Olympic sized bathtub next?" asks Felicity with a wink, watching his eyes widen for a second before they grow dark once more with want.

"Absolutely. Then the pool, and the couch and then..." he replies with a smirk before rolling over her and kissing her soundly, the silken feel of her heated skin beneath him causing him to groan low in his chest before he sweeps his arms under her and lifts her up, a squeal coming from her lips as he stands and walks them both into the bathroom.

They had a week to have sex everywhere in their room… at least twice, and, with all the surfaces available to them, he knows they need to get started now if they have any chance of doing just that.

And he is not about to fail.


Okay, so that's it. I hope you all enjoyed. Thanks again for joining me on the ride!

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